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Detective Biography

A real woman of her time and a drop dead beauty, Apolla Knight is a smoking, drinking 1920's kind a woman. it is infact rare to see her without a cocktail and a cigarrete.
She was born in Baltimore,Md and became interestind in crime very young reading solve it yourself mysteries and later graduating to the works of Mr. Arther Conan Doyle, Mrs Agatha Christe, and Edger Allen Poe (because of his accounts of the darker side of human nature). Unlike others her father was not a policeman, but a doctor. Through him she learned alot about the human body, knowledge she applies still to her cases. Her formal training happened when as a yong girl she was apprenticed to a private detective in the local area. Azt first she was mearly a secratary for him working for next to nothing. Later as said detective realized her affinity for the work she became the Watson to his Holmes. After some time however she passed him in skill and opened her own practice in New York.
Unfortunatly being a lone wolf didn't help her cause. One day she ran up against an impossible case. She exausted all her resources and had to quit the case. Throught the grape vine she discovered the existance of an elite detective agency known as blood and dagger. After alot of snooping and evesdropping she found one of the leaders. Thinking her but an small time gumshoe he ignored her at first. However after a time He began to she not the rookie but the future ahead of her and invited her to join their agency.


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Music Teacher (New York)

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