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CONTEST: Survivor Sleuthville
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Heimlich VonVictor
Heimlich VonVictor

Oct-1-2009 22:03

Do you have what it takes to outlast all others? Do you think you can rise above the rest and stand out as the ultimate contender? Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen to Survivor: Sleuthville!

10 Detectives enter, face off against each other in a different challenge every week, and the last left standing will be crowned Sleuth Noir Survivor! The winner will walk away with a one-year subscription to Sleuth Noir and bragging rights over the entire community. The rules are simple:

1. The first ten Detectives to post an entry will be entered and placed on two teams of five.

2. It's advisable to be subscribed. Some of the challenges may require travel, and if you can't participate, it's likely your team will vote you off at elimination. I won't bar anyone based on this, but it's your call.

3. The losing team at the end of each event will have to vote off one member. To do that each team member will submit a PM to me, which will remain anonymous with the name of the person he or she is voting for, and a short reason why. It can be as simple as-

Name: Heimlich VonVictor
Why: He didn't write any of the poem. It's no wonder we lost!

4. Challenges will be one week long and a winner will be announced at the end, in the event of a tie, a coin will be flipped.

5. Anyone may enter including mods, editors, or even Ben and Sunny themselves if they so choose.

6. The contest will begin when all ten detectives have entered and been placed on teams. It will conclude after nine weeks of elimination challenges.

That's all! Get out there and outwit, outplay, and outlast!


Valentina D'Angeli
Valentina D'Angeli

Oct-5-2009 15:06

Would there be anyone to step in if I should withdraw?
I might have to do so on account of my inability to do certain things my team needs in order to complete the challenge, and I don't wish to hold 'em back.
I'm waiting on your answer.

Violet Parr
Violet Parr

Oct-6-2009 00:56

Tina, you should definitely stay on the team.

We need all the creative writers we have since I suspect there will be many more writing challenges ahead. There is still a lot to do on this challenge and we can really depend on you for the writing/editing bit.

*nods politely*


Oct-10-2009 07:34

Irene sends her double agent, the Ghost through the door, into the sleeping chamber of Heimlich Von Victor, because she is really curious about who is going to win this big challenge. Since the Ghost is a ghost, it's no problem for him going through closed doors.
When the Ghost returns and are asked by Irene to tell what is going on, the Ghost starts with his woooooooo, woooohooooooo, wooooooooooooooo, so Irene understands that something important was taking place inside there. Irene continues to ask if there was something that could hint on what direction things would take?
The Ghost told her that Heimlich was sitting by his desk, with his head in his hands, and could not sleep. He had recieved the answers from both of the tribes, and looked like he had some big trouble. From time to time he would utter a silent "why?", and other times he would be more frustrated saying it loader.. "Why did I do this?" - he would take a strand of hair between his fingers, and snap it out... - repeating to himself "it is completely impossible to judge between theese two entries... completely impossible!" - another strand of hair would be removed... as it seemed like Heimlich wanted to get to some conclusion by it... "Never had I expected the tribes would be THAT good".... "what am I going to do?"....
The Ghost said that Heimlich already had lost one third of his remaining hair, just by ripping it off in frustration... "hm... if I let Comanche win, because their answer is so good? - but then, I cannot do so, because Lenapes answer is so good they don't deserve loosing..... what if I let Lenape win then? - but then, I cannot do that either, because Comanches answer is too good to deserve loosing too...."
At that moment, The Ghost said, I wanted to reach out a hand, touching him, and telling it will all be fine.... - but then, you know, as a Ghost, I am not allowed to do this....
Irene then said: "so, you don't know who is going to win?" - and the Ghost answered and said, "No"


Oct-10-2009 08:05

Lol xD

Violet Parr
Violet Parr

Oct-10-2009 13:45


Miss Violet Parr stood in her purple raincoat next to her other teammates on the Comanche beach. They were all being drenched in rain whilst Kyle attempted starting a fire using damp wood.

“It’s cold…” Topkebab shivered.

“It’s wet…” Valentina added.

“Indeed…” Miss Parr affirmed indignantly.

“Here we go ladies…” Kyle spoke hopefully, rubbing wood as vigorously as he could. “I think we’ll get our fire soon…”

“I think we need to win the challenge, or else: no flint and no fire.” Aknas logically pointed out.

“Well, look at the bright side.” Miss Snopes’ voice rang, positive as always, “At least they gave us raincoats this season. They said they wouldn’t on Sleuth Noir Survivor…”

“Yeah, Heim said they wouldn’t.” Valentina mused.

“I am positive the Lenape tribe weren’t given any.” Aknas assured them.

“Hmmm… and they’re all suspiciously purple…” Topkebab said eyeing Violet.

Miss Parr swallowed, realising there was only one course of action before her, and attempted feigning surprise as realistically as possible. “Really? Well then, how so very fortunate for us to have ‘Mr. VonVictor’ be so kind...”
‘...and stylish’ she added to herself

Joseph Zeo
Joseph Zeo
Tale Spinner

Oct-10-2009 18:08

Ctown and Zeo were tying down the roof as the rain started to pour. The sound of the droplets amplified as they hit the shore. "Should we continue with this?" Zeo shouted across to ctown.

"No use in stopping now!" ctown yelled.

Just then, Anais and Riza returned with more large banana leaves. Ms. Helen began to add them to the roof as if her life depend on it. "We better get out of this downpour soon!"

Vulkie was frantically trying to get the fire started. Anais went up to her and said, "I know you're good with starting fire without flint, but not in this weather." Vulkie agreed. With all hands on waterproofing the roof, the shelter was ready in no time. They quickly filed 'inside' (not that it has a door...)

Everyone sighed in relieve and thanked Ms. Helen for finding a great camp ground. "Hey, everyone pitched in! Otherwise we'd still be in the rain." She said.

Zeo and ctown wanted to take off their soaked shirt, but the girls protested. "It's only fair that way." Riza mused. Zeo searched his wet coat pocket and produced his pack of Chesterfield, which he was allowed to bring. It was soaked to the core.

"Maybe this time around you will finally quit." Anais winked.

Not likely, Zeo thought. As soon as the sun returns and Vulkie gets a fire started, Zeo would dry those up, and would be smoking in no time . . .

Heimlich VonVictor
Heimlich VonVictor

Oct-10-2009 18:41

Maybe when this is all over, you can use your ideas here again one forum up :)

Heimlich VonVictor
Heimlich VonVictor

Oct-10-2009 19:44

The Comanche Tribe Proposal

I " Bringing the Newbie

The Sleuth Noir game has great potential for attracting new players. The game is based upon role playing "giving everyone a chance to have a break/retreat from real life and assume another identity: that of a detective’s. Players seeking this retreat would definitely jump on the opportunity if it is properly presented to them.

The Comanche tribe proposes the setting up of the first official Sleuth Noir Marketing Committee (hereinafter the ‘Committee’). The Committee would be made entirely of volunteers, known to love and enjoy playing the game, as they would be the best representatives to share their love of the game with others.

The marketing committee would be responsible to market the game throughout the internet in whatever free and effective medium available to them. The game has many aspects appealing to a large multitude of audiences. It could be marketed as a role playing game on RPG sites which afford free advertising spaces, as a puzzle/logic game on puzzle sites and as a contest driven community game site where appropriate.

The committee would write and issue ads on RPG sites, other social networks such as facebook, and can even design a video ad to be aired on youtube. Advertising through games and mediums that offer a similar escape to players, the committee will easily find and reach their target audiences and bring in many new players into Sleuth Noir.

Of course the address given to newbies will have to be since colourful shades has a knack for attracting the mouse click with its newer & colourful look "another marketing technique.

II " Convincing the Newbie to Subscribe

The Comanche Tribe believes that the best way to convince the newbie to subscribe is by offering them a trial subscription period of fourteen (14) days.

Heimlich VonVictor
Heimlich VonVictor

Oct-10-2009 19:45

Most newbies are intimidated by the already subscribed community, since everyone already knows everyone else. As such newbies tend to keep to themselves unless and until they subscribe.

We propose that the Marketing Committee runs an agency in New York "parallel to their marketing efforts- especially established to house the newbies making use of the trial period. That way any subscribed newbie will have an agency to house him or her immediately and that agency would be fully equipped to help and teach the newbie in terms of a simplified message board and gear. There will need to be limitations on the number of newbies subscribed on a trial basis at any one time.

Giving the newbies a taste of the wonderful extras being subscribed affords is a sure way to get them subscribed in the future rather than lose due to a loss of interest on their part.

III " Final Note

We believe that the efforts to make newbies feel welcomed and included must come from the community. Having a marketing community constituted by the community is the best surefire way to bring more people in through all the advertising means available.

Heimlich VonVictor
Heimlich VonVictor

Oct-10-2009 19:46

Lenape Tribe-
"A proposal regarding the recruitment and subscription of new players to the game Sleuth: Noir."

We, the Lenape Tribe have produced the following proposal for an advertising campaign to entice both new and returning players to subscribe.

Our Aim

To enhance the community by bringing in new players and enticing old players to return, using a variety of methods from video to forums.

Target Audience

Our target audiences intend to be:

Mystery/Crime enthusiasts
Anyone who likes logic puzzles
Book lovers
Amateur writers

From a financial point we also aim to target people with some financial freedom, primarily this would be those aged over 18 possibly 16.


Our plans to advertise include:

A promotional video:

The aim of this video will be to show people exactly what Sleuth has to offer; from community spirit to new cities and challenges.

As you can see by the link provided we have already hosted this video on youtube as an example but there are other possibilities such as myspace/facebook or any other video hosting site such as aol.


The aim is to use the Sleuth groups on facebook. This would be done by making use of the message boards, talking about anything Sleuth related. This will allow those players who have left us, to see what they are missing and hopefully convince them to return to the game. We also aim to use our status sections to post the link to show friends/family/aquaintances the game.

Word of Mouth:

A very simple method that is unfortunately very rarely used. Very simply speaking to friends and family or even other gamers or readers who we may come into contact with. Our intention is not to spam people for no reason but if a person seems interested then we can mention Sleuth to them and even offer help by making use of sidekick coupons.

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