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Shuld shady be changed?
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Mar-14-2006 21:36

I think shady is a great idea for controling how well people play. But on the other hand "unsolvable" cases and human error can cause fauls acusations way to easy. I think shady should be changed for this reson. How you ask?

I think the cost should be lowered. I found myself not being able to do any cases for weeks having my agency back me on money till I could pay him off. All because of two cases were evry clue pointed to a certain person but the case said I was wrong. I spent so much money on bribes for those cases just to find out those bribes were worthless.??? Thats not right.

Also I think as your skill level incresis so should the amount of false acusations your alowed.

Fellow Sluethers, what do you think?


Solve A Lot2
Solve A Lot2
Assistant Librarian

Sep-4-2006 17:54

Biggie - I did not have a problem with you at all. Up until today, I had never even heard of you.

My post was in response to your post about "resenting the idea that some ppl think their is an inner circle". Your message implicated that somehow the problem was with the people who felt unwelcome. This I did take exception with.

So, I looked up your post history and did not see any posts where you offered suggestions or disagreed with something. That made me think that is the reason you do not notice the "in circle"

Remington - I am not targeting players who get along. On the contrary, that is what I hope will happen. However, if someone attacks my opinions, I have a right to defend them and myself.

Ms. Helen - why is this post about to be deleted. If you all would stop to read my original post, it was not attacking anyone - simply stating my observation.
The people who disagreed with my opinion were the ones who started the "fight".

Remington Steel
Remington Steel
Con Artist

Sep-4-2006 18:06

No matter what the definition of "conformist" might be, it is not ever used in a positive or complimentary way. That was a shot at Biggie, no matter what your intentions were.

And how did you research whether or not I read your post?

Lady Ruby Caplan
Lady Ruby Caplan

Sep-4-2006 18:10

Hi Everyone
I still stand by what I said about Shady. I got myself retired because I had two F.As and was not careful enough.
I accused on a false assumption I made , making me an ass and getting LED retired.

Now to answer the other points raised here.

I have had people disagree with me, I have disagreed with people and I have been told I am wrong. By not only ramdom people in Sleuth but by people who are my friends :) And while sometimes it hurts, I know it is their opnion and that they are disagreing with that.

When I joined Sleuth, I was intimidated slightly. I did feel there were "in-jokes" on the boards.
However, I never thought any of this was done to exclude me. As I have pointed out before, that is part of any community and part of history.

I also quickly got over that as I made the effort to PM people, talk to people, join Sleuth Chat and get involved on the boards. How much you want to be a part of any community ultimately is your responsibly.

Even now in both Sleuth and Sleuthchat, I have people disagreeing with me, some of which are very dear friends, I do not think this makes me, them or anyone in an "in crowd".

Also, I have always made a conscious effort to include people into the community. I have always bumped up the Sleuth Chat post and invited people who hadn't come to chat before to come.

I've PMed Newbies that asked Questions on the Newbies Boards to see if they are doing ok and I've PMed Newbies and told them about various posts and asked if they wanted to post.

I started Bunch of Fives with the idea it could grow and more people would hopefully post.

If I am part of any "in crowd" it is because I have made an effort. I am not saying I am perfect, and I'm sorry if people think I am too abrupt and "preachy" in my posts. I'm sorry of I've hurt and offended anyone by my posting.

But at the end of the day, this is a game and I am one person posting what she thinks. This doesn't make me right but it also doesn't

Lady Ruby Caplan
Lady Ruby Caplan

Sep-4-2006 18:14

make me responsible for any hurt or offense I have caused when it's not been delibrate. I post what I think and if people don't like that I can't help that.
It also does not make me responsible for someone CHOOSING to leave the game.
I also think it's sad and petty that it was bought up at this time. If you have been offended by me before, why not tell me then instead of bringing it all up now?
I also think these allegations are quite unjust.
And you DID make a personal attack on Biggie. You called her a conformist because she merely, like of people, does not think there is an in crowd.

Lady Ruby Caplan
Lady Ruby Caplan

Sep-4-2006 18:17

I stand by EVERYTHING I said about Shady :)
And thank you Ben for lowering his prices, you rock.
Now will a random person ever get to be Shady and get all his money?

Lady Ruby Caplan
Lady Ruby Caplan

Sep-4-2006 18:22

*hopes LED is kicking it up in Florida drinking Margaritas with all the old biddies and winnning her daily Bridge Games by the pool*

Solve A Lot2
Solve A Lot2
Assistant Librarian

Sep-4-2006 18:34

Remington & LRC -
I agree, I did state my personal opinon about Biggie, and I stand by it - I do not deny that.

My post said - I did not have a problem with her before this thread - as she states in her thread. I had nothing to PM her, because I had not heard of her.

Since she did not PM me to privately discuss her thinking that perhaps I was not trying hard enough to fit in, I responded my opinion on this board. Am I not entitled to express my opinions??

LRC - You are wrong, I did not call Biggie a conformist because she does not think there is an in-crowd. I called Biggie a conformist, because she has never expressed an opinion on the boards to try to modify Sleuth.

Also, wasn't the whole point of this thread - Aviles' idea to lower Shady's prices. At that time, no one wanted a change. Now that Ben implemented the change it's a "great idea". What am I missing??

Old Shoe

Sep-4-2006 18:43

Hooray for pointless arguments!

Al Z
Al Z

Sep-4-2006 18:48

Hi there. I'd now like to offer my unique insight on this whole thready-poo.

It sucks.

To me the bulletin boards should be about 2 things:

1) Information related to the game itself.
2) Hilarious threads that enhance the fun of everyone in the game.

And there are exceptions such as when Chron kindly told us about Emerald Drew and Charlie posted to let us know he's okay from Iraq.

Accuse ME of being preachy here, but other than making everyone hate each other, what exactly is the purpose of this current thread going on here?

45 days in an environment is enough for me and my super intelligent brain to root out secret IN circles that crush people with unique and new ideas. I think its a figment of the imagination. I think people are invited into Sleuthchat all the time but never show up and then imagine they are being excluded from the In Jokes that occur there. I think jokes happen on the boards and are carried through other threads and people think its some big IN joke they didn't have the opportunity to see. I think people get ideas shot down from time to time and imagine the conspiracy that isn't actually there instead of just swallowing the "I had a bad idea" pill that always goes down the hard way.

I've had a great opportunity to get to know a lot of you and have made it a point to PM players to get to know them. In the short time I've been involved here, I've integrated myself into the full Sleuth experience. If you don't know people who are in chat all the time, chances are you just don't get involved in the full experience, which includes Sleuth chat and posting fun stuff on the boards and participating. There is no IN circle of conspirators. There are simply people who socialize and get to know everybody, and people who don't. I judge neither. People can play how they want. It's a game people. Remember? But to start throwing out labels and you said this and blah blah blah...

To be Continued. Yeah. The AL Z rant continues momen

Al Z
Al Z

Sep-4-2006 18:50


What's happened with this thread is too petty for this sophisticated game that Ben and Sunny have worked hard to build. The contents going on in the last half dozen posts are nothing short of an embarrassment for a community that prides itself on being friendly and open.

Really, this thread was re-opened on negativity and has continued on as such despite people asking for the thread to be dumped.

Shut yer collective pieholes how about and let's catch us some Arch Villains!

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