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Devils In The Nectar: An RP Stage Short
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Molly Maltese
Molly Maltese
Old Shoe

Sep-10-2012 20:17

CASE/ RP TITLE : "Devils In the Nectar"
DATE: 13 November 1934
LOCATION: The Sahara Nightclub, New York City, New York

VICTIM NAME: Janie Eugenides
VICTIM PROFESSION: Chorus Girl (read: exotic dancer), employed at The Sahara Nightclub, NY

CAUSE OF DEATH: Lethal poisoning (unknown compound)
Victim found in dressing room of nightclub, slumped over makeup counter. Apparent distress of victim- discoloration of face, swollen tongue, rash on arms, forcible evacuation of stomach.
NOTE: Bottle of red wine, overturned on counter before victim.
NOTE: Bouquet of flowers on counter before victim. Addressed to "JUNO- Thy voice is like sweet nectar'. from AMBROSE BIERCE.
NOTE: Victim discovered by fellow chorus girl, VERA ELSPETH.

NOTE: Due to staffing demands, case has been turned over to private investigations agency.


Jack Billings
Jack Billings

Sep-27-2012 00:01

"Why, what a terribly indecorous way to speak to a lady...Von Victor, wasn't it?" Jack Billings purred in his supine way, ambling up behind the two with his hands in his pockets. He wore an impeccable, expensive cream-colored three-piece suit that seemed out of place against the dingy blue wallpaper that was peeling of the aged walls behind him. Von Victor looked up from Therian, his rheumy eyes narrowing.

"Who the hell are you?" he barked gruffly, but of course he knew. Everyone knew who Jack Billings was. He was half the reason there was an audience seated inside the Sahara most nights, the reason that B-list celebrities and businessmen graced its tacky tables. Society attracts society, and Jack Billings' penchant for remaining in the audience slowly but surely increased the number and pedigree of its clientele. This is why, it was well-known, Jack Billings was given the star treatment. Comped drinks all the time, and the staff and girls were under orders to keep him coming back at all costs. Not to mention the depth of his pockets was an attractive marker in and of itself- that is why most of the girls had no problem bending his way.

"Don't be silly, Von Victor." Jack said breezily, waving away the question. "Why don't you go harangue another poor innocent being and leave this one to me? I've been meaning to ask this delightful child a question for ages, but I never did seem to be able to catch her in between peacock feathers and spangles." He threw a wink her way, and sensing an out, Therian smiled warmly at him.

Grumbling loudly, but backing off nonetheless, Heimlich hesitated before turning on his heel. Halfway down the hall, he paused and threw a cunning look Jacks way.

"Very well, Billings. Perhaps Miss Wolf will be more forthcoming with you on what she may have heard. I think it will be most interesting to you in particular." He sneered and left, leaving a trail of malice behind him. Jack raised a brow.

Jack Billings
Jack Billings

Sep-27-2012 00:04

"My, Miss Wolf. You simply must have heard the most delicious gossip for old Von Victors feathers to be so ruffled." he said smoothly, adjusting his tie. "I do admit I was so very tired of the tension out there that I wandered back here- though I seem to have found more of it! I was hoping to find Vivien in fact, but I seem to have just missed her. No matter, you are equally lovely company. Won't you sit a while and talk with me?"

He smiled warmly and Miss Wolf chewed her lip in thought, wondering if she ought to stay. And for that matter, wandering if this enigmatic mans ambling backstage was really as innocent as it seemed?

Molly Maltese
Molly Maltese
Old Shoe

Sep-27-2012 00:14

"My, wasn't that the most curious thing?" Molly clapped her hands as she watched Riza amble back to her seat. "I can't make heads or tail of it, but do you know, Vinnie I know someone who probably could. After all, who understands the inanities of the drunk and disorderly better than those who serve them?"

So saying she turned to scan the room until she caught sight of Kesla. "Miss Hill!"

The cocktail waitress looked up, startled, but came over. Molly made a motherly show of ducking the girl under her arm. "Yes Vinnie, this is our waitress, Miss Kesla Hill."

"How do you do." Kesla murmured politely. Vulkie gave a nod and Molly continued.

"Kesla darling, Miss Hawkeye has strung together the most interesting set of syllables. Since you are well-accustomed to her odd manner of speech, perhaps you can shed some light on her pearls of wisdom? Veda, what was it now?"

Vulkie threw an aggravated look in her direction but parroted, "she looked at the note over there, and said 'Beers. Devil dick knee. Neck turd." Vulkie flushed a dark shade of crimson, but maintained a level stare.

Kesla mulled over these words...

Assistant Postman

Sep-27-2012 15:16

As she realized Vulkie was pointing to the flowers, Kesla pieced it together.

"Well, Bierce. Devil's Dictionary. Nectar. That's what I make of it," Kesla stated. "I've learned to understand Riza's speech even at the worst of times. Riza may be a slush, but she's one of the smartest people I've ever had the chance to meet, so I suggest you take her comments seriously."

Kesla wrinkled her nose as she handed Vulkie a towel. "Here you go detective, you have a little something right..." Vulkie glared at Kesla, cutting her off.

"I'm fine, but thanks," Vulkie bit out, "I appreciate your help with what Riza was trying to tell us, but that will be all for now. Don't go too far, Miss Hill, I may have more questions for you later."

"I'll be right here, Detective Nouson. It's not like I have anywhere else to be anyway," said Kesla.

Vulkie then turned her attention back to Molly and asked, "Who is this Bierce, then, and what was his relationship to the victim?"


Sep-28-2012 05:38

As Vulkie listened to Kesla's explanation, her mind went over events that happened before: The confrotation with Mr. VonVictor, who had hidden a potential piece of evidence, which she still had in her own pocket where she also kept her revolver. And then there was the mysterious case of Ms. Hawkeye, who slurred out some words which had no connection at all, until Kesla started to piece it all together...

"Well, Bierce. Devil's Dictionary. Nectar. That's what I make of it" was what Kesla said and as she handed Vulkie a towel, Vulkie's mind started rattling.

"Devil's Dictionary... Nectar.. flowers? What did those three have in combination?" Vulkie thought. Vulkie then glared at Kesla, saying "I'm fine, but thanks. I appreciate your help with what Riza was trying to tell us, but that will be all for now. Don't go too far, Miss Hill, I may havae some more questions for you later".

Kesla replied by saying that she had nowhere else to go, and that was true. The whole crime scene was still in lockdown and nobody would leave until the killer was found.

Vulkie then turned her attention to Molly and asked "Who is this Bierce, then, and what was his relationship with the victim?"

Molly replied simply by saying: "I've never heard of that name, but I did read a book that featured him".

Book... Ambrose Bierce. Suddenly, it struck Vulkie why the name seemed so familiar. Ambrose Bierce was possibly a writer, or a novelist.

"If you'll excuse me, Madame Maltese, I have an urgent phonecall to make.." Vulkie said, while wandering off towards the telephone...


Sep-28-2012 05:50

"Operator? Could you connect me towards the Pinkerton Agency Detectives office? Yes, I know they are closed, but my secretary is still there. Yes, I'll hold" Vulkie said in the telephone horn and listened while the operator connected her with the agency.

"Pinkerton Agency Detectives, how may I help you?" a sleepy voice said.

"Henry, is that you? Listen, darling, I need you to do something for me.." Vulkie began, but Henry interrupted her by saying: "Do you know what time it is? I've been working here for the last 18 hours, a man deserves to get some sleep from time to time.."

"Henry, darling, it's really important. Listen, I need you to pop out towards the New York Public Library and find me all the information you can on a Mr. Ambrose Bierce. Suspected to be a writer or a novelist. Once you find anything of importance, you can dial me back at the Sahara's club. The number is.." Vulkie said, while she fumbled with a card that she had acquired from Madame Maltese earlier, "212-555-0783. Also, take note of this. There are a few keywords I'd like you to investigate which are linked to this. Here they are: Devil's Dictionary. Nectar. Flowers. Poison. . That'll be all for now Henry. Goodbye!" Vulkie added and then hung up the horn.

Vulkie then returned to Molly and asked: "I'd like to see the toxicologist, a Mr. Ed Carlyle if I'm correct?".

Vulkie was guided by Molly towards Ed, a young handsome man who was in full suit. "Edward, darling, this is Violet Nouson, a detective. She'd like to speak with you about Janie.." Molly said. Vulkie didn't even bother to try correcting Molly on her first name.

"Mr. Carlyle, if you'd like to accompany me towards the victim, I would appreciate that. It's of the utmost concern to me that I have a faint clue about how the victim got poisoned, but I want you to "test" and verify my theory." Vulkie began, while Edward replied: "But of course. Lead the way Ms. Nouson". And so, they went to Janie's dressing room...

Heimlich VonVictor
Heimlich VonVictor

Sep-28-2012 17:56

Heimlich sat at a table, watching from the shadows as Molly led Vulkie across the room.

"Victor, I tell you," Heimlich sighed, "women will be the death of all of us."

Victor shifted uncomfortably in his chair, "Dad," he began, "if I had known that this was where you were bringing me tonight, I would have suggested a different place."

Heimlich shook his head, "What's done is done. The important thing now is discretion. If that woman talks to you, do not answer any of her questions with more than a yes or a no."

"Dad..." Victor said, "you were in the bathroom an awfully long time when everything went down."

Heimlich shot daggers at his son. "That's what happens when you get old! Look forward to it! And where in the holy hell were you? Because I know goddamn well that little number is going to try to sell you up the river if your story isn't air tight!"

Victor nodded reassuringly, "Don't worry Dad... I was... err... well I was with a young woman." he said with a smirk.

"Again!?" Heimlich hissed at him, "Victor! You are getting married! No more of this. Do you realize the situation we're in now? Do you realize how this looks?"

"I... I guess I... just..." Victor trailed off.

"Which lady?" Heimlich demanded, "Which one?"

"It was..." Victor said as he scanned the room with his finger, "that one!" He pointed to a disheveled looking woman who picked just that moment to lurch forward and empty her stomach onto Vulkie.

Heimlich placed his palm over his face and shook his head. "No Victor..." he said, exasperated, "just... no."

Ed Carlyle
Ed Carlyle

Oct-1-2012 21:10

The body was still in the same position in which it had been found. The victim was slumped over her makeup counter, facedown. Ed entered into the room first and Vulkie stood out of his way by the door. The room smelled heavily of perfume, which reminded Ed of his grandmother who seemed to drench herself in the stuff.

Ed moved the body around just enough so he could examine the victim without contaminating evidence. He first started with her head and face. Her neck cracked as he turned her head, looking for any puncture marks which could indicate murder. He found nothing. Next he looked at her face. The woman was young: 23 years old.

“Pity,” Ed thought to himself. He opened her mouth and the stench of vomit on her breath smacked him in the face, nearly making him gag. Her tongue was swollen, which indicated a toxin of some kind in her system. Possibly an allergic reaction to something. “The flowers?” Ed whispered. No, that didn’t seem right. He frowned. What ever she had gotten into had some terrible side effects.

“Ed, we don’t have all night,” Vulkie said.

“I know we don’t, sweet cheeks, just give me a minute to think.”

“Excuse me?” Vulkie snapped. She opened her mouth to speak but was interrupted.

“The flowers...” Ed drifted off. “Nectar comes from flowers....”

“What are you saying?” Vulkie asked.

Ed looked up at Vulkie. “Nectar. It comes from flowers. Hummingbirds eat nectar. Sometimes it’s sweet. And in some cases, its poisono-...”

Vulkie and Ed looked at each other as their thoughts matched. “The nectar from those flowers was toxic,” Ed said. “Whoever killed her put it in her wine. She drank some of it before it was time for her to go on.”

“How much time would she have needed before everything took effect?” Vulkie asked.

Ed Carlyle
Ed Carlyle

Oct-1-2012 21:12

“Hard to say,” Ed said. “Sometimes just minutes. I’d say she died within with ten to fifteen minutes depending on how much wine she consumed. And with these types of toxins it only takes a drop to kill a man.”

"She knew her killer," Vulkie muttered looking away.

"Let's go report back," Ed said. "Or at least don't let anyone touch the flowers or that bottle of wine."

Wolf Girl 22
Wolf Girl 22

Oct-2-2012 07:47

Therian suddenly felt threatened. Being alone in the room with a mad old man was one thing... Being alone with this man was something entirely different. There was something hidden behind that smile. Something dark. But she couldn't place her finger on it.
She should leave. That would be the smart thing to do. But he did just save her the trouble of a long interrogation... A few minutes couldn't hurt.

"I guess no one will miss me for a few minutes..." She relaxed in the chair. "You said you had a question for me?"

"Oh yes... how's your eye?" he asked casually. Therian froze, only a few people had seen it. People that wouldn't talk because they would have to answer questions that they had rather not.

"How did you-"

"You think Janie would keep something like that from me?" He smirked. "It was a week ago today wasn't it? I'm sure that it took a lot of makeup to cover it up... a shiner like that is hard to miss in a crime scene... I thought you were as tough or tougher then Janie. Guess I was wrong-"

"I gave her back as good as I got."

"Is that a confession?"

"Hardly Mr. Billings." She smirked.

Jack sighed and leaned back in his chair. She wondered what his next blow would be... Leaving would be the smart choice right now...
She stood up and he let her walk to the door before calling out.

"Miss Wolf, I do have one other question..." She stopped not turning around.


"What did you hear while you were back there?"

She paused for a moment then answered, "Nothing that would make you look like a killer."

"Are you sure?"

"As long as you don't make me look like one.." She strode through the door knowing that was the worst move to make... She could feel him glare on her as she shut the door behind her.

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