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The Broadway Plaza Hotel
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Barry Grant
Barry Grant
Old Shoe

Feb-4-2007 13:01

Built in 1880, near the beginning of the Gilded Age, its mahogany walls were still in very good condition. The gilding on the marble columns was just starting to peel and the imported Oriental rugs did show some wear but all in all a very nice place to stay.

Many important people have stayed there due to the excellent food, courteous service, and a certain amount of discretion afforded by the management. Many important people still do, however due to the unwillingness of the management to cooperate with the press, this cannot be confirmed.

The hotel's low profile helps keep it a bit obscure which is what attracts the rich, powerful, and those who want to hide in style.


Pinball Amateur

Feb-5-2007 20:27

Adam rounded the corner of the neighboring building to see the assailant about fifty feet away, still limping away as fast as he could, and bleeding profusely from Sahira's knife wound. He raised his gun, and yelled at the man, "Federal agent! Stop now or I shoot!" The man looked back at Adam, but kept moving. Adam aimed at the man's injured thigh, and fired. The assassin dropped instantly, unable to stand.

Adam ran down the neighboring alleyway, and upon arriving at the downed man, yelled, "Hands up, now!". The man glowered at him, and continued to clutch his injured leg. Adam aimed his gun again, "The next one's goin' between your eyes, bud. I won't say it again," he growled. The man slowly raised his hands above his shoulders at that.

Adam reached down and quickly searched the assassin for weapons with his left hand, covering him with his gun at the same time. He found a switchblade, and quickly pocketed it, then grabbed the man's right elbow in a vise grip behind his back. "UP!" he growled, standing the injured suspect upright, then dragged him back towards the hotel....

Violet Parr
Violet Parr

Feb-6-2007 11:26

Miss Violet Parr was taken aback as she reviewed her bill. She was preparing to check-out of the Broadway Plaza, and was surprised and to a greater extent suspicious by the bill she was presented with at the front desk.

“Excuse me Sir, there must be some mistake… The last I checked my bill had exceeded $10,000.”

“I’m sorry Miss Feathers? Did you say $10,000?”

“I did indeed.”

“That is not possible Miss Feathers. We don’t charge that kind of money for our rooms. Your stay has not exceeded two weeks, and you stay in the hotel’s least expensive room.”

“That was what I said! But the receptionist that was here yesterday had informed otherwise: that I needed to pay around $10,000.”

“That number is ridiculous Miss Feathers. You clearly must have misunderstood.”

“I did not…” All of the sudden a realization dawned on Violet Parr, and she felt nauseous. Nevertheless, she managed to continue the conversation with a question. “May I speak with the young lady that was here yesterday? I believe her name is Lucy. It is a matter of great urgency Sir.”

“I’m afraid I cannot help you there Miss Feathers, Lucy has resigned yesterday evening very suddenly. The manager is very upset with her for not giving proper notice, and we have not been able to reach her since…”

The rest of the conversation was to her a blur. She managed to settle her bill, grab her suitcase, and stagger out of the hotel lobby: she felt like she was going to be sick. She recalled Miss Quadir whom followed her with the scarf. Could she be working with that Lucy? Tracking her down? Even worse… planning to harm her? Could it possibly have anything to do with the conversation she overheard the last time she was in New York?

She made a frantic decision in a moment of weakness. She grabbed her notebook and ripped a few pages out of it. She shredded the pages into pieces as she walked with quick steps… She needed to feel safe… She needed to be in London.

Pearl Diver
Pearl Diver

Feb-6-2007 17:06

Pearl Diver was on her way to visit a friend when she spotted a beautiful woman exit the Broadway Plaza Hotel. Pearl assumed she was an important person since it was obvious by the luggage that she had just checked out.

"Hmm, such a nice young lady." Pearl thought to herself and knowing the history of the hotel wondered if she was someone important. Pearl thought about this while watching the woman walk away. She then saw the woman throw some trash onto the street. Pearl scowled to herself, "Well, I guess she's too important to properly dispose of her garbage!"


Feb-7-2007 13:50

Amanda walked into the hotel lobby. She had finished looking in the Hall of Records for informaition on the murdered detective.

R Anstett
R Anstett

Feb-7-2007 15:49

He stood up to signal over Amanda.

He took the file she offered, "Good work. You obviously had a good teacher" he says with a knowing smirk.

"Hmmm not quite what I expected, I will have to give this some thought."

He guided her to the hotel bar.

"A drink on me is the least I can do for your efforts. " He smiled, "And being seen with a lovely lady like your self is all the reward I need."

Moving to the bar, calling over the bartender.


Feb-8-2007 12:18

Amanda ordered a drink, and proceeded to explain what was in the folder.

"It's not what I expected either, but it seems that the detectives name was Non, and she was a member of the Hitchikers. Detective Agency that is." Amanda added. Their drinks came. Amanda continued. "Non was married and had 2 kids. Besides that, I only know alot of strange personal things, like she likes jello shots and is a regular at the local bar." Amanda shook her head. "Motive is where I'm stumped. From what I've read Non didn't seem to have any enemies. I figured it could be a former client."

Barry Grant
Barry Grant
Old Shoe

Feb-8-2007 13:34

Barry was feeling better every day. He was able to sit up comfortably and his walking was coming along. In the middle of reading the paper, his sister Betty came in.

"Hi, Barry. How are you today?"

"I'm feeling much better."

"Well, don't push it, the kids are already asking when you can come to dinner." This made Barry smile. He loved his sister but her kids can be a handful when their mother isn't around. "Look, I brought you a present." Betty held out a brown paper bag.

Barry took it and looked inside. "Wow! Nathan's Famous Franks! You went all the way to Brooklyn for these?"

"Of course, you're my brother and I love you and I want you to get better soon and I know how much you like them."

Barry and Betty started eating and chatting about the family and what's new. When Barry asked about Betty's husband "that good-for-nothing", Betty just tsked him told him she was very happy. She didn't want to mention that he was out yet another job again because that would just irritate Barry. Besides, it looked like he had a line on something and could very well be employed as of today.

Barry and Betty started reminiscing about when they were younger and started laughing at all the crazy antics they used to pull. Laughing only hurt Barry a little so he enjoyed a few. They seemed to make him feel better anyway.

After about an hour and a half, Betty left Barry to take a nap but promised to return soon.

R Anstett
R Anstett

Feb-8-2007 15:07

Smiles over his wine at Amanda. Clients are always the ones that people suspect, but they rarely actually committ the crimes. Non had a history with people, he knew that.

There were a few people here in town that were nice on the outside to people, but laughed behind your back where you could not see them. He much prefered the people who were open about thier dislikes than the ones who hung out in their little clubs to chatter away like little high school girls.

"Amanda, I think that I will take this and do some more digging on Non's last cases to see if I can find anyone that rings a bell. Thank you very much for all the help with this. I am going to go back to Shanghai and see if I can track down Jake from that end. I am sure the two of us will bump into each other at the race track again."

"I owe you one."

He ordered a second round to share before he had to slip off to the docks and catch a tramp frieghter home.

Old Shoe

Feb-8-2007 19:03

Jojo enters the Hotel, walking in briskly.His eyes meet the glint in that of the Concierge's, who is quick to speak.

"Hello, kind sir."

Jojo looks around, not sure why he's at the hotel. He had received a small note with a package. It had instructed him to make his way to the Broadway Plaza Hotel.

"I'm not exactly sure why I'm here. I'm supposed be meeting someone."

He said the last as if it were a question.The Concierge turned toward about, pointing in a general direction.

"Ah, he is right in there."

Jojo made his way to the ballroom, unsure why he was here on this cold, dark night as he muttered,


Barry Grant
Barry Grant
Old Shoe

Feb-11-2007 19:47

A very beautiful, long legged blonde entered the hotel and was greeted with a lot of turned heads. It was something she always enjoyed. She walked, or maybe it can be called slinked, up to the concierge.

He was taken by her beauty right away. "May I help you, miss?" His smile was a little too broad to not be considered lecherous.

"Yes, I am here to visit Barry Grant. What room is he in, please?"

"Well, he is in a secure area of the hotel. You need to be cleared by security."

The blonde batted her eyes and played with her hair a bit. "Really? I didn't know they required that for family." She was trying anything in order to get up to see Barry knowing if she was announced, there was a good chance she'd be refused.

The concierge, mesmerized by the woman's stunning looks, winked at her and said, "Follow me, miss." and he led her to a rear elevator.

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