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The Broadway Plaza Hotel
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Barry Grant
Barry Grant
Old Shoe

Feb-4-2007 13:01

Built in 1880, near the beginning of the Gilded Age, its mahogany walls were still in very good condition. The gilding on the marble columns was just starting to peel and the imported Oriental rugs did show some wear but all in all a very nice place to stay.

Many important people have stayed there due to the excellent food, courteous service, and a certain amount of discretion afforded by the management. Many important people still do, however due to the unwillingness of the management to cooperate with the press, this cannot be confirmed.

The hotel's low profile helps keep it a bit obscure which is what attracts the rich, powerful, and those who want to hide in style.



Feb-5-2007 06:49

Andrea woke up, for a moment not knowing where she was. The past few days had been draining. She got up, ordered breakfast and, after eating it, went to see how Barry was doing.

"Good morning ladies" - Andrea said to the nurses - "I am just going to see how Barry is doing"

And with that she walked into the room, igonoring the shaking heads of the nurses.

Immediately she noticed Barry mumbling in his sleep.

"Barry?" - she shook him gently - "Barry! Are you all right?"

Violet Parr
Violet Parr

Feb-5-2007 09:58

As the sun was slowly rising, Violet Parr was pacing the floors of her small hotel room. She had not managed to sleep all night, and spent the night contemplating her current predicament. Miss Parr let out a sigh and recalled the conversation she had at the hotel front desk the morning before.

“Good day, I need to check out… Yes… If you please... That would be so kind… Miss Feathers… Miss Jezebel Feathers…”

“How would you like to pay?”


“Ah yes, Miss Feathers… You total bill amounts to $10,601.95”

“Come again? No I’m sorry, would you please check again. There must be some sort of mistake.”

“Hmmm… No mistake Miss Feathers, $10,601.95, is there some sort of problem?”

“There is no problem, but that sounds ridiculous. I only stayed for ten nights, and I ate outside most nights. You are not implying that you charged me a $1000 a night for that tiny room I was given! That’s simply absurd!”

“Ma’am, our hotel offers services and amenities that are not available anywhere else in New York. Our discretion is priceless… Miss Feathers is it?”

“Uh oh… indeed…”

“We accept other methods of payment.”

“On second thought, I have decided to stay a few more nights if the room is still available.”

“Certainly. It is our cheapest room, and very few of our guests book it.”

Violet Parr did not like the tone of the receptionist back then, and she did not like it in retrospect now. However, she was put in a very difficult and embarrassing situation. She had simply run out of cash. She only used cash for hotels, and she could not believe the inflation: How the prices escalated exponentially. She had telegrammed for funds, and felt trapped as she awaited them.

She had to stay put, and keep a low profile in the hope that things will unravel for her benefit very quickly. Surely things will be fine, for what can go wrong in a hotel that charges its guests a $1000 per night!

Violet Parr
Violet Parr

Feb-5-2007 10:43

While Miss Parr was pacing her room in an attempt to calm her nerves, the hotel receptionist down at the hotel lobby received a mysterious visitor.

He approached the woman discreetly. "Is she here?"

"Yes, we have her in room 607. She is not even using her real name. She is staying under the name of Miss Jezebel Feathers."

The man smiled mysteriously. "She uses that name quite a lot. Is she in her room right now?"

"I believe she hasn't left yet. She attempted to check out yesterday and I had to go through with an elaborate lie to keep her in."

The man was suddenly alerted. "She does not know of our intentions?"

"Not at all Sir, I just made it so that the Hotel bill would be impossible for her to pay. She is not from New York, so she would not know. You better work fast, she could easily wise up to the plan should she make any further inquiries."

"Indeed." The man had a sly malicious grin on his face. He passed the receptionist a brown envelope. "Thank you, Lucy, for all your troubles."

"Not at all Sir, I am here whenever I am needed."

With that the man made his way to room 607.

Barry Grant
Barry Grant
Old Shoe

Feb-5-2007 10:47

As Andrea was gently shaking Barry awake, he became more agitated in his sleep. His brow became knitted and his breathing became more rapid. His mumblings became louder and more coherent. "Stop! Don't touch her! Get out of the way!" His arms began to flail.

"Nurses!" Andrea called out and began to shake him more vigorously. Rosie and Sahira came running in as Barry was waking up.

"Andrea! What? Where am I? What's going on? Where's Director jasNmushu?" Barry's eyes were wide and he was looking all about.

"There, there. You've been moved from the hospital to a hotel. You had a bad dream." Andrea tried to calm him by brushing his hair back off of his eyes with her hand.

Barry started to calm down. "Oh, OK. Did they move Director jasNmushu too?" Barry looked from Andrea to Rosie to Sahira and back again. No one wanted to tell him the truth.

"Well?" he insisted. "She risked her life for me." He could see the avoidance in the ladies' eyes. "What are you not telling me?"

They all did not want to be the ones to tell him that Director jasNmushu did not make it. After a barely noticeable pause, Rosie said, "That's not your concern right now." and began plumping up his pillows. "You've been asleep for 24 hours and you need food now. I'm going to call room service." and with that she left the room.

Sahira followed Rosie's exit closely with, "Goodbye, Mr. Grant, I'll see you later tonight.". Barry watched them leave giving him no time to insist they answer his question.

He turned to Andrea. "What's going on??" Andrea wasn't entirely sure what the story was so she didn't feel like she was lying when she said, "I'm not sure, darling. Maybe Dr. Adams can answer that question better."

Barry knew when someone doesn't answer a question it means the worst. He didn't want to put Andrea on the spot so he dropped it for now. "OK, I'll wait for Dr. Adams." Barry smiled at her. "I'm so glad to wake up to your face. "

Violet Parr
Violet Parr

Feb-5-2007 11:20

Wearing huge dark sunglasses that covered her face, and a Violet scarf that held her hair away from her face and behind her shoulders, Miss Violet Parr passed the mysterious man whom did not recognize her covered face. She made her way to the front desk and pushed her key to the receptionist across the desk.

Lucy, the receptionist, was mystified. "Going somewhere Miss Feathers?"

"Good day to you Miss." Behind the shades, Violet Parr's eyes flashed with anger at the receptionist's continuous rudeness. "I am going to eat! I have not had a decent meal all day yesterday, and I am definitely not ordering room service."

With a toss of the head, Miss Parr left the hotel lobby.

Violet Parr
Violet Parr

Feb-5-2007 11:21

The sudden strong winds outside blew Miss Parr's violet scarf away once again, leaving her long dark hair flying everywhere. Miss Parr kept walking as she had many other violet scarves, and as she was too angry and hungry to stop for anything.

"Excuse me Miss."

Miss Parr turned to see a beautiful dark-haired, olive-skinned woman, a shade darker than she was. The woman ran towards her holding the violet scarf. "I believe this is yours?"

Violet was glad to have finally met someone so polite in that mob of a hotel she was staying at. "Thank you ever so Miss ...?"

"Quadir... Sahira Quadir."

"Jezebel Feathers, enchanted. Very nice to meet you."

"I saw you coming out of the Broadway Plaza Miss Feathers, are you staying there?"

Miss Parr smiled. "I am actually delayed there. I should have been on my way to London by now."

"I see. That is a shame… You look Arabic, yet your accent is English, where are you from?"

"I am English actually, but my family is originally from India." Miss Parr was enjoying the conversation, but hunger struck. "You will have to excuse me Miss Quadir, but I have to run, maybe we could meet for a meal sometime. Perhaps dinner tonight? At the hotel restaurant?"

"That sounds great. Six O'clock?"

Miss Parr was pleasantly surprised. "Isn't that too early for dinner?"

"I am busy after six in the evening Miss Parr.”

Violet Parr smiled. “In that case, six is perfect. See you then Miss Quadir.” With that Miss Parr started walking away.

Sahira Quadir shouted after her. “Miss Parr! Your scarf!”

Violet turned and shouted back. “Keep it! I have so many of them that the colour is starting to bore me!”

Sahira smiled thinking at the kind English woman she just met, and then wrapped the Violet scarf around her shoulders.

Violet Parr
Violet Parr

Feb-5-2007 11:24

Lucy the receptionist looked from a distance at the mysterious man who just left the lobby of the hotel where she worked.

“She just left the hotel a minute ago.” She remembers telling him. “She has a tanned complexion, beautiful dark hair, and was wearing a violet scarf.”

Violet Parr
Violet Parr

Feb-5-2007 13:28

As she made her way down an alleyway, Sahira Quadir sensed that she was being followed. She dismissed her suspicions promptly.

All of the sudden she felt a wire being wrapped around her neck and twisted violently. She attempted to scream but could not. The noises of the struggle were muffled by the sounds of a train passing by.

Pinball Amateur

Feb-5-2007 19:15

Adam Adami walked down Broadway towards the Hotel on his way to relieve the bodyguards watching over Barry Grant. He strode past an alleyway at the back of the hotel when he heard a commotion. He glanced down the lane, and spied two people scuffling. A woman was desperately trying to get away from a larger, heavier man as he continued to choke her.

Instantly on alert, Adam yelled at the couple, "HEY!! Let her GO!!" He drew his gun and took off running down the alleyway towards them....

Pinball Amateur

Feb-5-2007 19:32

Sahira felt the wire slip slightly from around her throat as the assassin looked up at the newcomer's yell, and gasped frantically for a breath. With the last of her endurance, she slipped the sleeve knife she habitually carried into her right hand, gathered the last of her strength, and drove the knife behind her into her assailant's leg with all of her might.

The man let out a horrific scream of pain as he dropped his garrotte. Sahira pushed away from him, collapsing weakly on the ground. She looked up to see Adam, one of the Department's Agents, come running up to her, as the assassin took off running awkwardly further down the alleyway. Adam leaned down to her, concern etched deeply on his face. Sahira waved him after the other man, "I'm okay. Get 'im," she whispered hoarsely. Adam frowned at her for a moment, then nodded, and took off after the man....

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