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Lateral Thinking Puzzles
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Barry Grant
Barry Grant
Old Shoe

Sep-10-2006 18:25

Due to the success of the lateral puzzles in the "A riddle" thread, it seems appropriate to start a lateral thinking puzzle thread.

A rule of thumb to follow would be to allow those who do not know the answer to figure it out for themselves. If you happen to know the answer, please keep it to yourself and let the others have the fun.

Please feel free to start one at any point. It is not necessary to wait for one to finish before starting another one.

Have fun!


Bill Oakes
Bill Oakes

Sep-17-2006 06:24

OK, to get back to this...
to review (and please confirm):
the van is towing the truck.
the truck would not be able to carry the van.
the fact that the van is towing the truck has something to do with what broke down in the van.
the repair shop is not just a repair shop but it does something else and that something else is not particularly relevant.
the parts that broke on the van are the front and rear and sort of the bottom and/or interior. (Yes)

Assuming all of that is correct,
was the van much larger than the truck? (No, think smell van and large semi truck)
was the broken part the wheel base? (no)
did the floor of the interior fall out? (no)
did the truck have a mishap on the way there that required it to be towed? (No the truck works perfectly)
did the truck have to be towed? (In a way yes)
was something jury-rigged to accomplish this feat? like the engine of the truck powered the van so the van could pull the truck? (I know that sounds far-fetched but I'm really at a loss on this.) (No)
is this something a non-technical person could have set up, meaning the van towing the truck? (Not really) does one have to be mechanically savvy? (Not really, I came up with the solution and I am not very mechanically savvy)
would this make the front page of the local paper or be buried some where in the "other stories around the county" section? (Not unless they like to talk about breakdowns)
you missed these in a previous post so I want to be sure:
was the van actually broken down? (Yes, as in, it was unable to safely make it home) was it a ruse to get the truck out there so a stunt could be performed? (Not at all)
has Man ever landed on the moon? (just going for at least 1 "Yes".) (Unlikely and irrelevant, but I would like to go to the moon. Just to have a look around.)

I think this is too hard if you are not actually a mechanic so I will say this:

The van would not have been able to drive safely if it wasn't towing the truck.

Safety Officer

Sep-17-2006 06:34

I was going to say maybe the van's brakes are shot. So the van pulls the lorry that way the lorry driver can use his brakes. The lorry can't tow a van without brakes otherwise the van'll just end up the ar... I mean the 'backend' of the lorry.

That's as good as my mechanical expertise gets... anything more technical and I call the RACV.

Barry Grant
Barry Grant
Old Shoe

Sep-17-2006 07:00

was the van stuck in "drive" and couldn't stop so it had to tow the truck to slow it down?

I'm not a mechanic ,nor do I play one on TV ,so this is going to be especially difficult for me.

Bill Oakes
Bill Oakes

Sep-17-2006 07:17

SS got it!

This happened to me once on the motorway from London to Leeds. Wehn braking hard to slow for traffic the back brakes overheated, blowing off the brake pipes, and emptying the brake fluid out onto the road. When the recovery truck arrived, it wasn't rated to carry our van (it was an ice cream van after all, and weighed slightly over 3 tons) I decided because it wasnt able to slow down that I could tow the recovery truck back, and signal to the driver when I needed to slow down, so he could use his brakes and slow the convoy in one. The blokes at the repair garage were confused when a ten year old van towed a brand new recovery vehicle into their yard!

Clara Dark
Clara Dark

Sep-17-2006 09:10

phew, I'm glad you guys are done with this one, all that car talk was making me dizzy :)

here's a little one: a carrot, a pipe, and two sticks are lying in a field - why?

Barry Grant
Barry Grant
Old Shoe

Sep-17-2006 16:52

Ms. Dark,

A snowman melted?



Oct-19-2006 13:34

Hi There,

Quite new here and just been reading this thread.......why has it come to a stop....
Has everybody run out of puzzles......carry it on its good fun :)


Mar-11-2007 11:31

Aside from being a lousy driver...

Any takers on this one? Because I'm too lazy to figure it out, but I'm in total suspense of the answer!

*can't help but wonder if a rabid wombat is involved somehow*


Apr-3-2007 21:42

clara, i think it mite be a snowman, too - but why the pipe? other than that, i would think its a broken scarecrow but then again why the pipe?

anyway, here's a pretty good riddle i cant tell if its easy or hard (i couldn't figure it out before i checked the answer, but then again im not good with riddles) here it goes:
You and a group of friends are in the library. One friend says there is a $100 bill hidden between pages 75 and 76 of a book in the library. But you decide not to go and look for it. Why not?


Apr-3-2007 22:19

It's pretty hard for money to be between pages of a book that are written on opposite sides of the same piece of paper.

Since page 1 of any printed book is on the right-hand side, page 2 is on its reverse. And so on, and so on...

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