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CONTEST: Survivor Sleuthville
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Heimlich VonVictor
Heimlich VonVictor

Oct-1-2009 22:03

Do you have what it takes to outlast all others? Do you think you can rise above the rest and stand out as the ultimate contender? Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen to Survivor: Sleuthville!

10 Detectives enter, face off against each other in a different challenge every week, and the last left standing will be crowned Sleuth Noir Survivor! The winner will walk away with a one-year subscription to Sleuth Noir and bragging rights over the entire community. The rules are simple:

1. The first ten Detectives to post an entry will be entered and placed on two teams of five.

2. It's advisable to be subscribed. Some of the challenges may require travel, and if you can't participate, it's likely your team will vote you off at elimination. I won't bar anyone based on this, but it's your call.

3. The losing team at the end of each event will have to vote off one member. To do that each team member will submit a PM to me, which will remain anonymous with the name of the person he or she is voting for, and a short reason why. It can be as simple as-

Name: Heimlich VonVictor
Why: He didn't write any of the poem. It's no wonder we lost!

4. Challenges will be one week long and a winner will be announced at the end, in the event of a tie, a coin will be flipped.

5. Anyone may enter including mods, editors, or even Ben and Sunny themselves if they so choose.

6. The contest will begin when all ten detectives have entered and been placed on teams. It will conclude after nine weeks of elimination challenges.

That's all! Get out there and outwit, outplay, and outlast!


Riza Hawkeye
Riza Hawkeye
First Nomad

Jan-15-2010 18:38

Riza Hawkeye is a woman who is both tough and sexy at the same time. She exudes a sense of danger while still retaining her femininity.

For the avatar, I have chosen Greta Garbo, a famous Noir film actress. She is known for her inscrutability, and also for being a recluse. I believe this mirrors Riza very well. You never know what Riza is thinking. She tends to make decisions and carry out actions on impulse. Also, Riza is never seen with friends around her, as she chooses to distance herself from others to avoid getting hurt.

The Raven was chosen as the hat because it shows Riza's madness- her tendency to say and do odd things at odd times. It also shows her eternal lust and struggle for power and authority.

The Revolver and the Pearl Handled Dirk are weapons that Riza has hidden on her person at all times (see RP stage). They show her untrusting character and her toughness, and portray her as a dangerous weapon not to be messed with.

The Black Mink Coat shows off the tough powerfulness of Riza as a woman who loves luxury, but only as one who can only obtain it rarely in her line of work.

Finally, the shoes are Knee High Stiletto Boots, which are famously referred to in all of her RP adventures. They show that Riza is a no-nonsense person, and that if you mess with her, there will be consequences.

Riza is good at manipulating others to get what she wants, but is fiercely loyal to her few friends and to others with whom she forms close relationships, and will not hesitate to defend them to the end.

I am Riza Hawkeye.

miss snopes
miss snopes
The Tome Ranger

Jan-16-2010 20:25

The avatar I have chosen is Rita Cansino, but you might know her better as Rita Hayworth. Before Rita’s name change to the now famous Hayworth, she starred in a film mentioned here in our very own Noir. Does “Meet Nero Wolfe” by Rex Stout ring a bell? I knew Rita would feel right at home spending a little time with us and the smart and charming Miss Snopes “Missy” has agreed to play hostess to Rita Cansino Hayworth on her visit. She even picked an outfit she knew Rita would love.

Missy is wearing the Alexandria, a beautiful party dress which heightens her ability to charm….especially those of the male persuasion. Its magnificent design helps win over any resistant Tailors she visits in her travels. As I’m sure any smart detective will agree, one should never leave home without the Naval Spy Glass, enabling her to be well-prepared upon her arrival. But don’t think Missy is always looking off in the distance for when she seems to be simply powdering her nose, she is actually using her Bejeweled Compact to keep an eye on the people behind her. The Velour Cloche donning her head sports a flamboyant bow which indicates she is single and interested in mingling. A little charm goes a long way which brings us to the pinnacle of the outfit, shoes. Sometimes, it’s not enough to be smart and charming, you need to be The Girl Next Door.

Tireless Tiger

Jan-16-2010 21:03

I have come up with the avatar that I have developed the character of ctown28 after. None other than Agent 86, Maxwell Smart (Don Adams).

Unlike some of the others, Ctown, is not dressing to impress anyone but himself. He carries a confidence about himself no matter how he looks. Hence the outfit he is wearing.

First The Hardboiled, has nothing to do with toughness or anything like that, this is simply a hat that he stumbled upon on one of his many, many, many villain hunts and jsut thought it would look good.

Portable Bar - Who couldn't use a little nip now and then?

Old Key - The item that ctown is very proud of. This was awarded to him for winning the Once upon a Noir contest. Many of you are still wondering what that key does? Well allow me to tell you. I know everyone has seen ctowns original avatar pop up in the cases, he has even been the guilty party numerous times. The use of the key is quite simple. It is a master key to all of the jail cells in Sleuthville. That's how that avatar keeps getting out.

Custers Boots - No special significance other than all the work that was put inot getting them without trap detection.

Felt Cape - Do I REALLY need to explain the cape?

Well there it is folks, ctowns little ensemble for him to walk around for the next week or so, not caring how ridiculous he looks! ;-)

Con Artist

Jan-16-2010 22:25

My avatar is Audrey Hepburn because she exudes grace and confidence just like Aknas.

Although Aknas is a smart and charming lady, she can be tough as well.
That is why, she have decided to use tough gears to help her in solving cases.

The Raven hat. It may be a tough gear but it also works like a charm. Every time she would interview suspects, she would slightly adjust her hat, making sure they would notice this gesture. The movement of the feathers seems to render the suspects hypnotized. And being in this hypnotized state, she would then be able to know what their alibis are.

The Black Mink Coat and the Black Fishnet Gloves are very useful in interviewing female suspects. Especially those whose alibis are money related (victim owed money, stole watch, wanted inheritance, etc). They are usually envious of the coat and gloves that they became angry and would inadvertently tell her why they did the crime.

A very useful accessory she has with her is the Mah Jong Set. Yes, they are very heavy, but she does not mind carrying them. She could throw it at the villain, if she gets frustrated. But it also has a different use. Whenever she feel like the townies (Ruby, most especially) about to clam up, she would bring this item out and invite them to play mah jong. She mostly let them win, to be on their good side. When they are winning, she would gently ask those questions and what do you know, they are more than willing to accommodate her.

But by far, her favorite gear is the shoes she is wearing. The Serious Business. Need I say more? I mean business… seriously!

Violet Parr
Violet Parr

Jan-17-2010 03:12

Mr. Heimlich Von Victor cleared his throat, “And now we welcome to our stage Miss Riza Hawkeye… Riza is wearing a beautiful Black Mink Coat. This black, cutaway one-piece truly flatters Miss Hawkeye’s already perfect shape…”

Meanwhile, backstage, Miss Violet Parr smiled a deep satisfied smile. She was born ready for this challenge and is probably the only one who did not have to change a single thing about her outfit… after all class, a suitable outfit and fashion charm was a big part of what her detection and role-playing was all about.

Miss Parr looked to her face in the mirror. Her long dark hair, light olive skin tone, pleasant smile and deep trusting eyes were all characteristics that alluded to the air confidence she carried with her and always used in achieving her ends. Whether it was solving a case, meeting a new detective or unraveling more of the mystery that is her life story, Miss Parr knew that having a distinctive look that is uniquely hers is her ticket to being a memorable figure in any city.

Of course, she did resemble Mahima Chaudhary, the famed player, and was mistaken for her on more than one occasion. “Truly absurd!” Miss Parr huffed.

Heimlich was heard again. “Now please welcome with me the one and only, Miss Snopes. Missy is the epitome of style tonight -notice that the Velour Cloche donning her head sports a flamboyant bow which indicates she is single and interested in mingling…”

Miss Parr then looked to her own head gear, the Feathered Pillbox Hat. Miss Parr adored feathers, her pseudo name in many of her cases is Miss Feathers, and she always wore a hat. Though she would normally prefer one of her large purple ones, Miss Parr decided to stay true to her character and wear a mask to the fashion walk. Most of her detective work had been done behind a mask, whether it be a literal or metaphoric one.

Violet Parr
Violet Parr

Jan-17-2010 03:14

Her career highlights took place in masked balls in various cities and onboard travelling ships. No, the Feathered Pillbox Hat was very suitable and true to character this evening.

She quickly prepared herself further by wearing her beautiful, White Fishnet Gloves that once belonged to the aunt of the Prince of Shangri La. Miss Parr could never imagine herself without gloves, walking around with bare arms, why she would be practically nude. That would be truly improper. Gloves were an integral part of any outfit, and though she would have again preferred purple, white will just have to do.

Her thoughts were cut by Mr. VonVictor speaking once more. “Now, let us all welcome the person you have been all waiting for to the stage… Ctown! The people’s favourite to win…”

‘Not if I have something to say about it…’ Violet spoke under her breath.

“Sorry Vi,” Anais Nin, who was also backstage, inquired. “Did you say something?”

“Oh I was just saying what a lovely outfit Ctown managed to put together.” Miss Parr smiled and then looked to her own outfit. She adjusted the Alexandria on her. This traditional yet fresh, this gorgeous party dress is inspired by traditional Egyptian design… Very suitable considering Miss Parr’s ethnic background and the mixing of her English & Arabic bloods… Silk, she felt, embodied her personality and summed up her detective so well: smooth, shining, gentle and imperial.

She quickly took out her Bejeweled Compact, a solid gold compact that belonged to the Prince's sister, before she disappeared "indicative of both status and class. She powdered her nose whilst eyeing the beautiful Ms. Nin getting ready for her grand appearance. While she sized the competition she heard Heimlich VonVictor speak again.

“Welcome to our stage the charming and smart Aknas, sleuth’s favourite gal pal.”

Violet Parr
Violet Parr

Jan-17-2010 03:15

‘Oh God, I’m next.’ Violet quickly wore the Polka Dot Pumps -just what an urban girl needs to pull together the perfect outfit. Miss Parr believed in the importance of charm heavily, followed by smarts, and these shoes were both smart and charming, completing her perfect outfit for the perfect evening.

She got up, and a pearly white smile flashed upon her face, illuminating her features. She took a deep breath and waited for Mr. VonVictor to speak once more. She had to walk with grace and confidence if she plans to win this one.

“And now, may I present to you Miss Violet Parr...”

Joseph Zeo
Joseph Zeo
Tale Spinner

Jan-17-2010 10:46

Joseph Zeo returned to his flat in Shanghai, scratching his head, after hearing about this week's challenge. A beauty contest? He knew he was in trouble.


The introverted detective had a face that blended charm with toughness. The broken nose and hard jawline were offset by his gentle sets of brows and eyes. Some people claimed that he looked like an actor, but he felt more like a musician himself " just quietly doing his own thing. With a thin and tall figure, Zeo looked fine enough…but he knew nothing about fashion.

Zeo was happy with his homogeneously sepia-toned wardrobe. His heavy twill coat, tough boots and hat were never too loud. The intellectual detective often took pleasure in a quiet game of chess. While playing, Zeo liked to rub his thumb against his lucky knight, tucked safely in his pocket. He unconsciously did the same thing while examining a crime scene as well. Of course, everyone knew Zeo could not live without tobacco, so his pipe was never far away.

How could he win with such non-flashy clothes? That's just the way he was, and any other way wouldn't be genuinely him. Zeo entered his apartment and sighed.

"What's the matter?" The alluring lady in his room looked up and asked. She was his latest contact in Shanghai, and this oriental dance hall darling could twinkle her way though high societies and the underbellies of the streets in one breath. Zeo wouldn't even bother asking how she got into his place. In aloneness, he disclosed his frustrations to her. The tiny oriental face lit up. "Why, that's wonderful!"

Without another word she grabbed his wrist and took him out shopping on the high streets of Shanghai. In no time Zeo was dressed from head to toe in a brilliant oriental ensemble.

[visit -]

The thin man appraised himself in the mirror. The outfit surprisingly complimented him.

Joseph Zeo
Joseph Zeo
Tale Spinner

Jan-17-2010 10:51

"This is subtle enough to still be you." The lady mused. "The key is in the details. The badge sewn onto the Japanese Bergmütze, the simple but well stitched kung-fu shoes, the golden dragon embroidery on the cuffs of the suit…oh, and these Chinese buttons, they look good on you!" She beamed. The lady then topped the ensemble with a foxtail boa, "this is for flare," she purred as she wrapped it loosely around Zeo neck, and it worked. Fur was often meant for female, but it matched perfectly with the Chinese suit.

"How does all these fit in with my character?" Zeo lit up his favorite Chesterfield while examining himself, getting used to the new look. (Again, Zeo could never leave his tobacco behind.)

"You're quiet, subtle and latently dangerous. The oriental attire simply brings that out. " The girl in the sexy cheongsam smiled and grabbed tightly onto Zeo's arm. "I am coming with you. We can be judged as a pair!"

"What? What do you mean?" Zeo was shocked.

"Why just judge one when you can have a pair? Look, our outfit matches like a couple's! Tell them my name is Suzy Wong. If they don't like it, I think you look great just by yourself anyway."


"Judged as a pair…" Zeo had his hesitation, and it did not bypass the sharp girl's eyes.

"Why? Do you have a girlfriend?"

Zeo didn't know how to address subject.

Suzy smile knowingly. "I will be your partner for the evening only. Come on! I'm sure the judges are ready. Wait until they see us!" The lady enthusiastically grabbed his arm and hurried out to the Sleuth Survivor Beauty Pageant.

[Ensemble theme: Orient Delights]
[Avatar: Adrien Brody from the Pianist, as always]

((Note: Since the player behind Joseph Zeo is Chinese, I've decided to play that up and dress the quiet low-key detective in an oriental outfit with Sleuth2 to give everyone a pleasant surprise. No matter what, I hope you all enjoyed.))

Joseph Zeo
Joseph Zeo
Tale Spinner

Jan-17-2010 11:09

((stupid typo, the last line above should read: "I hope you all enjoyed it."))

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