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The Resistance: Order of Socrates Restores Order
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Battered Shoe

Jun-18-2012 11:08

Once again, turmoil is brewing in the underground crime world of New York. The city is slowly being taken over by La Cosa Nostra, the New York underground mafia. They are recruiting members at record numbers and they can be seen in every night club and bar scaring away customers. And now Joseph Hollis, the High Philosopher of the Order of Socrates, and mayor of New York, has learned of a secret plan by his rival faction, La Cosa Nostra, to go on a crime spree and make off with money, valuables, and ultimate control of various establishments in New York.

Mr. Hollis, being not only concerned with the livelihoods of the patrons of his city, but also with his rival faction gaining too much power, has decided to put together a team of trusted Order of Socrates resistance operatives to foil the plans of La Cosa Nostra. Unfortunately, there has been a lot of attrition lately, and certain people have been going to the highest bidder to offer their services as a spy working from within the Order of Socrates. Joseph is aware of this and he's put together the best possible team he can think of, but unwittingly will be inviting some spies for La Cosa Nostra to his team of operatives.

As long as the loyal Order of Socrates operatives can figure out whom amongst them is untrustworthy, their mission should be a success. But if they trust the wrong people, La Cosa Nostra will succeed and cause severe damage to the New York economy, while gaining enough power to take over the city.

Will the mayor and his team be able to restore order to New York? Or will the underground mafia, take over the city's resources? That's for you to decide in this version of The Resistance: Order of Socrates Restores Order


Jason Arends
Jason Arends
Lucky Stiff

Jun-23-2012 23:44

And just for fun im going to vote yes this time around. :)

Battered Shoe

Jun-23-2012 23:49

Illicit has made her mission proposal.

Mission 3, Team 4

Team Leader: Illicit
Team Proposal: Biggie, Eden Zweig, Serges, Illicit

It is now again time for the rest of the team to vote to either approve or reject this mission proposal.

Because both Cekuray and Ms Helen have the OPINION MAKER, they must post their votes here on the message board, as opposed to PMing me. You may wait to vote until these are posted.

When you do vote, please send me a PM stating "Mission 3, Team 4: YES or NO"


Jun-24-2012 00:00

Mission 3, team 4, YES

Ms Helen
Ms Helen
Con Artist

Jun-24-2012 00:15

Lol don't even think I need to post you all know what I'm going to vote :)

But for the records.....NO :)

Molly Maltese
Molly Maltese
Old Shoe

Jun-24-2012 12:20

Thats cute, Jason. I wonder who that fourth spy is that youre covering for.

Oh and, consider our common-law marriage ANNULLED. I don't treat with spies.

*sniffs haughtily and flounces away to vote Yes to mission*

Jason Arends
Jason Arends
Lucky Stiff

Jun-24-2012 13:48

You'll be back. :)

Battered Shoe

Jun-24-2012 17:01

The results of the vote on Illicit's MISSION 3 Proposal are in.

Eden proposed a team of:
- Serges
- Eden Zweig
- biggie528
- Illicit

This mission proposal has been APPROVED by a vote of 9-1. The votes are as follows:

Serges YES
Eden Zweig YES
Jason Arends YES
Cekuray YES
biggie528 YES
Molly Maltese YES
Illicit YES
M. Lacrimosa YES
Ms Helen NO
Riza Hawkeye YES

The mission is now ready to proceed. Eden Zweig, Serges, Illicit and biggie528 must PM me whether they vote to SUCCEED or whether they vote to SABOTAGE the mission.

** Remember Resistance members must vote SUCCEED, while Spies may choose to vote either SUCCEED or SABOTAGE

Serges is currently holding the IN THE SPOTLIGHT ability, so he can force one of the team members to post their action publicly. Serges, would you like to use that ability for this mission?

Jason Arends
Jason Arends
Lucky Stiff

Jun-24-2012 17:05

I want to add something here guys.

You all base the assumption that *i* am a spy on what?
That Eden said im a spy?

And Eden is resistance because? Because Serges said so.
And Serges is resistance because? Because Serges said so?

If you entertain the notion that Serges and Eden are spies, that suddenly changes things doesn't it? And Riza was vocal in her support of Serge's accusations, that doesn't strike anyone as suspect?

Just food for thought for all of you. And Molly darling if you're really going to let the best thing ever walk away over this little game then all i have to say is, Biggie, molly's leaving me wanna go have dinner?!! :D


Jun-24-2012 17:13

Serges is resistance because Eden said so.
And because Serges says so.
And because Serges has 100% acted in the best interest of the Resistance, based on the available information at the time.

Jason is a spy because Eden said so.
And because he proposed a mission that contained at least one spy, guaranteed.

Them's facts, peeps.

I'd like to hear an opinion or 2 about whether or not to use IN THE SPOTLIGHT on Biggie for this mission before I decide, please. I promise not to hold the game up with it though :)

Jason Arends
Jason Arends
Lucky Stiff

Jun-24-2012 17:18

I proposed a mission with a spy on it hm? I honestly dont remember that far back. You all give me credit for being some great mastermind. The truth is i have a hard time following a lot of what goes on, and in hindsight this is probably a terrible game for me to play. Im not worried about biggie being the spy, but thats my two cents. Ima leapfrog again now. :)

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