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2010 March Madness
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Anais Nin
Anais Nin

Feb-22-2010 13:47

Waaaay before my time here, Serges hosted Sleuth March Madness in 2007. I thought it looked like a lot of fun, so... without further ado, The copy pasted rules from then with minor modifications! ;)

The premise is pretty simple. We compile a list of 64 of the game's most recognizable players, seed them into a tournament bracket, and allow Sleuthville to vote for the "best" in each matchup.

Rules for eligibility:
You are not allowed to nominate yourself.
You may nominate up to 3 persons.
The nominated must be over 30 days old by March 1, 2010, and active.

Entries and nominations should be messaged ASAP. As soon as we get 64, the seeding process will begin and the matchups will be posted.

After the initial bracket is filled, I will post a few matchups here every day. Then, the people involved in those matchups will have an opportunity to say "anything" on this thread that they feel will allow them to advance to the next round of competition. Sleuthville votes will be what decides the winners, and voting information will be coming soon.

The overall winner of this tournament will receive $100,000 sleuth cash.

We will start the voting on March 1st, so get your nominations in as quickly as possible! Please PM me the nominations, and I will be posting a list of who has been nominated, the brackets, and all that fun stuff as we go. :)


Tireless Tiger

Feb-25-2010 15:09

Getting down to the nitty gritty.

I would like to nominate Sleuthgirl Ciara and hannah glass!


Feb-25-2010 15:14

Ddog (wishes to remain anonymous 5)
Vampiric Smile (wishes to remain anonymous 5)
Kitty Lynn (wishes to remain anonymous 5)
Sean Dart (wishes to remain anonymous 5)

Doesn't seem right, 4 votes, as you are allowed only 3?

Ms Helen
Ms Helen
Con Artist

Feb-25-2010 15:26

Vulkie, Anais said a couple of posts up..

"I am now opening nominations to everyone. The limit of three has been lifted! I'll add your nominations in, Heim."

Lady Jas
Lady Jas
The Chosen One

Feb-25-2010 16:25

I also nominate Leola Luiza.

Safety Officer

Feb-25-2010 18:14

happy to say I've never heard of some of these sleuths :) which is great!

Peter O'Neil
Peter O'Neil
Old Shoe

Feb-25-2010 20:56

Just stopped in tc check on Survivor and see what's up. WOW. It is a great privilege for me to be included. I do not know many of you and I only wish I had been here early enough to enter my friends, who I am happy to see are all here as well. This is my first event and I pledge to do my best add to the fun.

Anais Nin
Anais Nin

Feb-25-2010 22:34

Riza Hawkeye (by ctown28)
Peter O'Neil (by Violet Parr)
Talia Rune (by Violet Parr)
Thomas Veil (by Violet Parr)
Joseph Zeo (by Heimlich VonVictor)
Violet Parr (by Heimlich VonVictor)
Kyle XY Rocks (by Heimlich VonVictor)
Anais Nin (by Riza Hawkeye)
ctown28 (by Riza Hawkeye)
Ms Helen (by Riza Hawkeye)
Anikka (by Ms Helen)
Heimlich VonVictor (by Ms Helen)
Rosamund Clifford (by Ms Helen)
Adam Carter (by Anikka)
topkebab (by Anikka)
turtledove (by Sir William Weine)
Sleuth Admin (by Sir William Weine)
Shady (by Sir William Weine)
Molly Maltese (by Elizabeth March)
Irene (wishes to remain anonymous 1)
Jesse Hunter (wishes to remain anonymous 1)
Lady Jas (wishes to remain anonymous 1)
Pilsner (wishes to remain anonymous 2)
Alayne (wishes to remain anonymous 2)
Kalis Khrom (wishes to remain anonymous 2)
LauraVo (by Lady Jas)
Lady Zeugirdor (by Lady Jas)
ShadowChii (by Joseph Zeo)
AMG (by Joseph Zeo)
Vulkie3 (by Joseph Zeo)
Aknas (by LauraVo)
BreitKat (by LauraVo)
Sir William Weine (by turtledove)
Harry Jones (by Anais Nin)
M. Lacrimosa (by Anais Nin)
Elizabeth Christie (by Anais Nin)
NiArchOs (wishes to remain anonymous 3)
Elizabeth March (by M. Lacrimosa)
Andrew Corelli (by M. Lacrimosa)
sunny (by Heimlich VonVictor)
Sexy Holly612 (by Heimlich VonVictor)
Caledonia (by Anais Nin)
Dellilah (by Violet Parr)
miss snopes (by Violet Parr)
Treschaude (wishes to remain anonymous 4)
Sammy Spade (wishes to remain anonymous 4)
Kyana (by turtledove)
Wolf Girl 22 (by Kyle XY Rocks)
Ddog (wishes to remain anonymous 5)
Vampiric Smile (wishes to remain anonymous 5)
Kitty Lynn (wishes to remain anonymous 5)
Sean Dart (wishes to remain anonymous 5)
Leola Luiza (by Lady Jas)
Evelyn Gardner (by Riza Hawkeye)
Sean King (by Riza Hawkeye)
BadAss (by Riza Hawkeye)
Poirot's Protege' (by Riza Hawkeye)
Kachenka (by Riza Hawkeye)
Vellozo (by Riza Hawkeye)
Makenzie Brewer (by Riza Hawkeye)
Geddes (by Riza Hawkeye)

Only 3 spots left!

Lady Jas
Lady Jas
The Chosen One

Feb-25-2010 23:38

Makenzie Brewer...if you do a look up, retired in 2005.

Lady Jas
Lady Jas
The Chosen One

Feb-25-2010 23:43

I think what you mean is "Makensie Brewer"

Tireless Tiger

Feb-26-2010 09:40

Did you forget about hannah and Sleuthgirl? ;-)

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