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Corrupt A Wish
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Bill Oakes
Bill Oakes

Sep-15-2006 02:30

This is a very simple and fun game. The first person makes a wish, and each following person finds some way to corrupt the wish and then makes a new wish. For example:

Person 1. I wish I had a dog

Person 2. You have a dog, but it dies the day after you get it

I wish I had a muffin

Person 3: You get a muffin, but you drop it and have to throw it away.

And so on.

Your firt wish to corrupt is this:

I wish I had a new car.


Fizzlewig Trapspringer
Fizzlewig Trapspringer

Oct-15-2007 17:35

Congratulations. You have been chosen to throw out the first pitch at this years world series. As you walk out onto the field, the crowd goes wild. You get up to the plate, the camera zooms in on you, and as the thousands in attendance and the millions at home are all watching you, you suddenly realize you aren't wearing any pants. Guess this was a bad day for you to wear your thong underwear.......

I wish my home internet connection was working right now.

David Adams
David Adams

Oct-15-2007 17:47

*KAZAM* Presto, one internet connection, up and running....

"And today, on the Home Shopping Internet Channel, we have some wonderful ruby-studded tire chains on sale, just for our viewing public, at the bargain basement price of only $299.95. One size fits all....


"Hurry, don't wait. These beauties will only be on sale for another 23 hours and 58 minutes....

:-/ Damned genies. Can't get anything right....

I wish my mother-in-law would turn into an oak tree.

Anthony Ciarlante, P.I.
Anthony Ciarlante, P.I.

Oct-15-2007 19:49

Your mother in law turns in to an apple tree. *Blows raspberry*

Then, you find out your wife is a witch, and she turns you into an eternal apple, to hang on your mother-in-law.

Don't you wish you had the nag back?

I wish that my computer doesn't crash within the next 15 seconds. Go!


HA HA!!! Wish granted!

Lady Emerald Devon
Lady Emerald Devon

Oct-16-2007 08:48


Your Mother-in-law turns into an Oak Tree that shelters and feeds millions of rabid, flea and tick infested squirrels who decide to run amok in your home, especially your bedroom.

I wish I had a bottle of whiskey.

Kevin Greene
Kevin Greene
Old Shoe

Oct-17-2007 01:29

Sorry. My alter-ego forgot to post a second wish. *oops*

You have a bottle of whiskey, but you get completely drunk, go fumbling around in the streets, finally fall into the sewer. But, you're too drunk to find your way out, and are drunk eternally. Then, you live off urine, crap and dead rats for the next 15 or so years, until you meet an untimely death with King Kong, who you successfully succeed in killing, after he eats you, and you poison him with all the crap and stuff you ate. :-)

I wish that I had a dirty, old, greasy rag, that was totally not worth wishing for.


Oct-17-2007 12:35

***magickal poof***(includes smoke, stars,etc.

Ok you get a dirty greasy rag, but its last use was in a nuclear test plant and yoku can't put the rag down because you're hand is fused to it. Due to all the radiation the government quarentines you so that you don't infect anyone else and you slowly start to fell the painful effects of the waste from your rag. Your hair and teeth fall out and your insides slowly rot until you are nothing more than the rag you wished for.

I wish that everything was nothing.

Tireless Tiger

Oct-17-2007 15:20

Witha wave of a magic wand, everything around you becomes nothing, in fact that is the earth as well and now you will spend eternity drifting around in outerspace.

I wish there were no stupid people in the world!

Sir Gar
Sir Gar
Old Shoe

Oct-17-2007 16:01

Suddenly darkness. Did the lights go out? Was the whole world stupid ,but you? Suddenly the realization sinks in, your wish has been granted. Back in the world a child screams, "Mom, that guy just disappeared." A mom consoles her child, "It's ok, honey, it was just a magic trick", as she thinks to herself some people are so stupid.

I wish stupid people weren't so useless.

Kevin Greene
Kevin Greene
Old Shoe

Oct-17-2007 20:50

Stupid people are no useful, and you hire them and make them smarter. Now they're all super-geniuses and rebel against you, then start arguing about mathematical equations until no ones getting any work done, and then everyone forgets to eat because they're bickering too hard, and everyone DIES!!!

Good wish!

I wish we were winning our treasure hunt.

Old Shoe

Oct-18-2007 23:54

*exciting noise that sounds like firecrackers*

You're way ahead. Unfortunately, the pot of gold at the end of this particular rainbow is nothing more than a sponge-bath from a tiny leprechaun, and you're gonna get kinda shy when he soaps up your treasure chest, and all the rest of your lucky charms.

I wish I never blushed.

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