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Daily Pub Quiz
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Jan-4-2005 18:37

See if there is interest for this.

1. Each day I will post 10 questions, at random times of the day.
2. Each Quiz runs exactly 24 hours.
3. The first person that has all 10 questions right, wins. Or if no one has all questions right, the best one wins.
4. You can only post answers ONCE for the same quiz.
5. No cash involved. Just glory. :)


The Mad One
The Mad One

Jan-17-2005 19:30

Yes Moonshh. I am happy, but lonely. I think I made it too hard. Some of the questions are really easy, some are complete so and so's. I put a special dutch question for jstkdn so she would feel at home.


Jan-18-2005 02:18

Jojo, "is" or "was," the point is that jstkdn won. Or do I mean "wins?"

Okay, Mad One, I tried and tried. I didn't know any of these answers, either, so this was all about research. I think I got all but three of them.

1) A submarine

2) It was hard to figure out if these were individuals or whole air fighting wings in WWII. Douglas Bader seems to have been called "Dogsbody," but it was also the call sign for Bader's wing. The next question makes it seem as if Dogsbody was one individual, so I will say they were WWII flying aces. This seems to be confirmed by "South African Ace 'Sailor' Malan," "Greycap leader, Allied Fighter Ace Johnnie Johnson," and "the famous 'Screwball' Beurling."

3) Castle Colditz

4) I don't know!

5) A Japanese battle-axe used by the Yamabushi warrior monks. It is made up of a heavy metal head with a point opposite the blade attached to a wooden handle by means of a socket.

6) General John Pope

7) Rearguard, Bataille and Vanguard.

8) A U-Boat ace, also known as "silent Otto," who sank 47 ships for a total of 274.333 tons and damaged 5 ships for a total of 37.965 tons

9) I don't know, but I really tried. I wanted to figure this one out more than any of the others!

10) Cavalry General Nathan Bedford Forrest

11) Battle of the Falklands

12)The Chakram (or Chackrum or Chackram or Chackra) is a metal ring that has been used as a throwing weapon by the Sikhs of India

13)HMS Jervis Bay, an armed merchant cruiser

14)General Emmanuel de Grouchy

15)I don't know!

The Mad One
The Mad One

Jan-18-2005 05:02

Correct Answers
1) Surcouf was the largest submarine in the world at the start of ww2
2) Correct (In fact you know more than I do)
3) Stalag Luft IVC aka Colditz
4) Genghis Kahn. He was dubbed Proctor John by the Pope when id Mongol army attacked the muslim forces from behind. The Pope stopped liking him when he started attacking christians as well.
5) A Japanese Battle Axe
6) I specified CONFEDERATE generals not POPE who was in charge of the UNION forces. Correct answer, Stonewall Jackson was in command and General Longstreet led the relief force.
7) Rearguard, Bataille, Vanguard
8) U-boat ace. Commanded U-99 which carried the crest of a golden horseshoe.
9) Group Captain Leonard Cheshire. He won his VC, not for a single act a bravery, but for sustained bravery under fire over a period of months. He later founded the Cheshire Homes.
10) Nathan Bedford Forrest
11) Battle of the Falkland Islands 1914
12) The Chackra is an Indian throwing coit.
13) HMS Jervis Bay was an armed merchant cruiser that gave the signal to "scatter" to the convoy it was escorting before it turned back to face the WW2 versions of Scharnhorst and Gneisenau. This was the first time that signal was given in WW2.
14) General Emmanual de Grouchy. (A bit like me really--- Grouchy that is)
15) PQ17 was ordered to scatter when Norwegian spies misplaced Tirpitz. This was the second time a convoy was ordered to scatter in WW2. The destroyer screen was commanded by Commander (later Captain) Jack Broome.
Well done Moonshh. Only 4 wrong. Congratulations.


Jan-19-2005 14:23

Is that it?
No more quiz??

Old Shoe

Jan-19-2005 14:24

Well, we are all still waiting for jstkdn to post another.


Jan-19-2005 16:08

Jojo is urging me to post something. I defenitely owe him that much. Thanks jojo and everybody else!!

Today's quiz is random:
1 The constellation Ursa Minor or little bear is also known as what?
2 From which continent do llamas originate?
3 Which is the next prime number after 113?
4 In which year did the Cuban Missile crisis occur?
5 Which disease related to Crutzfeld Jacob's affects sheep?
6 Which event took place in New York on the 24th of October 1929?
7 The mythical Griffin was a cross between 2 creatures, which ones?
8 If you were at the top of the Mt. Everest and boiled a kettle of water, at what temperature would it boil. 70, 100 OR 130 degrees Centigrade.
9. Which is larger Iraq or Iran?
10. Who discovered the small pox vaxine?

Saxon Joshua
Saxon Joshua

Jan-19-2005 17:11

Jstkdn: I'm going to have a wild stab at this, no Googling or research.

1) Umm ... the Great Bear.
2) S.America.
3) 127
4) 1962
5) Umm ... Mad Sheep Syndrome.
6) The Wall Street Crash?
7) I reckon a lion and an eagle
8) I reckon it's 130
9) Iran definitely!
10) Jenner

Cool quiz : o )


Jan-19-2005 17:36

i'll try this.

1. the litte dipper
2. north america and then they migrated to south america
3. 127
4. 1962
5. Scrapie
6. black thursday...stock market crash
7. eagle and lion
8. about 100
9. iran
10. edward jenner


Jan-19-2005 17:59

Without googling WOW! I am impressed.

Still neither of you are at 10/10!


Jan-19-2005 18:02

I like the mad sheep syndrome BTW, LOL!

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