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^<V Game!
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Agent Andrew
Agent Andrew

Sep-3-2006 01:42

The rules are quite simple...

^ Say something about the previous sleuth.
< Say something about yourself.
V Make a prediction about the next sleuth.



Oct-11-2006 23:25

^ Actually thinks her own is, but is glad Emma loves hers.

< Would like to win a Treasure Hunt ahead of Eye Spy just once!!

V Is smart enough to avoid Treasure Hunts and will tell me how to get into Cairo.


Oct-11-2006 23:30

^ Is a hardcore Sleuth addict
< Avoids Treasure Hunts avidly, but has no clue how to find Cairo either
V Will have more cash than I

Old Shoe

Oct-12-2006 00:50

^might have solved her recent (and totally noticeable-absence-making) computerlessness - or - might be at her mom's
<is actually kinda cash poor just now, having recently had a little face time with shady
V puts on socks before pants


Oct-12-2006 00:55

^ Is absolutely correct--gender thing?

< Just DID win the hunt, so has to shut up now, especially since she has Flat Black and must Zen now....

V Gets a big cyberhug from a happy me.

Ms Helen
Ms Helen
Con Artist

Oct-12-2006 01:03

^ is very sweet to give a cyber hug

< hopes she does much better on her hunt than yesterday

v will be someone i have spoken to before

Safety Officer

Oct-12-2006 16:50

^ doesn't like it when people say "it's alway raining in England" ...

< only ignores Mrs HC in Sleuthchat by ACCIDENT!

v will offer their underwear to Crunchpatty as a flag for his box fort. :)

Sleuth Sindy
Sleuth Sindy
Pinball Wizard

Oct-12-2006 16:54

^ Uses that same excuse with everyone

< I can contribute a thong. Will that do?

v Has silky soft hair just begging for someone to run their fingers through it


Oct-13-2006 02:59

^ h a s a c o o l n a m e

< h a s l o t s a n d l o t s o f b o o k s

v l i k e s b a l l o n s ( w h o do o e s n t ! )


Oct-13-2006 03:18

^ Is VERY good in odd spaces (might be useful in Shangri-La?)

< Adores books--along with good friends and terriers, they are the blessings of life.

V Will actually know who my avatar is.


Oct-15-2006 18:16

^ know's more of her AV than I do
< ☺ = :-), just smaller
v is ☺ing

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