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The Resistance: The Midnight Strike
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Molly Maltese
Molly Maltese
Old Shoe

Jul-19-2012 12:12

Mob history is to be made tonight, and you are along for the ride.

Sonny Capellini, The La Cosa Nostra boss of the Brooklyn area and a few of his closest compatriots were found dead in his home two nights ago, victims of blasts from sawed-off shotguns. Fuggheddaboudit. Theories suspect rival Emil "The Butcher" Bocelli, a higher-up with no small means at his disposal. Emil wanted to assume his place as the top man in the Brooklyn outfit.

However, the Santanelli's have cracked open the books and are hesitant to appoint the wild-card Bocelli, for fear they might have trouble from him later on down the line. They favor Jimmy "Legs" Tarabotti, a well-respected mobster who has no beef against the Santanelli's. However, La Cosa Nostra isn't about to lose more manpower over this.

Jimmy "Legs" Tarabotti has been sent for, and if he makes it to the meeting in a warehouse on 34th tonight at midnight, he will assume the mantle of the entire Brooklyn outfit. If he doesn't make it, the outfit goes to Bocelli.

You are a close-knit crew of Tarabotti's supporters, but word on the street is that Bocelli bribed a few of his men to the other side. Its possible, with their sabotage, that Tarabotti will be dead far before midnight. Only the final strike of the clock will tell.
Can you keep Legs Tarabotti alive until he becomes the most untouchable man in New York? Find out in this game of...The Resistance!


Molly Maltese
Molly Maltese
Old Shoe

Aug-2-2012 18:32

Uh, yes nic...votes.

Molly Maltese
Molly Maltese
Old Shoe

Aug-2-2012 18:36

(Bigz, do me a favor and send me a pm with your vote as well so I don't miss it on the boards. Thanks! :D)

And Riza and Marc, nics going to chew through her straitjacket in a minute and get you, I suggest you vote.

Molly Maltese
Molly Maltese
Old Shoe

Aug-3-2012 09:35

The votes have been cast. On biggie528's proposed team of:

ms helen

The proposal has been REJECTED unanimously. (8-0)

Secret_Squirrel- NO
Cekuray- NO
nicnic- NO
Riza Hawkeye- NO
biggie528- NO
ms. helen- NO
Marc Lacrimosa- NO
Danny Mack - NO

Leadership passes to ms helen. Ms helen you may now propose your mission team.

Ms Helen
Ms Helen
Con Artist

Aug-3-2012 13:27

Ugh I don't even know where to begin :s

Ok my team is:

Ms Helen
Riza Hawkeye
Marc lacrimosa

Now apologies if this all becomes waffle. I want to try and explain clearly why I've picked who I have.

I know Riza is resistance so it would be ludicrous for me not to put both of us on the team. I am totally aware that no one else knows this and equally no one knows whether I'm a spy or not but from my point of view it makes much more sense for me to put someone who I know is resistance on the team because it's 2 people I don't have to worry about.

I have picked marc and cek pretty much by process of elimination.

I'm leaning towards Biggie being resistance, because given the choice of Biggie or nic in that first round, Biggie has been the more consistant of the two. However she was still on that losing team so better to be safe than sorry.

nic, is who I'm leaning towards being a spy from that first mission for a couple of reasons. She has been quick to accuse several others without any kind of proof at all. To me it is screaming 'need to throw the suspicion off me' kind of attitude. I personally think you are acting very differently to how you have in previous games, so no not convinced at all.

Danny, I'm not sure if it's because you're new to the game but your logic is massively flawed and for a large part inaccurate. It concerns me a lot that you're so 'sure' of nic when we know so little about her other than being on a losing mission.

That leaves Squirrel. Cek and Marc.

I'm picking marc and cek. Because they are 'quiet' players who don't post much and haven't been involved in a mission yet I would like to see how it goes. Although someone somewhere did post that I may be a spy because I don't post much, based on that logic I have just put two spies on the team lol

I could waffle much more but I want to go to bed sometime tonight :D

Ms Helen
Ms Helen
Con Artist

Aug-3-2012 13:28

Oh wow I really did waffle a lot :D

Lucky Stiff

Aug-3-2012 15:52

I will be voting no to this team. Sorry, but now I'm paranoid that you and Riza are both spies.

However, I'm still pretty convinced nic is the spy.

Safety Officer

Aug-3-2012 15:58

I wouldn't want nics spreadsheet to explode
She's already too much of a mess
So for accuracy sake there was a mistake
On the last vote I was distinctly a YES

And to you surprise
I won't compromise
I'm going to vote much of the same
YES for me now
I know we'll somehow
Find a spy if we stop being lame!!

Battered Shoe

Aug-3-2012 19:51

I'm not a spy. I'd like to know what I did that was so suspicious and who I accused of what? I specifically said I wasn't going to say anything about who I thought the spies were until more things happened and I could confirm my theory.

My theory also makes a lot of sense and I have re-looked at it several times. But since I'm being accused of randomly accusing people, I might as well say it out loud now.

*whispers* Riza, Ms Helen, and Secret Squirrel are spies. You heard it here first.

Will explain more and what actions have occurred that support that theory tomorrow.


Aug-4-2012 02:53

Cekuray is not a spy because he doesn't know how to play spy.
biggie is not a spy for two reasons: the hat would be very wrong if will pop-up everytime biggie's name for spy and, second, it will be very dangerous for biggie herself to be spy again, as she will start surely to identify with a spying behaviour, trying to lie and deceive everybody weekly. So, no, I don't think she is a spy now.
Danny Mack is not a spy,because if she would be, she would be more focused on the game and its facts, to know how to throw suspicions away from her and how to deceive others. She is just uninterested, usually as Resistance players are. Definitely Resistance here.
nicnic and Secret entered into a small battle of trying to convince people that the spy is not in their house. Needs to be analyzed thoroughly! :)
Riza and Helen are a special subject (both spies, both Resistance or Helen spy - maybe she told the truth about Riza being Resistance, not blowing her cover).
Marc Lacrimosa - undecided yet, but looks innocent.

Let's see other comments on this opinion. :)

M. Lacrimosa
M. Lacrimosa

Aug-4-2012 07:01

I'm voting no on this mission. Why? I'm just..not sure about Riza being resistance. Something doesn't sit right and I got a hunch that there is a spy on this team.

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