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Pet Peeve
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Old Shoe

May-2-2006 20:26

So this has ALWAYS been a pet peeve of mine; since the beginning of my Sleuthing.

*NOTE: This is not as big of one as the waiter/waitress 'fiasco' was*

Take a look at Sleuth Admin's detective page, for example.

Order o Socrates: Good(10)
Arcanum Brthrhd: Good(10)
Cosa Nostra: Poor(-3)
Eastern Triads: Good(10)
Circle of Light: Poor(-2)
Green Hand: Good(10) "

Notice that of is "o", not "of" in Order of Socrates
Notice that Brotherhood is shortened, and the word Dies is completely absent
"La" is missing in La Cosa Nostra
Isn't it "The" Green Hand, "The" Eastern Triads?

Now I know this was done because of margin widths, but can it not be fixed in any way? It's not only annoying, but also can be confusing as to what the factions are called. Perhaps they could even be shortened to just OS, LCN, DAB, GH, CoL, and ET? (Although that would be very confusing as well)

Just something that's always bothered me.



Aug-23-2006 10:03

Ben, seriously, we are cracking here. We are not gonna make it till Monday.

Give us hunt, throw us a bone, toss us a crumb, ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!

*goes to corner, starts rocking bacl and forth, and whispers, 4 more days, 4 more days, 4 more days...*

Lucky Stiff

Aug-23-2006 21:38

did somebody say something about fluffing????

(all for you Crunch)

Old Shoe

Aug-24-2006 01:32

yay! Like autumn, says, VICTORY IS MINE!

Biggie. Biggles. Mrs. Bigglesworth. Thaaank you sweetie. But don't act like you didn't want to say it. Everyone loves fluff.

Few know that young Bobo was fluffing in Bulgaria before I saved her. They slathered cheap makeup on her and gave her a choice between that and sewing for the cheap clothing manufacturer H&M:

(Bad Ukrainian accent) Okay Bobbo, you floof or you verk de stitch machine, ok?

Bright brilliant bobo took the lesser evil. Poor thing, AlZ probably has her working hard on his zombie INFORMATION DELETED BY THE GOVERNMENT

Oh, pray for Bobo.

Con Artist

Aug-24-2006 02:04

Lies! Nothing but filthy dirty lies! Bobo wasn't fluffing. At least not that I know of..... I did steal here away from Al Z's secret government research lab ALF style in the middle of the night. So I can't say for sure what Al Z was doing.... zombie fluffing research? Oh bobo! Noooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Con Artist

Aug-24-2006 02:11

That's it. I'm going to Shady. It's time to put some of the darker forces of the sleuth world into play. I'm getting my monkey back! Knowing what he charges for his usual services, what do you think Byron the Terrible will charge for chimpanzee rescue?

Con Artist

Aug-24-2006 02:32

hmmm pet peeves:
-Parents with screaming demon children, yet parents do nothing.
-That know it all that knows nothing in lectures, but has to keep talking the
entire bloody time anyways!!!!! One in every freakin class!
-Tom Cruise (with you there Crunch)
-Rednecks -(my inlaws grrrrrrrrr How the hell that happened I don't know?)
-The guy that stares at the menu of <insert fast food chain here> for 20
minutes. Like the menu hasn't been the same for 20 freakin years!
-NASCAR -just don't get it. Want to watch a race, watch the Dakar Rally.
Now there's a freakin race! Oh you drive in circles on a closed track? These
guys drive in the Sahara for days and could DIE! Top that bubba!
-Religious Fundamentalists <all religions and sects> 'nuff said.
-The liberals that get onto tv and make the rest of us look like idiots.
-Dentists <just evil>
-That guy who claps when a waitress drops a glass.

Ok wow, I'm a pretty easy going guy. Who knew I had such anger issues? lol

Agent Canady
Agent Canady

Aug-24-2006 15:57

LOL Secret Squirrel! I am in a jeep and they act the same way with me! I learned very quickly that it isn't the people on the bikes that you have to watch out for it's the vehicles that are around them.

Be careful out there! We would hate for you to become Al Z's "Secret Roadkill" :D

Agent Canady
Agent Canady

Aug-24-2006 16:02

OH BTW...jroepel...the "Parents with screaming demon children, yet parents do nothing" I am a hair stylist and I completely understand how you feel on this one! I have to deal with at least 4 children like that during a week.

Con Artist

Aug-24-2006 23:13

<Gives Agent Canady a big sympathy Hug> I am so sorry you have to suffer through those little brats. Don't you just want to throw something at the parents? lol

Sleuth Sindy
Sleuth Sindy
Pinball Wizard

Aug-24-2006 23:32

I' am SO with you on the "screaming demon children" one. Especially at restaurants. I hate it when you are at a nice restaurant trying to eat a peaceful meal and perahps have some good conversation with a companion, and little chlildren are running around loose all over the restaurant. I want to go SLAP their parents!!

[Warning - the following contents may not be suitable for young chilidren]

Another pet peeve is the all consuming, mind numbing, debilitating obsession of the male gender with the vast fluffiness or uterly deflated state of their [DELTED BY GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS]. I don't understand it. *shakes head in bewilderment*

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