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Shuld shady be changed?
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Mar-14-2006 21:36

I think shady is a great idea for controling how well people play. But on the other hand "unsolvable" cases and human error can cause fauls acusations way to easy. I think shady should be changed for this reson. How you ask?

I think the cost should be lowered. I found myself not being able to do any cases for weeks having my agency back me on money till I could pay him off. All because of two cases were evry clue pointed to a certain person but the case said I was wrong. I spent so much money on bribes for those cases just to find out those bribes were worthless.??? Thats not right.

Also I think as your skill level incresis so should the amount of false acusations your alowed.

Fellow Sluethers, what do you think?


Isabel S. Abbott
Isabel S. Abbott

Apr-5-2006 17:01

I know, as evil as this may sound, Shady is cool. *flinches and waits for knives to be thrown*

He adds to the persona of the game, and the only reason we want to get rid of him, is to benefit our personal needs! He needs to make a living too, and without him, we'd all be through our 17th detective by now (not that those who have are bad people)...

R Anstett
R Anstett

Apr-6-2006 08:23

I fully agree Isabel. Is one reason I would like a way to track those falses that have been removed.

Just a total cases opened or something figure.

Sherlock Holms CPA
Sherlock Holms CPA

Apr-6-2006 18:05

I posted an idea about Shady under Game Annoucements - General Feedback. As of now it's the second to last post.


Apr-9-2006 17:13

I think that instead of xp choosing how much you pay it could be percentage like 10% of your money is how much you pay. (or whatever number)

Reese Withers
Reese Withers

Apr-10-2006 10:37

I kind of like that idea too Sonic. With my exp now, and having 2 falses (groans), its about impossible to pay Shady. The higher exp goes, the higher the cost goes. Ugh! With my other detective, Makensie Brewer, who is in the 5 millions, its even worse :) Luckily she has only 1 but that is still one too many for me :)

Sherlock Holms CPA
Sherlock Holms CPA

Apr-12-2006 01:44

Before I write this, I want to say that I think the Shady concept is brilliant in that it keeps us focused and adverse to guessing, especially as we gain more experience.
However, I have an idea that I think will not only appease the grumbling about Shady's cost yet still prevent random guessing.
Perhaps Shady's cost of removing strikes could be inversely related to the number of experience points earned since the last strike. Detectives could pay the cost as soon as they get a second strike, but this system would also reward those detectives who take the risk and keep doing cases with 2 strikes in the hopes of driving down Shady's cost... greater risk should mean a greater reward.
However, I still think that experienced detectives should be penalized more for guessing, but they should have the same opportunity of reducing Shady's cost, perhaps up to a maximum percentage "discount," which I believe should top off at 75% for gaining experience equal to 50% of your base experience (experience points at the time of the last false accusation)

Here's a model of what I mean:
Suppose a detective gets a second false accusation on their most recent case. They have 100,000 exp points.
Base Shady cost: Remains unchanged (I don't know what this is because my character is around 50,000 at the moment), but let's assume $50,000.
Now, said detective (we'll call him "Agent") can eat this cost now to remove the strikes, or continue doing cases.
The next day, Agent solves 8 cases of a variety of difficulty levels for 10,000 of new experience points. He checks Shady's price.
The calculation:
Base Shady: $50,000
Agent has increased his exp. by 10% since the strike. The 75% discount is given in full when the detective earns at least 50% of the base experience. He's progressed 1/5 of the way toward that goal and therefore earns 1/5 of the discount, or 15%.
New Shady Price: $42,500.

What do you think?

Logan Creed
Logan Creed

Apr-14-2006 23:01

Sherlock, your idea sounds like an idea from an accountant-turned-detective :)

Having 2 FAs myself right now, I like your idea of earning a discount on Shady if you continue successfully solving cases. Not sure why succesfully solving case would give Shady an incentive to give us a break, but he is a rather mysterious man...

An additional idea might be the ability to loan money from the bank. This can be used for Shady, agencies, whatever. You can loan X amount of money based on experience, collateral (maybe directors can use their agencies), and/or length of time you have lived in a city. Regular payments must be made on the loan and interest is charged as well.

This gives people a chance to reduce the risk of retirement, but adds an additional penalty for that security.


Apr-14-2006 23:14

*would pay nearly $900,000 to rid herself of her recent inattention to her case*

I'd love to do favors for Shady for a SMALL decrease in his fee.

Sherlock Holms CPA
Sherlock Holms CPA

Apr-15-2006 20:27


I appreciate your interest in my idea. I figure that a black mark is more easily "forgotten" through Shady if said detective completes cases for a while. I figured that this idea would cater more to people who have their hands tied really, having a great deal of experience and Shady's cost therefore being in the stratosphere where only Donald Trump, Bill Gates and Sputnik can reach.

I think, if nothing else, Shady's cost should be frozen at the moment of the most recent black mark. Why should Shady's cost increase if you simply gain experience from solved cases? You should have to pay the same amount at the time of the false accusation as you should a month from the false accusation. I remember the first time I got two false accusations (I was a very stubborn detective starting out, and after a month here, still am to some extent), my cash available was under Shady's price, and every time I earned that amount of money by solving a case, Shady's price went up.

And I think your idea of loaning money, Logan, is excellent. Banks are already conveniently located in each of the four cities, all that would be needed would be to add the option (and the code behind that option, which would be difficult). But I think the loan idea is excellent.

Perhaps what could happen to obtain a loan could be similar to obtaining real estate for a new agency. The agent who needs a loan could receive "letters of credit" from either other detectives or their detective agency, under authorization from one of the directors. When the amount of the letters of credit equal the amount of the needed loan, the agent can go to the bank, present the letters of credit, and receive the money. The bank would set a weekly payment amount that would combine interest and principal, and that amount would be garnished from the first cases of the week. If the agent cannot meet a week's payment, the letters of credit are called on and the FULL amount of the loan is removed. (more)

Sherlock Holms CPA
Sherlock Holms CPA

Apr-15-2006 20:30

The method of getting this money would be withdrawing available funds from the detective's or agency's on-hand amount, plus garnishing the remaining amount in full from cases solved or safe deposits.

Perhaps also there could be the option that the person who has the loan could go to the bank at any time and settle the remaining principal on the loan.

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