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Confess, ye sleuthy sinners!
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Old Shoe

Nov-16-2006 00:47

Sooo...the mighty gumshoe board feels a bit slow today. *Bob the Builder voice* Can we fix it? Yes we can!

Got a skeleton pounding on your closet? A secret in the attic? A monkey (no, not precious Bobo...and not the raging back hair you try to pass off as a Bonobo backpack either) on your back?

Let it all out, boo.

K, I'll start with a few (true) examples.

When I was 16, I robbed the house belonging to to heir of a pickle dynasty.

I used to steal Volkswagen signs to be more like one of the Beastie Boys.

I have bought more than one kind of deodorant in the same day, on the advice of a friend.

I salivate a little whenever I walk by a hot dog vendor.

I totally car-megeddoned a pigeon last month.

Sometimes, I find Bob Sagat funny.

I'm Canadian and I really don't care about hockey.

Plus, I covet my neighbor's ox every day.




Sep-3-2007 21:35

I've also eaten a goose. I thought it tasted like gamey duck. :-)

I, too, HATE clothes and shoe shopping. Starting to despise food shopping as well.

I think it's hilarious that Scotland Yard apparently hires and promotes people who have the writing skills of a third grader. I'd hate to have to read those reports....

I actually don't care that the last comment I made was rather sarcastic. Wow, this is cathartic. In the emotional sense.

I'm really pretty mild and non-confrontational, but this afternoon I created a public scene. I didn't care. They deserved it - damned bullies.

I'm even hoping I get to do that again. Damned bullies.

I not only like warm cola, I also like it flat (all the carbonation gone). I also like warm, flat ginger ale when I'm nauseous.

I have a dagger collection and keep several in various places near my bed, as well as fairly hidden in other parts of the house. I love daggers. No, I don't know why. I do not have the same fondness for swords or knives.

I belong to a medieval recreation group and love to dress in the gowns, all of which are handmade (except for one).

Kathryn Gumshoe the 7th
Kathryn Gumshoe the 7th
Battered Shoe

Sep-4-2007 20:04

Oh, Kawaii Kun that is so cool I LOVE broadway! Give my regards to broadway, YEAH!!!
And I can barely stand newer music, either...

And for yet more confessions...

I am supposed to be doing my homework right now.

I like movies that are sad.

I woke up this morning and thought it was 7 at night because it looked like sunset to me.

Once I took a laser light that I think said, "Don't get near eyes" or something like that and shined it in BOTH eyes. I'm not sure if I knew it was bad for eyes, though. I was 6 or 7.

I do not like good dreams.

I love algebra class!

I haven't been practicing my other 2 instruments for months.

I have a huge smart mouth that I'm hoping won't get me in trouble with my parents.


Sep-5-2007 13:11

Oooh, Anikka, you get to dress up in medieval gowns and stuff? That sounds SO fun! I keep trying to get one of my boyfriends to play some role-playing stuff with me, where I'm a KGB agent hiding a microfilme on my person, and he has to beat the the info out of me... but I guess that's a story for another time..... I also like daggers a lot. And when I say I like daggers, what I mean is that I carry a shank in my purse.
I happen to be a fan of warm soda (not flat, tho) and goose. I'll eat pretty much any animal, as long as it's cooked a little (provided it's not an animal I've been acquainted with).

Battered Shoe

Sep-6-2007 00:00

I have a mad girl-crush, (although I'm not entirely sure what I mean by that because I'm a happily, married woman...), on Anikka 'cause she's smart, funny and sassy!

Although I sometimes get crushed on Lady Emerald Devon too...

I can only drink flat, warm soda if it involves some alcohol.

I often wish that I had better text messaging humour.

I hate housework and I miss smoking cigarettes.

Battered Shoe

Mar-15-2009 14:45

I secretly watch all the Reality Shows on VH1 and have never told anyone.

It doesn't get any better than Sharon Osbourne yelling at a bunch of strippers and ex-porn stars. Come on!

Carolyn Spark
Carolyn Spark

Mar-15-2009 14:57

My ex moved to Los Angeles, where I'm pretty sure he's trying to get into the porn industry.

I used to breakdance. ;) I was terrible, but I tried so hard!

Old Shoe

Mar-15-2009 15:04

OMG, I watched all the new Reality Shows on VH1 as well. (maybe I shouldn't be proud of that)

Carolyn Spark
Carolyn Spark

Mar-15-2009 15:17

Mmm, reality shows are like popcorn for your brain...

Riza Hawkeye
Riza Hawkeye
First Nomad

Mar-19-2010 15:29

Just found this thread, and thought it was awesome! :D

Here goes:

I have an obsession with sniffing nearly everything at least once to see what it smells like (yes that includes weird things).

My parents don't know what I sneak out of the house to do every Friday...I hope.

I have a huge crush on someone who plays this game.

I had wine way before I ever had coffee.

Sometimes I take meds to prevent illnesses, not cure them.

I once purposely gave myself a papercut just to see what it would feel like.

*goes into hiding*

Talia Rune
Talia Rune

Mar-19-2010 15:50

Riza, I must congratulate you on bringing this thread up.

What can I say?

I really dislike beer. I like wine, cocktails, love sparkling wine and love drinking from fancy delicate glasses. But when I go to the Oktoberfest (been 3 years in a row), I dress in a traditional Bavarian Dirndl and happily drink beer from 1 liter mugs.

During college my friends and I built a small pool in our bathroom. Ca. 1.5x1.5 m and 1 m high. Then we did the only logical thing and through an awesome party. School officials did not approve, but since we broke no rules (we made sure of that in advance) they couldn't do anything.

I hate unpacking stuff. I have a couple of boxes of stuff that I have moved between houses twice without ever fully unpacking.

Oh, and regarding the meat discussion, I love both meat and fish and will eat most any animal (assuming the quality of the meat is good). My list of tasted food includes, but is not limited to goose (that I've even cooked), pheasant, hare, seal, whale, swordfish, auk eggs, and shark. Some were delicious, others not so much, but I do make an effort to not eat endangered species.

I own over 60 pairs of shoes.

I always, always travel with too much luggage.

I love old movies, Audrey Hepburn, Judy Garland, Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire, etc. and I have an undying love for musicals.

The closest I've ever come to crying over a movie was when Mufasa died.

And one of the most embarrasing fact of them all: Sadly I actually can sing along to most of the spice girls songs. *blushes*

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