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Chase around the world in 80 days
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Aug-10-2009 07:47

Have you ever considered that you would chase a suspect 80 days,all around the world? That would be amazing,right? Well,it happened to me and some friends of mine. It all started back,80 days ago of this day....

I was just relaxing in my chair,when Joseph Zeo came walking in. "How ya doing Vulkie" and Joseph shaked my hand. "I'm doing fine Joseph. I've got some great Cuban cigars from Camille,out of Costa Rica. Have one" I replied.

As Joseph was looking for a big cigar,the phone began to rang. "Detective Vulkie,private eye,how may I help you" as I said in the phone,while looking at Joseph.

As I heard more and more information,Joseph saw my face turning into despair and trouble. Then,I hung up the phone and told Joseph what I heard.

"We need to catch a guy. The only trouble is,he's disappeared and his wife says that he likes to travel around the world. He left a note for her,saying the first city he was going to visit was London. His wife can't life so long without him,since she is terminally ill. She has 80 days left..." I said to Joseph and his face also began to turn.

"Nah,I don't know. Travelling is not what I like. Unless,I get a great sum of money and personal expences are covered."

As I told Joseph the amount we could get,his face began to turn happy and he immediately packed his suitcases. But first things first. We needed to check the apartment of the man. His name was Gregory Louson and his wife Laura,was desperate to find him. She heard that I solved many cases (already a 1000 cases) and that I could probably find him.

So,Joseph and I went to the apartment...


Riza Hawkeye
Riza Hawkeye
First Nomad

Sep-11-2009 18:22

I kept watch during the night while the girls slept in case Louson came calling, but must have dozed off sometime. It was still dark when I woke up. The others were still asleep and it was very quiet. Unusually quiet for Madrid. As I walked to the hotel room door I heard a soft footfall outside. I froze. Drawing my gun, I eased up against the side of the door, and threw it open, ready to shoot whoever was outside. There was no one there.

A soft clink sound came from the ground at my feet. “What’s that?” said a cheerful, curious voice loudly into my ear. My breath stopped as I jumped and whipped the pistol around. “Anais, I almost shot you AGAIN! What the heck is wrong with you?” Completely ignoring me, Anais went over and picked up the bottle of brandy lying on the ground. “Hey Riza, you been drinking again? You know you’re not supposed to, after what happened last time. Remember when I had to…”

Anais was cut off by the sound of people running, their footsteps getting louder each second. The boys approached at the door breathless, guns drawn. “Footsteps, bottle at the door, Anais…” I grumbled. My eyes flashed at her, daring her to continue the story. I turned around to go back inside, clearly annoyed. The boys shared a look and lowered their guns. Joseph grabbed the bottle of brandy from Anais and walked into the room, saying, “You guys woke us up for brandy? Well I guess I could use a little drink to wake me up.”

Riza Hawkeye
Riza Hawkeye
First Nomad

Sep-11-2009 18:23

As Joseph lifted the bottle to his mouth, the bottle exploded into a million pieces of glass and wine drenched his front. Heimlich stood across the room, holding a smoking gun in his hand. The shot woke Vulkie, who had been sleeping peacefully before, and made her fall sideways out of her bed and onto the floor.

Joseph, too stunned to even speak, stared with a shocked expression at Heimlich, blood dripping from his hand where the glass had cut it. “Don’t you know better than to drink a bottle of wine that you have no idea where it came from?” Heimlich strode over and, grabbing the front of Joseph’s shirt, carefully sniffed it. “Poison,” he deduced grimly. Anais and Vulkie gasped, looks of horror on their faces. “Well, at least we’re all safe now,” Anais whispered, “Right?”

As I plopped down on the bed to think about what had just happened, I felt like someone was watching me. I looked up and saw a man at the window, staring at me. It wasn’t even a half second before I was over there and had him in a headlock, my gun to his head. “Who are you? Are you working for Louson? Answer me!” I screamed.

Joseph Zeo
Joseph Zeo
Tale Spinner

Sep-12-2009 02:12

"No! Don't shoot me! Don't shoot, cuáquero!" The man begged with a strong Spanish accent. Heimlich walked to the window and grabbed onto the man's left hand. Without hesitation he bent the man's middle finger backwards. The sound of cracked bones followed by a scream pierced through the night. "Now you tell us what the nice lady over here just asked you."

"Nice lady?"Riza eyed Heimlich cooly and smirked before turning back to the man, "Now are you ready talk, or should we do another one?"

"No! Nooooo!" The man whimpered. "A man in a Yankees cap had paid me 3000 Pesetas to fetch you the bottle of wine. He said he's off to Cairo and wanted me to make sure at least one of you have drank the wine before i leave."

"Louson wanted us to find this guy." Anais jumped in.

"He wanted us to know where he was going next, and give us a little 'present' along the way."

Zeo's head was pounding as if a hedgehog was trying to come out "What wrong?" Anais looked at the thin detective and noticed that his nails were turning blue.

Heimlich dashed over and examined Zeo, then he cursed under his breath. "The poison from the wine must have seeped into his blood stream when the glass from the bottle cut his hand. Thank goodness it was only a trace amount."

"I'll be fine." Zeo replied weakly, let's head off to Cairo as soon as we can.


Sep-12-2009 04:06

Zeo being "almost" poisoned. I being chased by a bull. Heimlich being thrown into the bull ring.

It was getting too far people. Louson was touching my friends and it hurted. The only thing I cared for. My dear friends... My dear,very dear friends....

Anyhow,let's get back to the story. Heimlich turned up the next day,with a newspaper. With some "help" from Anais,who could understand a bit of Spanish and read a bit of Spanish.

"Seems Louson has stolen a "Picasso" painting. Unfortunately for him,it was a replica. He doesn't know it yet. But there have been precautions made" Anais said.

"He's becoming famous now..." Joseph murmered. Joseph still wasn't well,the poison has weakened him. We brought him to the doctor,immediately after we noticed that Joseph wasn't well and Heimlich said that he "slightly" had some poison in his veins...

The doctor told us,that Joseph needed rest and within 2 days,the "poison" would be gone. So we waited... And so,it turned day 18 when we departed for Cairo.

It took us 3 days to reach Cairo. Luckily,Heimlich,Joseph and I had access to Cairo and we could "smuggle" Anais and Riza with us.

"Bloody pirates" I murmered and the gang nodded.

And so,we arrived in Cairo...

Heimlich VonVictor
Heimlich VonVictor

Sep-12-2009 12:11

Day 21

"I insist that we visit the tomb of Tutankhamen!" Heimlich loudly protested as he slammed his foot down, "My friend Dr. Hamid told me that if I was ever in Egypt he would personally take me to the Valley of the Kings and give me a tour! How can we pass that up?"

Riza rolled her eyes, "We're not here sightseeing old man. We need to find Louson before he finds us."

Joseph stroked his chin, "Heimlich, this Dr. Hamid... what is he a doctor of?"

"Archeology," Heimlich responded, "and he's also the curator of the museum where jewels from several Pharaohs' tombs are housed."

The group of detectives stopped in their tracks as they all stared at Heimlich. "You didn't think to mention this little fact earlier Heimlich?" Vulkie asked, "When we're chasing a psychotic treasure thief... you didn't think it relevant to mention that you had a contact who had access to Egypt's most valuable treasures?"

Heimlich shook his head, "No, I guess I didn't... I suppose that means we're going to the museum then?"

Everyone let out a sigh of exasperation and Riza smacked him in the back of the head. "Of course we're going! What's wrong with you lately?" she asked.

Heimlich shook his head, "My mind... it just isn't the same. I was sitting with a criminal, I brought him to a treasure, and I let him steal it. I don't know anymore..."

Anais patted him on the back, "Don't worry! Remember you were the one who saved Joseph from the poison back in Madrid. Plus you must have known your friend could help us, that's why you mentioned it! Now let's go!"

Heimlich nodded and walked along with a pit of tremendous doubt in his stomach.


Sep-13-2009 08:43

Something was bothering Heimlich. He is getting old,I thought. He isn't very clear with his mind at the moment,bit confused. Must've been that Louson. Heimlich also admitted that. And I've been a bit " rough" to Heimlich,because he forgot that detail. That one important detail.

When we arrived at the museum,the police had it surrounded. The contact,Dr. Hamid,stood outside.

"Heimlich,thank god you are here. There's been a..."

"Robbery,perhaps?" Vulkie said,without emotion. It was as if it was getting old.

"Excuse my friend Hamid. We've been chasing this guy for 3 weeks and still aren't done. Do you have any clue where he could be now?" Heimlich asked,with a furious look at me.

I blushed,knowing that I offended Heimlich's friend and mumbled a " sorry" out of my mouth.

"Yes,he's off towards King Tut's tomb. He wanted to steal the mask. Perhaps you could stop him? He just left,5 minutes ago. I'm sorry Heim. I got a bump in the head" Hamid said,pointing at a big lump.

"It's not a problem. We' ll get him!" Riza almost cheered out and that seemed to cheer Hamid also. "Great. When you get him,bring my jewels back,will you?" Hamid asked.

"Of course" Joseph replied.

And so,the 5 detectives departed for the Valley of the Kings,where the tomb of Tutankhamun was located...

Joseph Zeo
Joseph Zeo
Tale Spinner

Sep-14-2009 18:52

The road into the Valley of the Kings was dusty and rugged. The group was glad they changed into khaki outfits suitable for the occasion along the way. Zeo noticed a few excavation sites along the way. The Egyptian fever was at its height.

Their open top truck stopped by the entrance to King Tut's tomb. Most of the excavation was done by the past decade, but according to Hamid, the mask of the King was still lying inside the tomb. Zeo took out some flashlights and passed them around. As the group was about to enter a dishevel old man ran to the entrance and blocked it with his arms stretched wide open. "Don't go in there Don't go in there!! This tomb is cursed. Whoever enters will die horrible deaths!!"

Riza shoved the man aside. "Old wives tales! Go away, we have a thief to catch." With that, the group entered the tomb. They feel a chill up their spine as the tomb engulfs them.

Anais Nin
Anais Nin

Sep-18-2009 16:13

"Hic-Guys-ic?" Anais' whisper cut through the darkness, lit only by flickering torches they carried. "I hic am sca-hic-red hic witl-hic-ess. And hichic I have hic the hiccups. Hic! Do hic you kn-hic-ow if hic yo-hic-u can hic die hic from the hic-hiccups? Hic!" She sounded panicky.

Riza snuck up behind Anais and jumped on her back, making Anais scream, and scaring everyone else.

"Riza! Why did you do that?!" Joseph asked, voice full of anger.

"Anais! I didn't know you could scream that loud!" Vulkie complemented.

"Are your hiccups gone, Anais?" inquired Heimlich.

"N-HIC-O! Hic!" wailed Anais, hiccuping all the while.

Just then, the tomb began to shake, the walls trembling and the floor knocking the group to their feet. The torches went out.

Anais felt hands grab her, so she screamed, "Ri-hic-za hic Ha-hic-wkeye! Hic! Do-hic-n't ev-hic-en hic try to hichic sca-hic-re me! Hic!"

"Anais? I'm not touching you!" Riza called from the other side of the chamber.

"Anais? Where are you?" Joseph sounded panicky.

Then, everything went still. The torches lit themselves, while two women and two men looked on in fascination until a scream tore through the air:


Joseph Zeo
Joseph Zeo
Tale Spinner

Sep-18-2009 18:59

((love hic it!! to-hic-tally hic hic hilar-hic-rious hic!, especially the

Anais Nin
Anais Nin

Sep-18-2009 20:23

((Hic! Tha-hic-nks, J-hic-Z. Hic! Now hic how do hichic I ge-hic-et rid of hic the-hic-se hic things?! HIC!))

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