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Chase around the world in 80 days
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Aug-10-2009 07:47

Have you ever considered that you would chase a suspect 80 days,all around the world? That would be amazing,right? Well,it happened to me and some friends of mine. It all started back,80 days ago of this day....

I was just relaxing in my chair,when Joseph Zeo came walking in. "How ya doing Vulkie" and Joseph shaked my hand. "I'm doing fine Joseph. I've got some great Cuban cigars from Camille,out of Costa Rica. Have one" I replied.

As Joseph was looking for a big cigar,the phone began to rang. "Detective Vulkie,private eye,how may I help you" as I said in the phone,while looking at Joseph.

As I heard more and more information,Joseph saw my face turning into despair and trouble. Then,I hung up the phone and told Joseph what I heard.

"We need to catch a guy. The only trouble is,he's disappeared and his wife says that he likes to travel around the world. He left a note for her,saying the first city he was going to visit was London. His wife can't life so long without him,since she is terminally ill. She has 80 days left..." I said to Joseph and his face also began to turn.

"Nah,I don't know. Travelling is not what I like. Unless,I get a great sum of money and personal expences are covered."

As I told Joseph the amount we could get,his face began to turn happy and he immediately packed his suitcases. But first things first. We needed to check the apartment of the man. His name was Gregory Louson and his wife Laura,was desperate to find him. She heard that I solved many cases (already a 1000 cases) and that I could probably find him.

So,Joseph and I went to the apartment...


M. Lacrimosa
M. Lacrimosa

Oct-4-2009 08:08

Joseph and Marc slept in five hour shifts. One slept while the other stayed awake to make sure that nothing would happen. On the third day of the train ride, they made it to Shanghi. It was midnoon. They did some investigating that took the better part of the rest of the day. By dark, Joseph offered to go to a bar and get a drink. Marc agreed and they found the bar in Shanghi.

On their way in a shady looking person wearin a hat and a trench coat stormed out of the bar pushing Joseph to the ground. "Hey!" Joseph yelled as the man hurried away. Joseph got up to chase him down but Marc stopped him. "Leave him. He's probably just some drunk regular." Marc suggested. Joseph shook his head. "Something didn't seem right.....his eyes....they looked..familiar" Joseph said.

The two men entered the bar and sat down. A second person approached. He pulled his gun out quietly holding it up to Marc's back. "Both of you up and out side...Now!" He growled. I got up and Joseph did too. We stepped out side everything backfired. Joseph grabbed the man's arm knocking the gun loose. Marc turned around and punched him hard in the face knocking him down. He then grabbed the man and hefted him up. "Let's go to the police station to interrogate him." Marc suggested. They drug the man four blocks to the station. Joseph explained what was going on to the officer who let us use an interrogation rooom.

Marc slammed the man down into the chair and the interrogation began. "Who are you and what did you want from us?" Marc asked quickly.
"I'll say nothing." The man said. He spoke with a British accent...something deffinately wasn't right because the first was American.
"Okay" I said. "Have it your way. You see, my friend here," I said pointing to Joseph, "has just quit smoking and is in a very bad mood. Now, I'm going to let him talk to you and what ever he does, I won't see."
"Do your worst!" The man spat. Marc turned around and Joseph stepped up. "Okay, now it's my turn," (cont.)

M. Lacrimosa
M. Lacrimosa

Oct-4-2009 08:21

Joseph said.
"I won't say anything!" Joseph grabbed the man and slamed his head down into the steel table.
"I can do this all day," Joseph said to the man. The man looked at him and spat at Marc. Marc grabbed the man and slammed his head down two more times into the table. Blood trickled from the man's head. Finally he agreed to talk. They found out the Louson had hired this man to stop them as well. This was the second man on the plane. The pilots were probably dead from the two hit men.

Then it hit Joseph. The man who pushed him down out of the bar was Louson! Marc and Joseph sprinted back to the bar leaving the man in the interrogation room. The slammed through the door and found as always another shady character int he back. It seemed no matter what bar you go to, there is always one there. They sat down in front of him.

"Now what does a couple of goons like you, want from me?" The shady man asked.
"Only information" Marc said. Something struck him. "Whats an American like you doing here, Shady?"
"Not important" he replied.
Joseph held up a picture. "Does he look familiar? I know he was in here. Where did he go?"
"What's in it for me?" Asked Shady.
Marc slid him $10 on the table.
"That's more like it," he said with a smile. "That man, just left. He said something about some business to take care of. He's on his way back to New York."

Marc and Joseph left. If they could hurry they could catch a train, then a boat ride back to New York. It took a week with no problems. By day 63, they landed in New York. What they saw surprised them. Riza Hawkeye was standing in front of them. "What are you doing here?" Marc asked. Joseph stepped up. "You have some explaining to do. Where are the others?" Riza opened her mouth to say something and was inturrpted.

Everyone turned around to see Vulkie, Heimlich, and Anais running toward them. "We know where Louson is!" one of them shouted.

M. Lacrimosa
M. Lacrimosa

Oct-4-2009 08:22

Marc looked at Riza. "How did you get here before everyone? I think you have some explaining to do"


Oct-5-2009 10:45

Day 63,New York.

Heimlich was tired. Anais was tired. I was tired... We were tired of travelling,of chasing that Louson and tired of not hearing anything from Joseph,M. Lacrimosa or Riza. Presumably,Joseph and Lacrimosa were dead. Riza "disappeared' to China.

By the time we arrived in China,Riza was already gone,sending a telegram to meet us in NY. Of what Heimlich heard from a crazy local person,that person saw Louson and he "ordered" him to say to us that he was off to NY.

So,Heimlich,I and Anais arrived at NY.

As we got off the boat,Heimlich saw Joseph and Marc and rushed towards them. Riza was also standing there.

"You've got some explaining to do Riza..." he asked.

"Well,it's none of your business" she replied. "I had to "make" arrangements,to make sure I was to arrive here safely." Riza replied.

"Well,it doesn't matter. I know where Louson is..." I replied and everybody was shocked.

"Where?" the gang replied. "The one place we wouldn't look for him. At Mrs. Louson's house!" I said and we immediately took 2 cars,with me driving one and Joseph the other one.

Within 5 minutes,we arrived at the apartment,with me rushing towards the door,knocking heavily. "No reply" I murmered and the gang stood still.

Heimlich got his gun out,shot the doorknob off and blowed the smoke away from his gun. "Well,let's see. We got a "key",right?" he said and I laughed in my thoughts and smiled.

No one was in the apartment. There was only a small note left,with an explanation from Mrs. Louson...

Joseph Zeo
Joseph Zeo
Tale Spinner

Oct-5-2009 18:15

The note reads:

Dear Detectives Vulkie and Zeo,

If you are reading this, then it's already too late. I made a xet with my 'husbxnd', that if I hire some peopxe, and xhey were able to catch hxm before he comes back to New York, then he was to retire frox what he does. Apparently, I've hired the wrxng people. We have now left for another city, and he shall continue with his 'habits'. Unfoxtunately, I am not supposed to tell you where we are going. So that's it. You shall nevxr find us.

Mrs. Louson (oh, how i wish that is really my last name)


Oct-6-2009 16:08

"What's with all those x's anyway?" Riza asked. "Is she not good with words,or is this a clue or something?" Riza also asked.

"Well,it seems the x's replace the characters that originally belong there" Anais said,as she was good in cracking codes and all kinds of stuff that had to do with decoding.

"Let me see" Anais said and she began to make a list of characters missing.

"If I place these characters in the good way,it makes..." Joseph said and I replied with "Baltimore".

"That's where they heading!" Heimlich said and I gave a frowning eyebrow. "No sh*t sherlock,we figured that out by now.." I replied bluntly and Heimlich blushed. "I'm only trying to help,you know!" Heimlich almost yelled and I apologized. "It's just that I'm getting tired of all this chasing..." I said and the gang nodded. They all were "desperate" to finish this as soon as possible.

We stayed for 2 days in NY and it took us 5 days to travel to Baltimore,because of car trouble and a bit of "stomach" problems for me...

So we arrived in Baltimore at day 70,still having 10 days left of the original date.

"I do hope he stays here this time.. Where are we beginning our search?" Joseph said and I scratched behind my head,not knowing where to start.

No one knew... Until one of us gave a small,hesitating reply...

M. Lacrimosa
M. Lacrimosa

Oct-8-2009 11:10

In less than two days in Baltimore, they had recieved an anymous tip that Mr. and Mrs. Louson was staying in a five star hotel in down-town Baltimore. Vulkie led the raid into the Hotel with the other five detectives behind her. Heimlich went up to the counter telling the little man behind it who everyone was. He told the man that they were detectives. Vulkie went up to the counter and demanded that he tell us what room the Lousons were staying in.

The man cooperated. Room 418. Everyone got to the room lined up with their guns out and ready. Marc stepped up and kicked in the door with all his might. The door flew open slamming into the wall. Quickly everyone filed into the room only to find another note left in Mrs. Louson's hand writing. The note read:

You're again, too late. Apxarently, we xired the wrong people. You see, thxs has become a game to us now. Alx of you have a unique talent, xnx it will require all of you to find us. You havx figured out the code in the first xetter but this time, it won't be so easy. Xerxaps, you can catch us xn the next plxce. But I doubt it. So don't try to follow us. Every time we catch a scent of you, we will disappear.

Mrs. Louson

Anais ran down stairs to find out when they checked out while everyone else discussed the note in the room.

"Look at the letters where the x's are," Heimlich said. "It's just like the last note--"
He was cut off by Joseph. "The last note led us here to Baltimore. Mr. and Mrs. Louson are toying with us. They knew we were coming. I know exactly where they are going."

There was a silence in the room. Everyone looked at the x's. They looked at the letters that they replaced. Then it hit them at once. Everyone looked at each other and at the same time they shouted, "Philadelphia!"

Anais ran into the room at the same time. "They checked out two hours ago. If we hurry, we can head them off!" That was it. It was the first big break in the case. They left the hotel.


Oct-9-2009 11:42

Again,3 days passed and we arrived in Philadelphia. "Jeez,what a deserted place this is" Heimlich said,as he looked out of the window. "Yeah... Not sure if they're still here,those Lousons.." Lacrimosa said and I nodded,while driving. "I'm getting tired of this,you know... We've been everywhere by now and it's getting annoying. I wonder if we're getting them,ever..." Joseph said.

"Don't worry. We're almost where we need to be..." Riza said and she pointed at a motel.

And the same happened as in Baltimore. We asked around,we had a roomnumber and a note left.

"Sigh,again..." I said and it pointed out that they were heading back to NY,for the final time,before disappearing completely.

"This is our chance. They've got a headstart of one day. If we continue to drive 24 hours a day,we'll make NY in 3 days. But we need to rest for one day..." I said and the gang nodded.

Day 79


"Everyone,get ready. They're making their move... now!" as Heimlich quietly whispered.

Joseph sat in the car with Marc and Anais,I,Riza and Heimlich were getting ready to get the Lousons.

"I sure hope we can make the boat in time..." Louson said. "Yeah,those dumb detectives won't get you now anymore, "darling"." the fake Mrs. Louson said.

"You mean us?" I yelled and they looked behind them,seeing they were surrounded.

"You've made a bad mistake Louson. Don't go back to the place you come from" I said and I cuffed him.

"Finally,over" Anais said,as she patted me on the shoulder. The local newspaper boy saw what happened and immediately informed the newspapers and the police.



Oct-9-2009 11:48

As Heimlich,Riza,Anais,Joseph and Marc sat in The Tricky Mister bar,I came in rushing,with a newspaper in my hands.

"Guys,we've made the frontpage" I said and read the clipping for them

"Local Sleuths travel world and capture criminal"

"The detectives Vulkie,Joseph Zeo,Heimlich VonVictor,Anais Nin,Riza Hawkeye and M.Lacrimosa have made a journey they never will forget. At first,Detective Vulkie got a case and went off with her friend Detective Joseph Zeo. Soon,they arrived in London,meeting Detectives Anais Nin and Riza Hawkeye. When travelling,they met famous Detective Heimlich VonVictor and Detective M.Lacrimosa and they've travelled the world in less then 80 days. Eventually,they got the suspects and made sure they went behind bars. Now that's left is to "give" the treasure back to the rightful owners." I said and everyone looked happy.

"Indeed,a journey not to forget" M.Lacrimosa said.

On this journey,I made 2 new friends. Riza Hawkeye and M.Lacrimosa. Friends,who cared for me and I cared for,even if I didn't let them see so.

Friends... The most important thing in your life,besides health and money,are friends.. Friends to share stories,to travel with,to be happy with.

Yeah,friends. Did I ever tell you what happened after this? Nah,I won't tell you for now. That's for another story. Until the next time!


Oct-9-2009 11:50

(I want to thank Mr. Joseph Zeo,Miss Anais Nin,Miss Riza Hawkeye,Mr. M.Lacrimosa and Mr. Heimlich VonVictor,to make this story complete and making it interesting and giving me full support. As always,a successful story and a thrilling story.

If you have any recommandations,if you want to join another story,just give us a pm and we'll help you as much as we can. The RP-world is going great this way and I dearly want to continue with my friends and fellow detectives!)

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