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Devils In The Nectar: An RP Stage Short
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Molly Maltese
Molly Maltese
Old Shoe

Sep-10-2012 20:17

CASE/ RP TITLE : "Devils In the Nectar"
DATE: 13 November 1934
LOCATION: The Sahara Nightclub, New York City, New York

VICTIM NAME: Janie Eugenides
VICTIM PROFESSION: Chorus Girl (read: exotic dancer), employed at The Sahara Nightclub, NY

CAUSE OF DEATH: Lethal poisoning (unknown compound)
Victim found in dressing room of nightclub, slumped over makeup counter. Apparent distress of victim- discoloration of face, swollen tongue, rash on arms, forcible evacuation of stomach.
NOTE: Bottle of red wine, overturned on counter before victim.
NOTE: Bouquet of flowers on counter before victim. Addressed to "JUNO- Thy voice is like sweet nectar'. from AMBROSE BIERCE.
NOTE: Victim discovered by fellow chorus girl, VERA ELSPETH.

NOTE: Due to staffing demands, case has been turned over to private investigations agency.


Molly Maltese
Molly Maltese
Old Shoe

Sep-10-2012 20:24

"Oh, its simply awful!" Molly whipped out another tissue from the dark folds of her amply-displayed bosom and dabbed at her immaculate mascara. "Poor Janie, such a dear girl."

She had been sitting like this, enthroned at a blue-satin covered table and baying her grief at any and all passerby. The Sahara, her husbands nightclub was strangely illuminated for 7 o'clock in the evening. Usually the lights would be dim, the band playing an upbeat tune and a line of girls swanning and kicking prettily over the stage. But the usual Friday-night crowd was sober. The overhead lights made the usually-romantic looking makeup of the girls looks garish and terrifying. Men and women sat tensely scattered through the booths. Performers, crewmembers, the few patrons who were recognized to have a personal tie to the victim. Most everyone else had disappeared when the curtain dropped unexpectedly halfway through the night, rumbling about refunds as they went. The news story of the night club singers death wouldn't hit the headlines until tomorrow morning.

The doors had been locked and manned by a few burly-looking bouncers. Rumor had it that the police had turned this over to private dicks immediately, and they were on their way to begin the questioning process. Until then, no one moved.


Sep-11-2012 12:45

As Vulkie let Officer Parker out of her office, she went back to her chair, sat on it and lifted her feet up to rest on her desk. She then began to flip through the case file pages. "Victim, Janie Eugenidis. Age, 23. Such a shame..." Vulkie murmered. "Crime scene details, hmm hmm, hmm hmm" she continued, and closed the case folder.

"Time to pay a visit to this "Sahara" nightclub" Vulkie thought and as she was about to leave her office, she picked up her trusted revolver that she always carried with her and her badge.

*** The Sahara Nightclub. Time : 7.45 pm ***

As Vulkie parked her car in the parking lot, she got out of the car and casually walked towards the front door, where a police man was guarding the door. "Hello Danny" Vulkie said, while Danny shook her hand. "It's good to see you Ms. Nouson" Danny replied, addressing Vulkie by her real family name. Vulkie was otherwisely known as Victoria Nouson, a well renowned detective for the Pinkerton Agency Detectives. She was working there for at least two years and this was her first case in a while.

"What's the situation in there Danny? What am I up against?" Vulkie asked, while Danny lit up a cigarette and inhaled the smoke and blew it away immediately. "Multiple suspects, including the wife of the owner, a certain Miss Molly Maltese" Danny replied.

"Great... just my day" Vulkie said sarcastically, as she had heard of Molly Maltese. She had a reputation of being somewhat of a créme de la créme person and being involved with some highly social active people in New York. "Can you let me in?" Vulkie asked and Danny slammed with his fist on the door. A bouncer stuck his head out of it and asked "Whatcha want Officer?". Danny replied, by quickly introducing Vulkie and saying that she had the control over the case.

"Come in Miss Nouson, in the most glamorous and fanciest nightclub of New York" the bouncer said to Vulkie and she went in, following the bouncer...

Molly Maltese
Molly Maltese
Old Shoe

Sep-20-2012 20:02

...who led her right to the table where Molly Maltese was holding court, gesturing grandly with a cigarette holder.

"Carl!" she seemed to purr out every letter of the bouncers name. "What HAVE you brought me?"

"Madame Maltese, this is Miss Nouson of Pinkerton Agency Detectives. I assumed you would like to speak to her first." the bouncer said, and Molly threw him a particularly winning smile.

"Thank you darling, I'll take it from here." she said it flirtily enough, but the venerable Miss Nouson would have been a fool to miss the authoritative edge to her voice. Taking her cue, Vulkie took her seat across from the woman.

"Mrs. Maltese, I have a few questions-" Vulkie began, but Molly lifted one violet satin-encased finger and took a lengthy drag on her cigarette.

"Miss Nouson, was it?" Molly asked, arching a slim brow.

"Most call me Vulkie." Victoria admitted, and Molly inclined her chin. Her eyes were cast over Vulkie's shoulder as she flapped her hand.

"Right, right. Vicky. Welcome to the Sahara." she gave a full red-lipped smile. "Isn't it lovely? The Sahara is a joint business venture between my husband and I. Very classy, you know. There are many seedy clubs in this town but I assure you that the Sahara aims to be the creme de la creme of them all. The decor alone...." Molly clasped her gloved hands. "Do you know we went on a tour of Egypt- my husband and I? Walked through the Cairo textile market. Took all these color schemes straight from the outdoor vendors. Commitment, don't you think?"

"You think very highly of yourself, don't you Madame Maltese?" Vulkie said dryly, and to her surprise Molly laughed.

"Of course I do, darling." Molly said, toying idly with her diamond bracelet. "Wouldn't you?"

Molly Maltese
Molly Maltese
Old Shoe

Sep-20-2012 20:06

Vulkie was stunned into momentary silence.

"Anyway, Vivi. As I was saying. Look here, these tablecloths. Egyptian linen. Like they craft their quaint little clothes from! The candleholders in the middle of the table, they are the same colors of the reliefs inside the tombs. The same colors- red, like the clay on the banks of the Nile. All these colors, everywhere. The curtains. That smokey smell? Incense. Egyptian musk with overtones of myrrh. The dim lighting seems to transport you to another time and place, and a sensual show besides." She motioned to one of the stricken-looking chorus girls, bedecked in ostrich feathers and sheer silk, her eyes heavily lined with kohl.

"Don't you feel it, Veda?" Molly asked, leaning forward, her eyes suddenly predatory. "Someplace, mysterious, primal...magnificent? Welcome to the Sahara."

Satisfied, she leaned back in her seat. "Now, what paltry questions did you have to bother me with?"


Sep-22-2012 03:23

"First off, who was here at the time being when..." Vulkie began, while looking in her trustful notepad, "Janie Eugenides was murdered?".

Molly gave her a cold stare back and then began to laugh. Vulkie raised her eyebrow, asking "What's so funny? It's a perfectly normal question".

Molly replied by saying: "I assume that you haven't had a case for a long while Vera? Look around, all the people that are here, sitting, were at the club during the time of the murder" and she continued to laugh.

Vulkie gave a forced little smile, and carefully continued with the next question.

"Can you tell me a bit more about Ms. Eugenides? Any lovers, any family etc." Vulkie asked.

"Well, I do know that she had an eye out for my husband, Mr. Maltese. Unfortunately, I can't develop any further int0 the matter, Veronica..." Molly replied and Vulkie noticed the cold stare that Molly gave to her. The stare of... jealousy.

"Right, we'll leave that subject for the time being. Now, would you be so kind to introduce me to the rest of the people? I'd like to ask them a few questions too. I assure you, Ms. Maltese, that the killer will be caught. And for future reference, my first name is Victoria... Try to remember that." Vulkie added, and Vulkie gave another forced smile.

"But of course, Victoria, now, who would you like to meet first? We have another detective here in the house, a Mr. Heimlich VonVictor. I believe he acquired some evidence from the scene. There's also Vivien Sharp, she discovered Janie at her dressing room. And there's a regular in the club tonight, Ms. Riza Hawkeye. She can probably tell you a bit more about certain... events going on." Molly replied.

"I'd like to talk with Vivien first, if you don't mind?" Vulkie asked and Molly whistled for the bouncer, who brought Vivien to a table...

Vivien Clara Sharp
Vivien Clara Sharp

Sep-23-2012 21:51

"This the private dick?" Vivien asked, holding a still-smoldering cigarette to her lips. "I expected something a little more...pulpy."

"Pulpy? Really Vivien, you do invest too much time in those ten-penny magazines. Time you could be devoting to your footwork, if your dream of being the headline act is to be realized." Molly said sharply, her half-lidded eyes barely concealing a look of warning. Vulkie looked from one to the other, noting the tension, but Vivien just gave a booming, full-throated laugh.

"No need to get your feathers all a-ruffled, Mrs. Maltese." Vivien said, casting a wink in her direction. Her bright green eyes disappeared in an ink blot of kohl liner and false eyelashes for a moment, a look that was almost grotesque in the lighting.

"Lets cut to the chase here, princess." It took a moment for Vulkie to realize she was talking to her. Vivien leaned her elbows on the table. "I was the one who found poor Janie, and no that doesn't mean I killed her. No I didn't see anyone around her dressing room. I walked in to see if I could borrow her lipstick and found her she was." For the first time her bravado slipped, and Vulkie could see the fear and uncertainty in her eyes. "I don't understand it myself...but I sure hope you catch the guy behind this. Nobody deserves to go that way."


Sep-24-2012 14:54

"If you allow me to say so, Ms. Sharp, you don't seem to be very grieving over the fact that one of your fellow chorus girls is dead. One would rather say that, if you have worked with a person together so long, that some sort of emotion would be aroused. But I detect no emotion from you or Mrs. Maltese about this horrible crime.." Vulkie replied coldly, while the two women stared at her furiously. Vulkie probably hit a snare, because in an instant, she got a reply from Molly, who said: "How DARE you accuse us of not grieving over her? It's just that we haven't had the time to go over the whole situation..."

"Madame Maltese, I didn't mean to offend, I just bluntly said and noticed that neither of you showed any sort of emotion. One would say that people would cry or be angry over it, but from neither of you, any emotion is detected... it seems as if you are happy about the fact that poor Janie, yes, poor Janie, was murdered. Now, I don't know the motives yet, but I assure you.." Vulkie replied, while staring at both of the women, with a small eyebrow raise, "I will, WILL, discover those motives and make the right assumptions".

Vivien looked at Vulkie and was about to speak, when Molly interfered and said: "Go back to your dressing room Vivien. Let the detective and me alone for a bit. I need to discuss something with her". Vivien immediately left the table, while Vulkie shouted: "If I have more questions, I know where to find you!".

Then, Molly turned towards Vulkie and began to softly speak, in a threatening matter: "If you ever dare to accuse both of us without knowing the situation, I will make sure that they'll get your badge and you'll be bonjoured out of New York before you can say "Au revoir". Am I making myself... clear?". Vulkie replied, by saying a small yes.

"Now, detective, who is it you want to see next? We still got Mr. VonVictor and there's also Ms. Hawkeye..." Molly asked Vulkie.

"I'd like to speak with Mr. VonVictor next" Vulkie replied.

Heimlich VonVictor
Heimlich VonVictor

Sep-24-2012 17:57

Heimlich VonVictor stood in the center of the carpeted area in front of the stage. He was an older gentleman of about sixty; tall at about six feet with long snow white hair and a pungent aroma of tobacco about him. He wore a brown tweed suit, on which he had pinned a New York City Police badge. He took a final drag from his cigarette and tossed it on the ground. In one seamless movement, he ground it into the carpet and looked over at the two women who had just entered.

"Listen sweetheart," he barked out, grabbing Vulkie by the arm and leading her towards the door she jsut came out of, "you need to understand that one of your fellow performers has just been murdered here. I don't need you messing up my scene and contaminating my evidence. Go rehearse a number or something."

"Mr. VonVictor!" Molly called, "Dear... sweet Mr. VonVictor..." she cooed as she caught up and ran her hand along his arm, "This is Vanessa the detective that the Pinkerton Agency sent over to investigate the awful events of tonight."

"Detective!?" Heimlich shouted as he released Vulkie as if in repulsion, "Land sakes! I leave the force and the whole thing goes to hell! What's next, they're going to be letting Negroes into crime scenes?"

"I am now in charge of this scene," Vulkie said with disgust towards the vile old man, "and you are under my jurisdiction Mr. VonVictor." Then, turning towards Molly, "And again, it's Victoria!"

"Listen, Princess," Heimlich spat back, "they may have given you a badge and a gun and let you play cops and robbers, but you had better let a man handle a man's job. " Then, indicating a table with four bags on it, "Besides, a tenderfoot like you would overlook everything I've already collected."


Sep-25-2012 07:34

Vulkie grabbed Heimlich by his collar and carefully whispered in his ear: "If you ever DARE to call me Princess again, you will regret it. Do we understand each other?". Heimlich nodded and Vulkie gently let Heimlich go, who in turn sat on a chair by the table with the evidence.

As Vulkie observed the bags, she noticed that they were all tied up with some rope and with a good knot in them. "Would you be so kind as to untie the bags, Mr. VonVictor?" Vulkie asked politely and Heimlich barked back by shouting: "Do it yourself, you lousy piece of nothing!".

Vulkie raised her eyebrow and made a note of the attitude that Mr. VonVictor seemed to display.

As Vulkie untied the bags and spread the evidence on the table, there were four important pieces of evidence:

1. A bottle of red wine, which was empty.
2. A bouquet of flowers, roses perhaps?
3. A note that was attached to the flowers, signed by a Mr. Ambrose Bierce (probably a bogus name).
4. A cigarette butt, which was forcibly put out, perhaps stepped on.

"Mr. VonVictor... You are absolutely sure that this is all the evidence there is on the scene?" Vulkie asked to Heimlich.

"Yes, I'm absolutely sure. You can say many things of me, but I never, EVER, overlook any piece of evidence." Heimlich replied, with a bit of hesitation in his voice.

"Then I would like you to accompany me towards the dressing room of Janie Eugenides and explain the whole situation to me, where you found her, where the evidence was found etc. . I hope you can still remember all that?" Vulkie said. Heimlich nodded and stood up.

As the "detectives" went towards the dressing room, Heimlich bumped into a woman who seemed to be really intoxicated. "Go away, vile woman. We are on an investigation! Leave us be" Heimlich said and the woman just plainly stared at him, while she "wobbled" her way back to her table...

Molly Maltese
Molly Maltese
Old Shoe

Sep-25-2012 18:14

Molly watched the two detectives go with a complacent expression, but when the doors closed behind them her face turned dark. How dare that little Frenchie nitwit air out her personal business, such as her husbands unfortunate penchant for staying late nights with Janie? And then to say that she, Molly Maltese, was not properly grieving?

Well so what if she wasn't? That little tramp deserved it. After everything Molly had given her as a mentor- sisterly advice, generosity with choreography and numbers and she had gone and sunk her hooks into her husband?

"If you ask me, she deserved what she got." Molly grumbled, tugging at the fingertips of one glove, but froze when she heard a rolling laugh. Turning to her left, she saw a woman, clearly very inebriated but looking at her with a cocked chin and bright eyes.

"Careful, Malteesh. Thatsa dangeroush thing to say at a crime scheen." the woman slurred, than chuckled into her glass as she took another swig. Face flaming, Molly whirled on her heel and stalked across the club floor, chin held high. She was headed for the gilt doors at the far end, which led to the backstage dressing rooms. She was to have a word with Vivien.

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