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A riddle
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John Hale
John Hale
Yarn Weaver

Dec-8-2004 01:45

Hello all.
I'm fairly new to Sleuth and I thought I might share a little hobby of mine with you all. Here's something for that sad moment when the mysteries of the day are all done.

Thousands lay up gold within this house,
but no man made it.
Spears past counting guard this house,
but no man wards it.
What is it?


Lady Grey
Lady Grey

Jun-2-2005 11:59

Oh dear, my secret is out. The Mad One is my double. We are one and the same, two sides to the same coin.

Anyway back to the riddles.

What are the missing letters in this sequence, and why?


Lady Grey
Lady Grey

Jun-2-2005 12:07

A second riddle,
As starcrossed lovers we appear
or oft as hunter and his prey
His dreams at night caress my face
and his passion seeks me by day.

Sometimes I stand bold and proud
showing a watchful face to the world
Yet often I am coy
and hide my face in velvet swirls.

In the beginning he arrives
in a glorious blaze of heat
In the end he whimpers and retreats
below the wall of deams.

Who are we?

Lady Grey
Lady Grey

Jun-2-2005 12:09

A third riddle,

I have fitted a thousand shoes, yet wear none.
Who am I?


Jun-2-2005 12:25

Lady Grey, is number two the sun and moon?

Lady Grey
Lady Grey

Jun-2-2005 14:02

Correct cfm it is the sun and the moon.


Jun-2-2005 20:42

for the 3rd riddle, is it socks?


Jun-3-2005 04:22

*takes out her magnifying glass and notebook*

Errhmm, any detective who had taken a little trip to the Sleuth chat would have known that already, my dear Mad Lady Grey ;)

Shall be return for more riddle fun later :D


Jun-3-2005 04:24

And scratch the "be" - clicked too fast, wish there were an edit-button sometimes :p

Ashley O*Mally
Ashley O*Mally

Jun-4-2005 09:25

OK, here's is a riddle Fiona Applepare arrives home from work. She just realized that her library book was overdue, but quickly cast aside the matter. She consumed a cognac or two, and went to work to take care of her 2 year old daughter. When she finished her dinner, she went to bed. Her husband came home to see 3 awful things on the bed: #1 is his wife's dead body. #2 is________, and #3 is_____________. What are numbers two and three.

Daniella Jewel
Daniella Jewel

Jun-4-2005 09:48

The librarian killed her. He used #2, the murder weapon- a heavy book. #3 was an "overdue" slip, the final clue... gawd, that story's old!

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