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Isabel Abbott
Isabel Abbott

Mar-13-2006 17:19

I thought it would be cool, to have like, a section, where we could be our characters, and hang out, and create drama.... I'll start:

"She walked down the street, confident, but aloof, mightily, though as if on a cloud. She sat on a solitary park bench, in her red silk dress, and stiletto heels, when....


Talianna Periwinkle
Talianna Periwinkle

Mar-16-2006 20:16

(mind if I join? it seems like you guys have a group thing going on!)

".....robs from different detectives for their special items that they either bought or found during treasure hunts! If the gumshoes find out that Shadisius stole them, well.........Shadisius silences them!" Ben exclaimes, but not in an excited tone. The detectives' reactions were minimal. "Um, I mean that he kills them!" This time there was a huge gasp from the other detectives.

"We must do something to stop this!" Makensie says angrily.

"You bet we do!" All the detectives turn around to see who was speaking. However, no one recognizes Talianna. She was practically invisible.

"How'd you get here?" Bad asks, surprised.

"I may be new here to Sleuthville, but I can always figure my way around new places," Tali snickers. It was a charming smile that most gullible men would fall for, but to the average detective, it was nothing more than a sly smile full of trouble. "Look, I may be a loner, and not know everyone around here, but if you want, I'll stick around with you guys. I know Shadisius because he used to be at San Diego, where my old place was. But I'm here, ready to get some revenge!"

The other detectives weren't sure how to answer. But before someone could say anything however, there was a strange sound of...

Lucian Ty
Lucian Ty

Mar-16-2006 20:43

Shady laughing!

"You guys crack me up! You really do! So, you found out about my brother's little robbing gig. Big deal! You'll never figure out what he has in store for all of you next!"

With that, the fixer drops his smoking cigarette, stomps on it, and goes back inside the bar.

Talianna introduces herself to everyone. "I may not know the ropes around here very well, but I sure do know that Shadisius is out there causing trouble."

Makensie grunts. "You mean ordering henchmen to kill people and set cars on fire? Yeah, that's real trouble!" She lets out a small laugh.

Talianna shrugs. "It's a small world. Anything is possible."

Suddenly, Charlie snaps his fingers. "Aha! Big Lucy!"

BadAss scratches his head. "What about her?"

Lucian rolls his eyes. "Ummm... hello ding-dong? Shadette works for her? We could ask Lucy more about Shadette."

Bad smiles. "Ohhh yeah....."

Makensie giggles. "Anyone have any idea where the cabaret is now?"

Talianna raises her hand pitifully. "Near the Twisted Thread, in an abandoned warehouse."

Makensie hugs Talianna. "Thanks so much! Whatta help!"

Crunchpatty, still styling his cigarette, points towards the tailor's shop. "To Big Lucy's Cabaret!"

Isabel turnes pale. "Hold on. We have a problem." She points to a garbage can. Everyone gasps in horror. Inside the can is................

Talianna Periwinkle
Talianna Periwinkle

Mar-16-2006 21:16

....a note scrawled in red ink that says: To the gumshoes who are looking for me!

"Think it's from Shadisius?" Crunchpatty asks nonchalantly. Tali scrunched up her face. The garbage can smelled of something nasty.

"Well? Is someone curious enough to pick it up?" Makensie asks.

"If you're so interested, then why don't you pick it up yourself?" Bad asks slyly.
Bad starts rubbing his now-red cheek that Mak had just slapped.

"Hey, now, stop the fighting," Lucian says. With his two fingers, Lucian picks up the letter. It looked reletively clean.

"Lemme see that," Charlie says impaitiently. Talianna looks over Lucian's shoulder.

"Yep, it's definetly from Shadisius," Lucian says without looking up from the letter. "Unfortuantely, it's in some cryptic code and I can't figure it out!" he groans, throwing the letter towards Tali. Picking it up, Tali looks at the letter and gasps.

"I know this code! Shadisius used to write a letter in this same code and leave it in detectives' homes when he'd rob from them. It took me months to figure it out. When I and some other gumshoes figured it out, Shadisius left, and I was the only one who followed." Tali explained how to figure out the code. Bad takes it from her and follows the code.

"My gosh! The letter says....."

Makensie Brewer
Makensie Brewer
Super Steeper

Mar-16-2006 21:26

another note, with blood on it. Talianna walks up, and making a face at the sting, she takes the note out.

Makensie walks up, and asks, "Well, what is it?" Bad says, "Obviously its a note" Makensie rolls her eyes, and says, "No shit Sherlock, I meant, what does it say?" Bad glared at her playfully.

Talianna reads, "Every step you take, we're watching you" . Then she points and says, "Look, there is blood spots on it"

Charlie ,in thought, says, "Hmmmmm, obviously more than one involved"

Makensie says, "Interesting" She thinks, Now Im beginning to sound like Charlie. *chuckle*

Bad says, "Ok, now, they are watching every step we take.....lets see.....where to go next"

Everyone stands in silence, thinking....until Talianna says, "I have an idea. Lets go down to the.........."

Makensie Brewer
Makensie Brewer
Super Steeper

Mar-16-2006 21:30

((((( at the beginning i made a typo..sting was supposed to be stink) :o) (Glad u joined in Talianna! Just because its the same people in story,doesnt mean new people cant join in. Its definitely welcomed!! Just continue where the other left off,and not start another story in the middle of the current one) :o) ))))

Makensie Brewer
Makensie Brewer
Super Steeper

Mar-17-2006 01:38

(((ooops sorry Tallianna, u and i were posting at same time, i see. Continue from YOUR part,not MINE. tallianna's is better ;) )))))


Mar-17-2006 07:13

"By the time you read this, I will be half way home. All this might just be a wild goose chase to you gumshoes."

"Thats it?" said a slightly drunk Verora sitting by the bar.

"It appears so." said Bad.


Charlie Cain
Charlie Cain

Mar-17-2006 07:52

Everyone hears a gun shot. Angus Mcknuckles stumbles down the street to where everyone is and collapses. He holds up a note to addressed to Bad. Bad opens it trying not to touch it to much* finger prints * and begins to read it aloud to everyone it says.......

Talianna Periwinkle
Talianna Periwinkle

Mar-17-2006 09:40

"Stop by the Old Nelson's place—alone. I know you know where this place is..." Bad gulped, "Nobody signed it."

"Look, I know NY top and bottom. If you know where this "Old Nelson's Place" is, then spit it out!" Makensie yells at him.

"Calm down!" Charlie tries to shout over her.

Charlie, Bad, and Makensie start a fight (an argument of course. ;))

Crunchpatty, Talianna, Lucian, and Verora watch (I don't know if there are anymore people). Taking the note that fell to the floor, Crunchpatty reads it intensely. His eyes grow wide.

"What, do you know something about this?" Tali asks suspiciously.

"Uhh, actually, I found out accidentally. Ya see..." Crunchpatty clears his throat. "The Old Nelson's Place isn't a person's house. It's actually a......"


Mar-17-2006 15:11

"....whearhouse by the docs,Old Nelson was the company's name."

"This sounds a bit fishy, looks like Shady wants him to have cement shoes or something." Verora said finishing her sherly temple.

The argument suddenly ceaces apon hearing this.

"I won't let him do that to me!" yelled Bad in a defenceive manner.


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