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Old Shoe

Apr-23-2006 02:42

ok so other threads have the books, tv and movies questions sorted out...what about the music? What is the soundtrack of a sleuther's life? Albums...songs...artists...spit 'em out kiddies!

I'll start with a handful *knows in advance others' choices will give him an 'oh-yeah-smack-forehead' moment*:

Pink Floyd: Dark Side of the Moon
Lauryn Hill: The Miseducation...
Garden State soundtrack (shoulda remembered that for the movie thread)
Led Zep: Houses of the Holy, Zeppelin 3
Ben Harper: Live from Mars
Broken Social Scene: You Forgot it in People
Fugees: Tha Score
Feist: Let it Die

sing people!


Safety Officer

Apr-23-2006 03:07

Good Topic CP! lol I cringe at my own taste...

First and foremost: Indigo Girls: Swamp Ophelia [but anything by said group is good]
Crowded House / Split Enz / Finn Brothers
Dave Matthews Band
Augie March
Kasey Chambers [she's an Australian country artist]
Radiohead: esp Pablo Honey
You Am I
Les Miserables
LOL I have to add this... Once More With Feeling [the Buffy Musical]
there's more, there's always more... but that's a good start at the top of the pile.

Old Shoe

Apr-23-2006 09:24

Currently - RENT

Rhiemma Moon
Rhiemma Moon

Apr-23-2006 10:24

My list is pretty eclectic *grin*

Tracy Chapman
Emerson Lake and Palmer
Little River Band
Air Supply
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
Greatful Dead
Antoinette McKinna
The Chieftains
Eileen Eivers
White Stones
Tribal Winds
Spirit Drums
Charles Little Leaf
John Michael Montgomery
Sawyer Brown

That's all I can think of right now *thinks about looking for missing CD case*

What's playing now? Jamie Laval: Shades of Green

Old Shoe

Apr-24-2006 01:36

Cool, nice list so far! Squirrel, I have a funny indigo girls story for ya...back in the early nineties my then-girlfriend-now-spousal-equivalent used to go see them a lot...the first time we waited by the backstage door for autographs and a token of my appreciation I presented Emily Saliers with a little toy batmobile plucked from the withered sack of the McDonalds happy meal I found in my pocket:

Me: hey, big fan, big's a little toy car I got at McDonalds.
Emily: Okay thanks. We dont eat at McDonalds but I bet we can play with it on the bus or something!

Yay you for the buffy musical too! nice! I'm actually listening to an australian guy right now...John Butler...I have no idea if he's like a demigod over there or just some dude with a CD who no-one has ever heard of though...

Rent remains the only show I would ever pay to see jojo. 525600 x better than most.

And a previous life I used to follow the Dead! I also used to lie and tell people that my dad had been the drummer from CCR...whatever...he had a moustache...for a 12 yr old that was proof enough!

*adds to his list*

Counting Crows: August and Everything After
Joni Mitchell: Blue
K-OS: Joyful Rebellion
Any recording of the Enigma variations (Elgar)
haha that song by Natasha it called 'These Words"?
Faure: requiem
ah crap *runs and hides* Culture Club: Karma Chameleon

Safety Officer

Apr-24-2006 01:58

cp I have John Butler trio ... :) he's a very popular [alternative] muso here. Doesn't get much of arun on commercial radio. Lucky u for being able to see IG 2! sighs. Counting Crows :) Long December is one of my fave songs ever... "The smell of hospitals in Winter and the feeling that it it's all a lotta oysters but no pearls." Mmm and Rhiemma lol I love Clannad! Gods I haven't played those Cd's for so long. *goes to find box of old cd's at bottom of wardrobe*.

Oh and since we're cringing [and Culture Club is cringeworthy ;)] I'd like 2 add: A-ha

Pinball Amateur

Apr-24-2006 03:17

Forgive me, Squirrel, but you aren't the only one cringing...Who ARE these people?!?! The only one I even recognize is Les Miz. (Shakes head) Oh well, guess I was born in the wrong century....

Della Devine
Della Devine

Apr-24-2006 04:07

*sigh* I actually liked Karma Chameleon also. I will admit it.

Definite Dead Head *grin* Walks off singing 'Jenny Jenkins'


Apr-24-2006 04:07

Music comes and goes with me (well my entire CD collection actually went during a house break in.) The only artist that I have been listening to frequently for over a decade and I won't ever miss anything is Sarah McLachlan. If I would have to call myself a fan of any artist, it would be her.

Other stuff I love and frequently played over the past decade are:
Alanis (jagged little pill only), Dave Matthews (Under the table and dreaming only), any album by Barenaked Ladies, any album by Crowded House, Les Miserables, Miss Saigon, any album by Billy Joel, Blues Traveller (Four only), Counting Crows (august and everything after + best off only including Holiday in Spain sung partially in Dutch together with the band Blof), Indigo Girls (only albums 1989-1995), some albums by Harry Connick Jr, Supertramp (very best of supertramp), Duran Duran (Greatest only), Fairground Attraction (first of a million kisses only)

For the past few years I have been listening a lot to Vertical Horizon, Amos, Lee, Jack Johnson, Evanescense, Acda en de Munnik. Not sure if any of those will still be found in my CD player.


Apr-24-2006 04:08

...10 years from now.

Safety Officer

Apr-24-2006 07:59

lol Breiktkat... r u referring to my list... sighs... I should have included Arctic Monkeys & White Stripes. Or is that the wrong end of the century lol [and most of my stuff is UK or Australian]... ooh jstkdn an Indigo Girls purist :) yay U! ('Become You isn't bad though). I swear it wasn't me that stole your CD collection, but gee have I got alot of it!

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