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Old Shoe

Apr-19-2005 17:04

The Catholic Church now has a new pope!

Congrats to our new pope: Pope Benedict XVI!

He is 78, one of the oldest popes, and is from Germany. His name is Joseph Ratzinger.

(Latin for: We have a pope!)


Blaise Joshua
Blaise Joshua

Apr-30-2005 17:16

Well, if nothing else, I'm sure we've all learned something from this highly informative thread : o )


May-1-2005 03:44

Jojo.....I can understand that you find this conversation went off topic, as you originally intended it. But many posts do. :) And I can understand your disappointment that it did.

I am with John Hale, whom in my opinion seems to be almost always right on target, as a voice of reason. :) Jojo posting this thread, lead to a natural response.

Instead of getting bothered about a post going off topic, and if that should be allowed or not. I think that we should look at it as an opportunity. I think most people in here have shown a lot of maturity. In stating their opinion, without forcing theirs on someone else, or calling someone else an idiot for having a different opinion. No one has taken a bomb or a gun out yet either. In that sense we are already one step up.

This is exactly why people should not be silenced *on either side of the opinion*, particularly in the mature discussion that has been going on here. If only cheers would be allowed in here, the people that are not cheering would have to sit back and take it. This is normal in some societies. I for one am glad to be part of that of the world, where my ancestors have fought and died for freedom of speech!

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