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No Barnes About It
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Heimlich VonVictor
Heimlich VonVictor

Oct-24-2009 18:47

October 24, 1938- Heimlich VonVIctor felt a chill run down his spine. Autumn always had that effect on him. He looked up at the multitude of colors adorning the trees and placed his hands in his coat pockets. The pungent aroma in the air told him that, somewhere, leaves were being burnt. He took a deep breath and looked down, to the place he had visited as many times as he could in the past two years. The cold hard stone hadn’t changed a bit, and never would. It would always be a testament to the man resting under it.

FEBRUARY 10, 1892-
JUNE 15, 1936
“Justice for all. Above all else.”

He took a deep sigh. He never left anything behind, nor did he suspect that Richard would want anything left for him. He leaned down and placed his hand on the stone, “I’m doing alright Richard. Eric and I started up another agency. We’re doing it right this time, and Sergei is getting better at English every day. He’s even solving cases now; you wouldn’t believe how well he’s doing.”

“Excuse me, detective VonVictor?” a voice called behind him

Heim whirled around to find himself face to face with a young uniformed officer, “What do you want?” he demanded, “Can’t you see I’m in a cemetery?”

“Yes sir,” he responded, “and I’m terribly sorry to disturb you, but I’ve been asked to fetch you right away, it’s a matter of life and death!”

Heimlich let out a sigh, and leaned down to touch the stone again, “It never ends Richard, it never ends. I have to go now, but I’ll be back real soon.”


M. Lacrimosa
M. Lacrimosa

Dec-7-2009 21:17

Marc sat down in his favorite chair while Molly sat down on the couch across crom Marc. Marc pulled out his pipe and packed it full of his apple flavored tobacco and lit it.

"Molly....." Marc opened his mouth and paused. He knew to watch what he said. Anyone could be listening. Especially since this was a high profile case. Marc had already met with a federal agent that day and there was no telling who had seen them. "I didn't even know about this. Joseph Zeo, a friend of mine, I believe you met him back in London, called me asking for help on some information involving a certain somebody." Marc said.

"Who is it?" Molly asked.

"I can't say his name. It's not safe-"

Molly cut him off from his sentence, "What do you mean it's not safe? We're in an appartment for crying out loud!"

Marc puffed on his pipe. He trusted Molly. He trusted her with his life. But yet he was afraid that something would happen to her and he didn't want that to happen.

"Look, I'm going to make an interrogation tomorrow on a Mr. Tim O'Leary. I'll call Joseph in the morning and tell him that I'm taking you with me. I'll let you work with me, however, there are people out there that are involved in the investigation that would kill a private eye like us if they knew we were on to them so you have to be able to blend in like a regular civilian." Marc said.

"Are you doubting my abilities to remain undercover?" Molly asked.

"No. I'm simply stating to watch out. Zeo almost got killed last night while working on a case. He's lucky that he shot the man before he himself was shot."

Marc finished his pipe and put it out while Molly lit up another cigarette. Marc sat back down in his chair and looked at her and then looked out the window. It was late.

"Molly?" Marc asked her, "Would you like a room for the night? It's getting late."

Molly Maltese
Molly Maltese
Old Shoe

Dec-7-2009 23:19

(We haven't been to London just yet.)

"Oh no." Molly said,keeping her voice purposely distant. "Pierce is waiting downstairs with the car. Joseph was almost killed, eh?"

Truthfully, she couldn't decide whether she was relieved they hadn't got him or disappointed he wasn't at least confined to a hospital bed for a while!

With a sigh, Molly stood and headed for the door. "If you have need of my services tomorrow, Marc, call me. You know my number."

And with that she saw herself out, rejoining Pierce downstairs. As he drove back to their lodgings, she gazed out at the street the whole way, her eyes thoughtful.


Dec-8-2009 11:08

"What a big party" Vulkie said,the day after her party took place. She "inhaled" her cigarette and blew the smoke away. "39 years already... a third of my life has passed already. And here I am,with my friends,having fun sleuthing and looking for justice..." Vulkie murmered,as she looked at a picture of her and Eric.

Vulkie grunted and placed the picture facedown. As she saw the picture when it was up,it was her sitting on Eric's lap with a drink,laughing and Eric trying to kiss her.

"Eric...." Vulkie murmered and she began to cry. "Why,o why,do I have to be cursed with Ace's "vision"...." Vulkie shouted and she threw something away,that was immediately broken.

"Well,I'll have to be strong now... be strong..." Vulkie said to herself and then the phone rang.

"Miss..." Vulkie began,but she was interrupted immediately.

"Vulkie,I know. Just to say,we have your "friend",Mr. Marvington. He's been of some valuable information of us. You can get him free,but you'll have to do one thing" the "kidnapper" said.

"What?" Vulkie asked. "Please,tell me... Is he still alive?"

"Meet me at the docks,100 grand,in bills. Eric will be released when the deal's done... 12 hours from now" the kidnapper said and he hung up.

Vulkie fell to the floor,her heart racing in her throat. "Eric... Don't worry,I'll get you free,no matter what!" Vulkie said and she began to dial Heimlich.

"Heim,it's me,Vulkie. No,no time to discuss. Meet me here,immediately. I don't care if you're busy,you come over here,now!" Vulkie said and she hung up,phoning Charlie immediately afterwards.

"Charlie,I need your help. Come over to my place as quickly as possible. No discussion,please..." Vulkie said and she hung up. Vulkie poured a drink for herself,to calm down...

Molly Maltese
Molly Maltese
Old Shoe

Dec-8-2009 13:57

"How well do you know Joseph Zeo?" Molly finally inquired of Pierce, and he flashed a knowing grin as the lights of the dark street cast shadows over his face.

"Not terribly well. Met him a few times through some contract work with the Bureau." he shrugged a massive shoulder. "Not well enough to call him by his first name, in any case."

Molly nodded at this, chewing slightly on her lip. Pierce looked over again.

"You know, you don't strike me as a judgmental person, I'm quite surprised you've taken such a disliking to Mr. Zeo." Pierce said, clearly probing as he parked the car. Molly rested a hand on the door, then looked up at him and batted her eyes.

"On the contrary, I'm quite a judgmental person." she winked. "You've just been damn lucky this far."

With that she opened the door and climbed out, slamming it behind her as she strode off towards her building.

"Be sure to let me know if Marc calls." she yawned as she said this and walked into the building, Pierce trailing after her. He gave another smile and shook his head; this Molly was quite an interesting woman.

Joseph Zeo
Joseph Zeo
Tale Spinner

Dec-8-2009 17:53

(( Note to all participants. Due to the split in the story, I've listed a short chronology as to who's doing what on which day. It's posted on my bio page. Simply click on my name under my photo here on the left to view it. I am sure i've miss / will miss story lines here and there. If you see anything missing and deem that it's important, just PM me and i shall revise the list. Cheers and happy writing!! ))

Joseph Zeo
Joseph Zeo
Tale Spinner

Dec-8-2009 20:00

The night was getting deep but Zeo showed no sign of fatigue. He was alone in his apartment, cigarette in one hand, thinking.

The Order of Socrates, The Green Hand, the deceased Kinsella and his dealings with O'Leary, the artifacts thief operation, the figure in the secret passage that got away... It's all connected anyhow, but in what ways? Zeo took the earring out from his breast pocket and examined it in the light. Emerald set in silver. The stud earring was tasteful but not exquisite, and probably not part of the artifact or jewelry collections. Also, the clutch to hold the earring in place was missing, which meant someone in that passageway probably had been wearing it.

A woman, in the tunnel?

Zeo tried to put the pieces together in his head, and was pouring himself a shot of Vodka. Before he knew it, the drink spilled over. "Damn!" The man swore. He drank from the dripping glass while his cat licked clean the spilled alcohol. It seemed to thoroughly enjoy it. 'I'm turning my cat into a drunk!' Zeo thought, forgetting if he ever named his cat. "The damn cat need a better owner." Zeo said to himself before turning his full attention back on his case again.

Heimlich VonVictor
Heimlich VonVictor

Dec-8-2009 20:34

As much as he wanted to help Vulkie there were a million other things on his mind. He gazed at the two figures sitting at his kitchen table.

"Why didn't you tell him?" Richard asked, "Lord knows it's been long enough."

"Bah!" Trepov replied, "It is never long enough! Sergei and Leon never got along!"

"Sergei!" Heimlich exclaimed, "That's an excellent idea!" He ran over to his phone and began to dial. It rang several times before he heared the familiar sound of hiss and chatter on the other side. Sergei's voice came over the phone.

"Sergei," Heimlich said into the phone, "I need a favor."

"VonVictor!" Sergei exclaimed, "You have more work for me?"

"Erm... yes!" Heimlich responded, "Listen, I need you to head over to Vulkie's right now. She needs me, but I have something else to deal with."

"Vulkie!" Sergei said with excitement, and Heimlich wondered if he really was as excited at the mention of everyone's name as he expressed, "Okay very good Heimlich. Does this mean I stop watching the Nin woman?"

"Yes," Heimlich said after some hesitation, "but as soon as you're done at Vulkie's I want you following her again. Has she done anything suspicious lately?"

"No..." Sergei responded uneasily, "Heimlich why am I watching Anais Nin?"

Heimlich let out a sigh. Truly he didn't know himself. He didn't know until he spoke it aloud, "Her daughter Sergei. I helped Anais some years ago and grew very fond of the little girl. She called me her uncle, and for once I felt like part of a family. Then she left, and it hurt me."

"Heimlich..." Sergei said quietly, "your heart is tired."

Heimlich nodded to no one in particular. "Truthfully Sergei, she reminds me of my daughter who died a long time ago." Heimlich said, his voice quaking.

"I... I did not know Heimlich, I am sorry. I will go to Vulkie now." Sergei said as he hung up the phone.

Heimlich hung up his end and stood there in silence for a minute before sadly saying, "Her name was Valerie..."

M. Lacrimosa
M. Lacrimosa

Dec-8-2009 21:09

Molly left. Marc stayed in his living room for a few more moments after she left before going to bed to get some sleep. Marc lay awake for a while. Something was bugging him. Never in his life had he been asked for help by a fed. Marc didn't like feds. Only a few. Joseph was one of the few. They had worked together on a case before that eventually led to their friendship, in which now, Marc trusted Zeo with his life.

But why did the FEDs need his help? Marc pushed those thoughts away and rolled over on to his side. He stared at his blank white wall and fell asleep.

**The Next Morning**

Marc woke up to the sunlight peaking in his bedroom window. He walked into his kitchen and turned on his radio. Jazz. It was a beautiful sounding type of music. The song playing was "A Kiss to Build A Dream On" by Louis Armstrong. It was a personal favorite of Marc's. He stepped out into the cold weather to get the newspaper. It was cold outside and had snowed the ngiht before. "Great," Marc said to himself at the though of walking to work in the snow.

Marc sat down at the breakfast table with a cup of coffee and started reading the newspaper. The biggest headline read "GRAND BALL TONIGHT!!!" Marc read about it and something caught his eye. It was hosted none other than, Tim O'Leary!

"This could be my chance!" Marc said aloud to no one in particular. He made for his room where he showered, shaved, cleaned up, and got ready for work.

It wasn't too far of a walk through the cold weather outside to the office. Grace had gotten there before Marc and had opened everything up and got it all ready for the day. The two people gretted each other and Marc stepped back into his office. He pulled out his newspaper and finished reading the article. A Grand Ball! That was the perfect opportunity to get a hold of O'Leary. He'd have to make some phone calls first.

M. Lacrimosa
M. Lacrimosa

Dec-8-2009 21:19

The first call was to Joseph Zeo. "I'm sorry, but Mr. Zeo has stepped out for a moment. Can I take a message?" Someone said. It was the voice of a man.

"Yes," Marc replied, "Tell him Marc Lacrimosa called. Tell him he can reach me at my office number," Marc said. And then he left the man his office number.

The second call was to Molly. With something like this, he couldn't go to a party like that a lone. It was too suspicious.

"Hello?" Some one said. They too had the voice of a man. Only this man sounded more...intimidating.

"I'm looking for Molly Maltese?" Marc said.

"And who is this?" They asked.

"I'm detective Marc Lacrimosa"

"Molly in some kind of trouble?"

"No, I'm a friend of hers?"

Molly got on the phone next.

"Hello?" She said.

"Molly, how are you?" Marc asked.

"I'm good, Marc but please, no small talk. What's up?"

"Well, you told me last night if I need anyservices, to call you...and well...I have something I'm going to need help on."

"What is it?"

"It's a ball. Formal dress. Tim O'Leary is hosting a ball and he's a suspect that I need to question for this case I'm helping my friend Joseph on." Marc replied, "You go to this ball with me, and help me get down to the bottom of this case, I'll split my reward with you fifty-fifty."

There was a slight pause and Marc followed that up with, "What do you say?"

Molly Maltese
Molly Maltese
Old Shoe

Dec-8-2009 22:10

Molly gave a little laugh.

"Why Marc, darling. I didn't know you liked me enough to invite me to a ball!" she snickered at her own little joke. "I'm sure Pierce will be mad with jealousy but yes, I shall take one for the team and go to a formal affair with you. I think a deep blue dress will do, see that you find a matching cummerbund."

She wound the cord around her finger as she spoke. "I'll see if I can take a peek at a guest list. I'm quite excellent at the art of schmoozing up to the elite, having been one of their number once upon a time. It may make it less suspicious, us being there, if we can be friendly with other guests."

She nodded to herself. "Well, tell whatever other people you have working with you of the plan. Pierce will find a way in somehow, merely to keep an eye on me. But yes, I shall go. You don't need to reward me either, it'll be a welcome change from the legwork I've been doing recently. Shall we say you pick me up at 5:30?"

"Oh and Marc." she continued. "Do dress nicely. If you embarrass me I shall have to become very cross with you."

With that, she hung up.

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