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Isabel Abbott
Isabel Abbott

Mar-13-2006 17:19

I thought it would be cool, to have like, a section, where we could be our characters, and hang out, and create drama.... I'll start:

"She walked down the street, confident, but aloof, mightily, though as if on a cloud. She sat on a solitary park bench, in her red silk dress, and stiletto heels, when....


Talianna Periwinkle
Talianna Periwinkle

Mar-17-2006 09:40

"Stop by the Old Nelson's place—alone. I know you know where this place is..." Bad gulped, "Nobody signed it."

"Look, I know NY top and bottom. If you know where this "Old Nelson's Place" is, then spit it out!" Makensie yells at him.

"Calm down!" Charlie tries to shout over her.

Charlie, Bad, and Makensie start a fight (an argument of course. ;))

Crunchpatty, Talianna, Lucian, and Verora watch (I don't know if there are anymore people). Taking the note that fell to the floor, Crunchpatty reads it intensely. His eyes grow wide.

"What, do you know something about this?" Tali asks suspiciously.

"Uhh, actually, I found out accidentally. Ya see..." Crunchpatty clears his throat. "The Old Nelson's Place isn't a person's house. It's actually a......"


Mar-17-2006 15:11

"....whearhouse by the docs,Old Nelson was the company's name."

"This sounds a bit fishy, looks like Shady wants him to have cement shoes or something." Verora said finishing her sherly temple.

The argument suddenly ceaces apon hearing this.

"I won't let him do that to me!" yelled Bad in a defenceive manner.


Lucian Ty
Lucian Ty

Mar-17-2006 15:16

beer brewery."

BadAss gulps. "This note isn't addressed just to me!" He takes a finger off of a space, and gasps. "It's also addressed to Crunchpatty!"

"Why addressed to two people when only one is meant to be?" muses Verora. Everyone looks at her. "Sorry, chaps. Go on with your rantings. Don't mind me."

Makensie stamps her foot impatiently. "For goodness' sakes! What are we going to do now? Go to Big Lucy's? Follow Shadisius? Or let Bad and Crunch go to the Old Nelson's Place?"

Lucian sighs. "I guess we'll split up. Me, Makensie, and Charlie will go to Big Lucy's, Talianna and Isabel will try and track Shadisius, and Bad and Crunch will go to Old Nelson's Place. Got it?"

"Me and Sunny will keep a lookout for any thing suspicious. I have a few walkie talkies handy. I'll keep one. Makensie, Talianna, and Bad will have one each. If anything goes wrong, contact me," says Ben.

He hands out the devices, and clasps Sunny's hand. "Good luck!" he calls as the groups walk their different paths.

"I wonder who is meeting us at Old Nelson's Place?" Bad asks his partner. Crunch shrugs. "I know it's not Shadisius, he said so in the crypted note. Maybe a Green Hand henchman or something?" Bad bites his lip. "Hopefully it's someone who'll help us."

Makensie grumbles. "If anyone is more responsible it's Shadette. Imagine. Her brother kills people, sends notes, burns cars..and she doesn't do a damn thing to stop it!" Charlie lights a cigarette. "She should know something about this. Actually, I think Shadisius isn't the only criminal here in these events. What motive did he have for killing Mukunzu? She lived in Africa all her life...and she wasn't a detective. Isn't that fishy? And that second note...why was that man shot to death and why was the note unsigned? These are some things to ponder, eh?"

Talianna and Isabel were about to go into the butcher's shop when suddenly a shadow jumped out at them. Or one of them. To their surprise, it was...........

Rhiemma Moon
Rhiemma Moon

Mar-18-2006 01:03

Bernie, the bartender. He grabbed Talianna by the arm as he looked around for anyone seeing them and pulled her quickly into the shadows. When Isabel stood where she was staring at them dumbfounded, he reached out and pulled her into the shadows as well.

"Be quiet!" he whispered as Taliana started to berate him for startling them as well as man-handling them. Isabel opened her mouth to protest but decided that the way things had been going she had better see what he wanted.

Bernie looked around again and made a motion for them to follow him. He made his way up the street to an abandoned office building and, fitting a key into the lock, looked once more up and down the street. Satisfied that they hadn't been seen, he ushered them into the foyer.

Once the door was closed Talianna unleased a stream of invective that would have made a sailor blush. "Shut UP!" Bernie said. Isabel said nothing as she was busy taking notes on a few words she hadn't heard before.

"You detectives have all done me a favor now and again," he said. "I'm just trying even the score a little."

Taliana calmed down some and asked, "So, what've you got? A clue as to what on earth is going on around here?"

Isabel said, "Yeah, what IS going on around here?"

Bernie replied, "I don't know much, and I can't tell you everything because I'm not gonna put my neck totally on the line here. But, I can tell you that...

Talianna Periwinkle
Talianna Periwinkle

Mar-18-2006 11:05

"....Shadisius is going to be after one of you two," Bernie said quietly, "I, uh, can't tell you which one. You guys have to be careful, because one of gonna have some trouble with him."

"Is this the same person who Shadisius was after in the beginning?" Tali asked suspiciously. She didn't like the fact that she was walking right into Shadisius plans.... or was Isabel? Talianna wasn't sure who Shadisius was after.

Bernie shifted his eyes from side-to-side. "I, uh, am pretty sure, yes, I, uh, guess..."

"Well? Is Talianna or me gonna be killed!?" Isabel persisted.

"Fine, fine, whatever, it's—" but before Bernie could say who it was, something blunt hit his head and he fell to the floor. Shadisius was right there! With no time to lose, Isabel grabbed Tali and they ran out of the dark corner to another corner near the dumpster.

"We don't know who he wants!" Talianna whispered fiercely.

"We know it's one of us! But which one!?" Isabel said fearfully. All of a sudden, Shadisius passed by them whispering the name.....

(Who's it gonna be??) ;)

Rhiemma Moon
Rhiemma Moon

Mar-18-2006 11:34


They could hear his evil laugh as he slithered down the alley. "You didn't think you were gonna get off THAT easy, did you," he hollered back at them. "I'm not done playing with all of you. Think it's one of you two? Maybe it is, and maybe it isn't."

He disappeared around the corner, a shadow blending into the shadows.

Talianna and Isabel looked at each other. Partly they felt a sense of relief. If it was one of them, their time hadn't come yet. And they felt dread. How long was he going to drag this game on? How long until they knew who his intended target was?

They headed down the alley and ran headlong into...

Lucian Ty
Lucian Ty

Mar-18-2006 11:36


Talianna cursed. Isabel bit her lip in frustration.

Talianna suddenly realized that she had a walkie talkie on hand. She grabbed it when Shadisius was out of sight. She held the transmission button tightly. "Ben! Shadisius has knocked out a guy named Bernie, who told us Shadisius is after one of us. Reply quickly!"

Ben replied, "Bernie? He's the bartender in London! How'd he appear here?"

Talianna gasped. "Uhhhh... I dunno. He just... surprised us."

"Just hide. I can't give you anymore help. Good luck." Ben crackled out.

Isabel was shivering. "He's after either you or me. Was that Bernie guy actually from London?"

Talianna nodded. "Yeah. He's not...dead, right?"

Isabel shook her head. "Unconscious."

Talianna sighed. "Our luck has run out, Isabel. Shadisius is going to kill one of us. Probably me."

Isabel closed her eyes. "No, he's after me."

Talianna looked shocked. "Why?"

Isabel turned to face her. "Because----"

She was interrupted by the sound of Shadisius. He was coming back from wherever he went, this time with his brother.

"Where did those idiots go?" Shadisius snarled.

Shady lit a cigarette. "Why are you after them? They're just harmless gumshoes."

Shadisius growled. "One of them knows a secret that could send me to the electric chair," he snapped.

Shady laughed. "Not poor, harmless Bimby. The lonely street peddler." He cackled in a horrible, grizzly manner.

Shadisius slapped his back. Shady's cigarette popped out of his mouth as he toppled to the dirty ground - choking.

"You are such a sap, you know that? Now, find me the girls or YOU'LL be the one in the electric chair!"

Shadisius stormed down a corner, leaving his brother groping for breath. Just then.............

Rhiemma Moon
Rhiemma Moon

Mar-18-2006 18:13

Rhiemma stepped out of the shadows cast by an old dumpster. After making sure Shadisius was actually gone, she squatted down beside Shady. As he sat up trying to catch his breath he growled, "What... are... you... looking at?"

"Seems to me I'm looking at someone who's bit off more than he can chew." She replied. The humor left her eyes as she said, "I seem to recall that you came to me once or twice because you had a friend who needed my help. And yet, you charge outrageous prices for your fixin'. I oughta just leave you here in the slime where you belong."

"I don't need no... help... from no two-bit gumshoe!" he sputtered as he was finally getting his wind back. "I charge what I charge and you'll pay it. Nobody else'll do what I can do for youse." He started to get to his feet only to drop again with a startled cry of pain. He grasped his ankle and glared at her.

"Well, my slime-ball friend, it appears that you have done something to your ankle. What''ll it be? You want to sit here in the muck? Or shall I help you into that building your brother just left? I'm going there anyway to check on Bernie. I don't think this is exactly the way he planned to spend his vacation."

Shady glared at Rhiemma a moment then asked, "What's in it for youse that you'd help me?"

"Well, seems to me that you aren't exactly behind your brother 100% on this little vendetta of his. What's it gonna hurt to give me a hint of what's going on? Not like I'm gonna tell him anything. Let's just call it a trade of favors. Next time you have a friend that needs a murder solved, it's on the house. Sounded to me like your brother's plans could spell trouble for you if things don't go his way. Best thing would be for us to get him before he gets us. That way you're in the clear and we'll still be around to pay your sky-high fixin' fees."

He thought for a moment and reached a hand out for her to help him up. "Not so fast!" Rhiemma said. *more*

Rhiemma Moon
Rhiemma Moon

Mar-18-2006 18:29

"I want at least a tidbit before you move so much as an inch from the spot your sitting in."
"What? You don't trust me?" he asked.

"Yeah, Shady, I trust you. About as far as I could throw this building by it's front door knob." Rhiemma replied. "Other than that I trust you to fix things you're paid to fix."

Shady looked obstinant for a moment, then he sighed. "Alright. Shadisius did a job a while back for the Green Hand. I don't know the details," At Rhiemma's snort of disbelief he held up a hand. "I swear!" Rhiemma said mockingly, "Yeah, like a sailor." His face contorted a little and he said, "I swear by the money I make from youse guys! If I'm not telling the truth, I'll do a fixin' job for you for free!" Rhiemma looked at him in disbelief. "Huh! There's levels and then there's levels of truth. But, I'll take your word so far." she said.

"Help me up now!" he demanded. "Why?" Rhiemma asked. "I got what I wanted from you." Shady swore a blue streak as she stood and made as if to walk away. "There's more! There's more, damn you!" Rhiemma turned back and looked at him. Then she reached out a hand to help him up. "Start talking, because I will have no problem at all dropping you like the unwanted trash you are if you don't."

As Rhiemma helped Shady make his slow way back to the old office building, he started talking. She knew she would have to pick out the kernals of truth from the flotsam he was spouting, but one thing he said stuck foremost in her mind. Whatever job he had done for the Green Hand was something he could go to the chair for. And Talianna or Isabel had the clue but didn't know it. Or did they?

She focused again on what Shady was telling her. Another interesting piece of information was...

Talianna Periwinkle
Talianna Periwinkle

Mar-18-2006 18:57

....that Shadisius was related to one of the detectives.

"Related? how?" Rhiemma asked.

"I, uh, mean, he used to be one of your gumshoe pals' friend.... or was he a boy friend?" Shady said thoughfully. "Like, back in San Diego he was one of their friends or somethin'. What was her name......"

"You're sure it's a 'she'?" Rhiemma asked suspiciously.

"Positive. But I don't know if it's the same person he's after... that could send him to the electric chair, I dunno...." Shady went on.

"Um, none of the detectives I know ever lived in San Diego..." Rhiemma said to herself.

"Actually, there was one." Tali was there along with Isabel. "Me."

"Talianna? You were Shadisius' girlfriend!?" Rhiemma asked, surprised.

"He said his name was James and that he was asscoiated with the bank there... He really could be charming at times... until I realized his trick. I saw him steal from someone and kill them afterwards for being a witness. That's why I came to New York... to track him down," Tali whispered fiercely.

"Sooooo, is he after you?" Rhiemma said.

"Well...." Isabel began.

((check out my detective's bio, and it'll probably be clearer to you guys.... I just had to add that in!))

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