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Detective Biography

Yeah, I'm a private dick and my name's Peter. Peter Gunn. Go ahead and make the jokes, I've heard um all.

I started out as a cop, walking a beat every night and I gained a bit of fame when I busted Louie the Louse for petty larceny and uncovered a crime ring so unorganized it could have been run by a 5 year old. I turned down a promotion and handed in my badge. I needed something more exciting.

I became a bounty hunter and got my fill of thrills chasing idiots across the globe. That ended after I nabbed Harry the Ham. I'd trailed him down to South America and caught him stuffing red herrings up his shorts (obivously he thought tossing out those herrings along the way would throw me off his trail. It didn't work.) He shot me in the leg (ok, the bullet only grazed me but still....) I decided then that if I was ever gonna die it would be closer to home, preferably drowned in a bottle Shanghai Surprise (or anything else that was strong and cheap.) I was ready to retire then, until I met HER.

She came to me needing help, and one look in her good eye was all it took...I fell harder than Fat Matt "The Rat" slipping on a banana peel. Yeah those were the days. She's long gone now. After I cleared her of killing her husband she ran off with Walter the Weasel and left me with a broken heart and a ton of paperwork...and a growing client list.

Dames, go figure.


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