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Detective Biography

I put my rocks glass onto the worn oak bar and slid it toward Cyrus with a nod. My head drooped for a second, my eyelids heavy, but I snapped it up again and rasped my knuckles on the bar. The last swallow of bitter bourbon was still on my tongue, and his face was still in the back of my mind. He was known as many things to many people; a lover, an opium dealer, a loan shark, a servant, and a brother. My brother.

"Neville," I muttered to myself. "Neville I'm sorry I let you down." Cyrus slid my refilled glass back to me, spilling some. To me it looked like my brother's spilled blood when I found him on the floor. It was everywhere. Clearly it was obviously the work of an experienced killer. Who? Who would do such a thing? Sure Neville had his dark moments, but he gave everyone he knew a fair shake and he knew not to push people too far. At least, I thought he did.

A man sat down next to me. "Beer," he said while sliding a bill to Cyrus. He looked over at me, "Say there, don't I know you?" I took a gulp of my own drink before answering, "I don't think so." The man lit a cigar and began puffing on it. "Sure," he said, looking over at me. "Sure I do--you used to be in the pictures, didn't you? Weren't you in that film...let's see...what was that one called...yeah--'The Night That Came and Went'!"

I loathed being recognized, but this man had me made, "Yeah, that was me," I grumbled. "What happened to you?" He asked, "You used to be somebody, a real big shot!" I glared at him out of the corner of my eye and didn't respond. He persisted, "Hey, I asked you a question! Why ain't you in the movies anymore, Mister?"

Maybe it was a bad night for me. Maybe I'd had too much to drink and didn't like the smell of his cigar. Or maybe I just didn't like his tone of voice.

I stood up from my stool, my left arm sending my glass flying onto the floor. Grabbing him by his coat collar I lifted him out of his seat, twisted his arm behind his back and shoved his head onto the bar. "You're right, I used to be in the pictures," I whispered gruffly. With sarcasm dripping from my tongue, "I used to be somebody!" I bent over him, our noses nearly touching and he started to quiver in fear. That was the reaction I wanted. Quickly, I released my firm grip on him and went to walk out the door. I turned to look at him still shriveled on the bar and spat, "But I'm not anymore, see? Now I'm nobody."


Order o Socrates:  Fair(2)
Arcanum Brthrhd:  Good(10)
Cosa Nostra:  Poor(-3)
Eastern Triads:  Good(10)
Circle of Light:  Poor(-3)
Green Hand:  Poor(-1)
The Tea Steepers:  Neutral(0)
Shangri La Tigers:  Neutral(0)


Fortune Teller (New York)
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Tailor (London)
Calligraphist (Shanghai)
Bartender (Shanghai)
Postal Clerk (Delhi)
Holy Man (Delhi)

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