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Long Live the Fun VH Tournament
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Riza Hawkeye
Riza Hawkeye
First Nomad

Aug-25-2010 15:53

So summer's coming to an end and we're all heading back to school or work or our otherwise busy lives. Our fun's at an end, right? Nope, not at all. We Sleuthies can always have fun! And what better way to wrap up your summer than with a little good old-fashioned competition? ;)

The time has come for another Villain Hunt Tournament, hosted by myself at the request of several people.

The format will be 16 detectives, each randomly paired off by a third party to face one other person. There will be no distinction between those who have access to Cairo and those who do not. The winner from each round will go on to the next round. Same day captures are considered ties, and will result in a triple threat match. Failed hunts automatically disqualify you for the round. The last one standing wins.

Anyone who would like to join, please post here or PM me. Participants will be gathered on a first-come, first-served basis. The first matches will start on Monday, September 6, 2010.

The rules:

You may:
-travel to Shangri La the night before, but NOT start the hunt
-use a travel kit
-use head of faction privileges
-use agencies and apartments to swap gear

You may not:
-use sidekick cases (for either clues or travel)
-enter second/third detectives, etc.

Basically, you're on the honor code.

Each following round of the competition will start on the next Monday at 0:00 sleuth server time, unless one of the matches takes longer than expected. In that case things will be adjusted accordingly and you will be updated.

I will not be participating in this contest, but will be acting solely as a judge, in order to give some of the new faces out there a chance to show their stuff! ;)



Sep-11-2010 10:15

Good luck everyone :-)

Peter O'Neil
Peter O'Neil
Old Shoe

Sep-11-2010 19:10

Just for the record, Cairo is not my favorite place. Going in there blind was my downfall - I had no idea and it got the best of me. That was the bad news.

But the good news is I got some very good advice and I will be ready next time.

To all of you who are moving to the next round, I wish you luck (with an extra measure in Cairo). Especially to Keira Ann, my sentimental pick to win it all.


Joseph Zeo
Joseph Zeo
Tale Spinner

Sep-12-2010 09:44

Congrats to those who has made it and good luck in the next round!!

Keira Ann
Keira Ann

Sep-12-2010 12:29

Thanks Peter!

Good luck to everyone!

Pinball Amateur

Sep-13-2010 14:34

Yes!!! Andreas Suchet is The Brute no more!! ;-D ;-D ;-D

I win!! ;-D


I don't win??

Well hell....

Congratulations to all of you, and good luck to those continuing on!! ;-D

*Goes off to make some more mincemeat out of The Brute....*

Safety Officer

Sep-13-2010 17:26

May you all continue to get Cairo in your rotations. Actually maybe I could go put the fix in. Anyone fancy Cairo four times in a row :D jokes...

Old Shoe

Sep-13-2010 17:57

Lol @ Secret Squirrel. That would be interestingly fun. Could be used for a special event in the future. =)

Sultry De Mon
Sultry De Mon
Con Artist

Sep-13-2010 18:54

Why do those three little dots after the word joke have such an ominous feel.

C-LO, maybe we could call that event "Harakiri or the Last Detective Standing Tournament"

Tireless Tiger

Sep-14-2010 05:09

Bring it on SS!

Perhaps Boris and Natasha were onto something when they were always saying:

"Must get moose and squirrel" ;-)

Old Shoe

Sep-14-2010 11:13

@Sultry: Haha yeah. Those three dots after jokes really makes you wonder if he was kidding. But I dont like calling it "Harakiri". Sounds unpleasant imo. >.>

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