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Mojo Enterprises
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R Anstett
R Anstett

Feb-12-2006 17:59

The time is here to start invitations to Mojo Enterprises.

This is a group effort by several detectives to create a fun, helpful and competitive enviroment for people to participate in.

We welcome you to look over our guidelines, our code of conduct and mission statement.

To show that we want to help everyone we are also posting for the first ime in public some (not all ;) ) of Mojo's hunting guidelines.


Peter Gunn
Peter Gunn

Feb-17-2006 13:31

Sleuth Admin
[Post History] 2005-01-17 21:43:12

The old discussions about how many detectives a player should have in a single agency and whether or not detectives can switch in and out of agencies have resurfaced. As of now, here are the rules:

1) The system will not allow a particular detective to join a particular agency more than once inside a 48 hour period. This does not stop a detective from quitting their first agency (agency A) and joining a second one (agency B) immediately, but if they want to return to agency A, they cannot do so within 48 hours of the last time they joined agency A.

Ok, that rule was posted directly by Ben. So what Mojo is doing is well within the rules. But the way I see it, it still gives a very unfair advantage to Mojo.

I have 12 agents, we start a hunt in New York, the favors move us to Delhi. 6 of my agents travel to Delhi using $4000 each ($24,000 total) and 4 cases. That leaves them 6 cases each and 2 favors each. If one of them get's really lucky they'll get the right favor. They also have a harder time of it because half of them don't have the Delhi contacts.


Mojo kicks out 6 people in it's main office, messages 6 people in it's Delhi office, they resign from that office, accept the Mojo invitation. They spend no cash or cases to travel, use their full cases load, do the favor and advance Mojo. Mojo then kicks out those 6 and takes in 6 from the next city (since their origanal 6 are still waiting on the 48 hour period to be up) and continues with the hunt.


Peter Gunn
Peter Gunn

Feb-17-2006 13:32

My 6 detectives finally get the right favor the next day (when they have a full 10 caseload again) but only one can travel to the next city because he's the only one with any cases left. So I send out 3 more from the home office and pay their travel cost with money from the office safe. One of those get's his 2nd false because he doesn't have contacts for that city so I drain the safe again to pay for it so he doesn't lose his detective. My agency goes 2 days without rent and is closed down!


Mojo wins again! Congratulations! And they did it all within the rules!


Old Shoe

Feb-17-2006 13:44


Ok. I think we really do need to stop with this tone of posting.

Has anyone actually looked at the fact that Mojo has not won a hunt in over a week?

R Anstett
R Anstett

Feb-17-2006 14:01

Good point lets see those numbers.

In last two weeks.

Mojo ZERO hunts won

Mokita 6
Moonlighting 10
Eye Spy 20 !!!!

Maybe it is just coincidence that the two agencies that have posted the most here on the thread (other than mojo members) are ahead of us in hunts?

Eye Spy has always been a great competitor for us. They have never felt the need to create such attacks on Mojo as these other agencies have seen fit to.

R Anstett
R Anstett

Feb-17-2006 14:08

I appologize to Calata if you think my tone up to this point has been off base.

I have tried to be reasonable, fair, upfront and honest with the community about what we plan on doing with our agencies.

After today's posts and private messages I now feel that I am being personally attacked because of this issue. I will not be called a liar and be accused of running 6 agencies rather than the 4. I will not be accused of tring to ruin the community of sleuth when I have saved messages from directors in other agencies trying to recruit the detectives away from Mojo.

Colonel Shanty
Colonel Shanty

Feb-17-2006 14:33

Whoa there lassies!!!! Settle down before we start fighting like perturbed cats!!

Ran, I am sure nobody is meaning to insult you - calling you immoral, unethical, et cetra et cetra. I know you are trying to make the game a little more competitive. But we are getting too aggressive here, folks!! We're pulling each other by the hair with these accusations.

OK, I'm not forcing you guys to sign a peace treaty over this debate. Mojo is an ambitious agency, and so is every other agency in Sleuthville. We all want to play the game, but this issue is distracting us so much. Hey, soon it will be the largest thread in Sleuth! Ran, I respect your tireless efforts to Mojo. You deserve a medal. But aren't we going a bit overboard here? I said that word before -- OVERBOARD. Does that ring a bell? Should I look it up at for ya'll?

Mojo is AMBITIOUS. Ran is AMBITIOUS. They mesh, don't they? Ran only wants the best for his agency. Now I don't want any glowering -- aren't we a big community? This is bringing out the worst of us, and that's a shame. There you go, I'm quoting Calalta.

This is becoming a big ball of nonsense. I'm starting to think it's crucial for Ben to make the final decision here, or else we'll be pulling pistols from our holsters or swinging daggers around the place.

If everyone wants to duel there way through the debate, fine with me.

I already gave everyone my view of what's occuring so far...

Peter Gunn
Peter Gunn

Feb-17-2006 14:59

Ok just for the record (and so all the messaging can stop)

No, I didn't mean that I think Mojo is out to ruin MY agency or any other.

My post was a scenario ONLY, an example of how it may seem that Mojo could have an unfair advantage over a single agency. I don't have anything against Ran or anyone else who plays the game.

As for my agency, I'm not really active in hunts and don't know if I'll ever be so it's not really an issue for this time.

I still think this whole issue could be solved if Ben made it so an agent had to travel to the home city of the agency in order to accept their invite to join. Maybe a pop up that says "You accept the invite from "XXX" agency and travel to (wherever)" then your agent is in that city minus the caes and cash it took for traveling. If you don't happen to have enough cash or cases it would say "Whoops! Sorry but you can't afford to travel at this time"

Then there wouldn't be any reason for having different offices in different cities as your agents would then have to travel BACK to the other city to work on the hunt.

Colonel Shanty
Colonel Shanty

Feb-17-2006 15:34

I'm sorry, but I have to interlude here for a moment...

I don't know if Miss Hayes did it accidentally or if it was really targeted as she said it, but Mr. R Anstett is NOT A LIAR. His enterprises are designated to run 4 agencies, and not 6. Like an international airport, with members traveling to different agencies which are individually located in each of the 4 Sleuth cities. The accusation Maddie Hayes made when she said that Ran was a liar isn't true... it really ruffled Ran's feathers. I believe somewhere up there he was demanding an apology from Maddie. So if the apology could be exchanged, Ran will calm down a bit. It really hurt his dignity... and he doesn't like being called a liar straight down.

Well, with that out of the way, let the debate continue...

Blueberry Hill
Blueberry Hill
Lucky Stiff

Feb-17-2006 17:04

This is not all about the hunts! A couple of quotes from LED, from this very thread:

"I think people are afraid that the spirit of the game may be ruined through alliances. It isn't all to do with hunts- wich other agencies are doing quite well in."

"I think the anti side of alliances is that you create more divisions and there is more chance for people to feel left out or excluded."

"I have played games where more and more people stopped playing because it was a horrible atmosphere due to alliances and the like."

"I am fully supportive of Mojos and not jealous. I was happy for you all when you got your 100th." (As was I. Realistically, Mokita does not compete with Mojo, something we are fully aware of. Unless Mojo's stopped participating in hunts, we'd never catch up. Which has nothing to do with agent rotation. You are more organized, and have players who can dedicate more time to the game than us.)

"I do think that the agency (Mojo) is great and supportive in helping everyone. I just don't see why there needs to be alliances."

"My concerns are not about hunts or treasures."

So, to sum up:
LED, Ara, myself, and others who have posted here, feel that agent rotation is against the spirit of the game. It is something Mojo does, but it is also something other agencies do. And we KNOW no written rule is being broken, but Ben did try to eliminate the advantage of agent rotation did he not? (Mokita, by the way, have only done this once, and that was to help Mojo out. We got a favour we needed in return. We regretted doing this, decided that we didn't want to win hunts that way, and haven't done it since.)

The OTHER point some have been trying to make, is that creating alliances can be a bad thing, even when it has NOTHING to do with hunts. Why? Because by creating an alliance ("us") you are automatically creating divisions in the game. Everyone else becomes "them". We've already had a small example of this, early on in this thread.

Blueberry Hill
Blueberry Hill
Lucky Stiff

Feb-17-2006 17:13

And so, this is not really about Mojo. The reason you feel attacked is because we are addressing you, since you brought the alliance idea up in the first place. Couple that with the fact that you ARE one of the agencies who rotate detectives, and people are bound to be worried.

(At the same time, we should all recognize the fact that Mojo are talking openly about this, instead of doing it "behind the scenes". It shouldn't be discouraged, which is happening now.)

This IS a small community, and such a large group of people working together (and I don't mean in hunts, necessarily) WILL affect the game.

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