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Chase around the world in 80 days
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Aug-10-2009 07:47

Have you ever considered that you would chase a suspect 80 days,all around the world? That would be amazing,right? Well,it happened to me and some friends of mine. It all started back,80 days ago of this day....

I was just relaxing in my chair,when Joseph Zeo came walking in. "How ya doing Vulkie" and Joseph shaked my hand. "I'm doing fine Joseph. I've got some great Cuban cigars from Camille,out of Costa Rica. Have one" I replied.

As Joseph was looking for a big cigar,the phone began to rang. "Detective Vulkie,private eye,how may I help you" as I said in the phone,while looking at Joseph.

As I heard more and more information,Joseph saw my face turning into despair and trouble. Then,I hung up the phone and told Joseph what I heard.

"We need to catch a guy. The only trouble is,he's disappeared and his wife says that he likes to travel around the world. He left a note for her,saying the first city he was going to visit was London. His wife can't life so long without him,since she is terminally ill. She has 80 days left..." I said to Joseph and his face also began to turn.

"Nah,I don't know. Travelling is not what I like. Unless,I get a great sum of money and personal expences are covered."

As I told Joseph the amount we could get,his face began to turn happy and he immediately packed his suitcases. But first things first. We needed to check the apartment of the man. His name was Gregory Louson and his wife Laura,was desperate to find him. She heard that I solved many cases (already a 1000 cases) and that I could probably find him.

So,Joseph and I went to the apartment...


Riza Hawkeye
Riza Hawkeye
First Nomad

Aug-18-2009 12:28

Day 11- Amsterdam

I jumped off the boat and landed on solid ground. “Ah, finally,” I said. Vulkie and Joseph were right behind me, struggling with their luggage. I didn’t bother to help. I was on my guard because I had this strange feeling that we were being watched. I reached into my jacket and ran my hand along the gun. No way would I be caught without one again. And this time I wouldn’t hesitate to shoot Louson dead on his feet, no matter what their mission was. I had my own business to take care of.

Us three headed along slowly to find a hotel, keeping to the side streets. Vulkie and Joseph walked ahead, I lagged behind as usual. Vulkie kept shooting me looks when she thought I wasn’t looking, and I could see plain on her face she didn’t trust me as much as the others did, no matter how hard she tried to hide it. I discreetly picked a small piece of paper on the ground, and hid it. I hoped no one saw me.

Riza Hawkeye
Riza Hawkeye
First Nomad

Aug-18-2009 12:29

Before I had even registered what was happening, someone came rushing at me, knocking me over. I quickly pulled out the gun and was just about to shoot when I saw that it was Anais. “What the heck is wrong with you? I almost blew your brains out!” I said, as I got up and dusted myself off. “Sorry,” she replied nonchalantly, as if almost being shot dead was something normal for her. I glared at her while stuffing the gun back in my pocket. Anais started explaining herself in whispers to a very red-faced Vulkie as we rushed into the nearest hotel. Joseph checked us in and carried all of the luggage up the our rooms, grumbling about being treated like a mule.

As soon as we got to Joseph’s room, Vulkie kicked the door shut. I went and shut the single window and drew the shades, plunging us into near darkness. Vulkie started grumpily scolding Anais for coming out into the open like that and drawing so much attention to herself. “Yeah, yeah,” Anais said, clearly not listening at all. “But listen, you guys, I’ve found out something. Something important!” she said excitedly, jumping up and down like a four-year-old. So Joseph, Vulkie, and I exchanged a look and settled down to listen…

Joseph Zeo
Joseph Zeo
Tale Spinner

Aug-29-2009 02:09

Anais spoke with the speed of a running engine, "This morning before I came to the dock for you all i picked up the local newspaper and with the limited dutch i have i read the announcement of the biggest diamond show ever and guess where this being held?"

"Right here in this city." Riza stated nonchalantly.

"Yes yes yes! Yes yes yes!" Anais exclaimed with over excitement.

"Anais, calm down!" Zeo said quietly. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing nothing! Maybe it's the chocolate i don't know is there something wrong with me?" Anais said in one single breath.

"So you've received it." Zeo smiled at himself. He remembered that Anais loved cherries dipped in chocolate.

"And the article mentioned the client's name... Your client!" Anais said to Vulkie and Zeo.

"What? What about Laura Louson?" Vulkie asked nervously.

"I'm not sure. My dutch isn't that swell..."

"Let me read it, the newspaper you had from the morning. Show it to me." Vulkie said.


Aug-30-2009 05:33

As I was born and raised in The Netherlands,I could read and understand dutch as the best of the four of us.

As I read the article at the same time,I translated it for the gang :

"Local Diamond show featured in Amsterdam."

"As we may all know,diamonds are a girls best friend. Beautiful shapen,glittering and shiny. There is news,that a certain Mrs. Louson has donated 20 diamonds,all in the price catagory of 500.000 guldens (estimated at a price in dollars of 1.000.000 each)
She insisted,that the security was tight,because her husband,Gregory Louson,is on the loose and she fears that the diamonds will be stolen."

"So,Louson is here in town... Interesting" I said. "I thought he wouldn't show up in Amsterdam,but it seems he was right about his statement there..." I said.

"We must stop him,at all costs" Anais said,while she picked a chocolate flavoured cherry and sucked on it.

"We must make a plan,because the show will be tomorrow" I said and Joseph began to think.

"Well,we can "invite" ourselves to the party. Did it say if you need an invitation?" Joseph asked.

"Let me see.... No... That's in our luck then. You can visit it all times. First show is at 9.30 pm tomorrow" I said and Joseph nodded.

"That will be his move. He will take the first show for an oppertunity. I just know it." Joseph said and so,a day went by....

*****Day 12,9.25 pm*****

As I pulled the car up the curve of the "Rijksmuseum",where the show was taken place,I thought of how we were going to stop him.

"Guys" I said, "under no circumstances,don't pull a gun. Suggestions may be,that the royal family will be here..." I said and everyone nodded,just as the valet came by,asking for the keys. I gave the valet the keys,and so we went in.

I was dressed in a nice yellow dress,Anais in a blue dress,Riza in a bit "white/grey" dress and Joseph in a nice tuxedo suit...

Heimlich VonVictor
Heimlich VonVictor

Aug-31-2009 18:45

*Earlier that Day*

Heimlich laughed as he took another sip of his beer. "So you say you're from America as well? Well fancy that! Traveling all the way to Amsterdam to meet another American! And someone from New York at that!" he spoke to his lunchtime companion with the curly black hair & mustache.

The man nodded. "Indeed sir! It is quite odd that we should meet here. You haven't happened to run into any other Americans have you? Perhaps several traveling together?" he inquired.

Heimlich shook his head. "I'm afraid not. The only one I've met is you Mr... eh I'm terribly sorry, but I don't believe I've even gotten your name. How embarrassing after you bought me two beers!" he exclaimed.

The man extended his hand, "Gre--er... Joseph! Joseph Henderson! I am a seller of commercial goods!" he stumbled out.

"Ah!" Heimlich responded as he extended his hand to meet Joseph's, "Heimlich VonVictor, detective extraordinaire. Pleased to make your acquaintance. Oddly enough... one of my good friends from New York is named Joseph, Joseph Zeo, perhaps you've heard of him?"

Joseph gasped causing his mustache to fall into his beer. He quickly pulled it out and reattached it. "No! No sir! I have never heard of that person ever!" he replied adamantly.

Heimlich stared quizzically at his companion. "Young man," he asked, "am I seeing things or did your mustache just fall off and into your beer?"

Joseph shook his head, "Nope! Must be seeing things." With that he stood up and threw some cash on the table, "Well it's been nice, must do this again some time, need to leave!" he quickly said.

"Wait!" Heimlich yelled as he grabbed Joseph's sleeve, "I must repay you for the beers friend! The Amsterdam Diamond show is tonight, and I've been invited for an exclusive tour of a separate private collection along with one guest! Why not come to the show with me tonight and we'll take the tour together? It's the least I can do!"

Joseph smiled, "Well if it's the least you can do..."


Sep-4-2009 11:09

As the four of us entered the Rijksmuseum,they were welcomed by the director of the museum and were shown around,in a quick tour. Anais let out a small "wow" at the painting of "Het melkmeisje" (which,I must say,is now in real time on the way to NY for a 10 week rememberance of The Netherlands/America connection).

Riza stayed a while at the "Nachtwacht" painting and Joseph and I just walked around,looking sharp.

As soon as the four were shown around,they stayed in the foyer,enjoying drinks and some "snacks",like "pinda's" (Peanuts) and the famous "Bitterballen" (small balls filled with veal/cow meat).

Just as they were about to see the diamond collection (not the private selection of Mrs. Louson),Heimlich and a man walked in.

They immediately went to the private collection and Riza and Anais yelled "Heimlich! Wait up!" and Joseph and I rushed to him,only to be hold back by a guard.

"Uitnodiging graag. Dit is de privé collectie" the guard said (translated : invitation please. This is the private collection")

"We hebben geen uitnodiging. Maar onze vriend wel" I said (Translated : We don't have an invitation. But our friend has")

"Sorry. Geen toegang" the guard said (Translated : Sorry. You may not enter)

And so,we waited for Heimlich to return. After 5 minutes,we saw Heimlich almost coming out,but suddenly,the alarm went off.. (cont)


Sep-4-2009 11:17

Heimlich immediately ran to the foyer and saw us. "Hey all. This must be a new person?" Heimlich asked curious,pointing to Riza's direction. "Yes,what happened?" I asked. "Seems the diamonds are being stoled at the moment" Heimlich said and we saw someone rushing outside. "Louson!" Joseph yelled,pulled his gun and ran outside. "No GUNS!" Anais screamed and at the word of "Guns",everybody began to yell and stayed on the floor.

"Great!" I yelled and Heimlich,Anais,Riza and I followed Joseph.

Just as we were outside,the royal family came by. "My god" I murmered,with my pistol in my hand. "The queen!" I yelled and we quickly ran past Queen Juliana and her guards. The guards immediately gave chase.

Louson was quick though. He began to run towards the canal,started a motor boat that was prepared there and "fled" through the canals of Amsterdam.

Joseph also managed to get a motor boat and Heimlich,Anais,I and Riza got in the boat and we gave chase.

It was like a kind of labyrinth (don't know how to spell the word) chase and we stayed on Louson's trail.

"We're losing him!" Heimlich said and Joseph just gave more gas. "Hold on!" Anais yelled and we flew 20 meters in the air,because of a small ramp,over a "small bridge",crashing in the water,which disabled our motor. Joseph tried to start and Louson yelled : "See you in Spain!" and so,Louson escaped,again.

Dont you just hate that people? Having a chase,but your "vehicle" turns on you. Well,this was day 12 and it took us two days to travel to Spain...


Sep-5-2009 00:32

(btw,Heimlich just pm'd me with a nice update. It must be queen Wilhelmina,not Juliana. Juliana became queen in 1948,so Wilhelmina was it for that time!)

Joseph Zeo
Joseph Zeo
Tale Spinner

Sep-5-2009 12:33

((LOL, Heimlich is a very good historian! He knows more about your own country's history better than you... actually, probably better than all of us :-P ))

Day 15 - Madrid

The group had been searching for a while but there was still no sign of Louson.

"I think he had tricked us. I don't think he's even in Spain." Anais sighed.

"Yeah, why would he tell us where he'd be going anyway?" Zeo agreed.

"Maybe he tried to taunt us. Maybe he thinks that we cannot catch him even if he told us exactly where he is." Vulkie said.

"Spain is an awfully big country..." Riza remarked and walked on by. "While we are here, why don't we go see a bull fight?"

Heimlich frowned at the idea but too many people agreed and they ended up purchasing tickets to Las Ventas del Espiritu Santo bullring. The place was packed for the day due to a final fight by a famous and retiring matador. The crowd was cheering and anticipating the exciting fights up ahead. Just as the matadors marched into the ring, Zeo noticed at the audience on the other side of the ring, a very familiar looking hat with the Yankee logo on it...

Heimlich VonVictor
Heimlich VonVictor

Sep-5-2009 13:31

Heimlich stood up & drew his gun, "It's my fault that he escaped last time. Let me handle this."

Vulkie pulled him back down, "No guns you lunatic! We don't want to kill the guy! We need to capture him!"

Heimlich's expression changed to confusion, "What? We need to take him in alive? Have you all lost your minds? Clearly this is a man who doesn't want to be taken alive! He tried to kill you!"

Riza spoke up, "If he doesn't want to be captured, then why does he keep telling us his location?"

"He seemed very nervous when I mentioned Joseph's name," Heimlich responded, "and seems to be toying with us. He seems to enjoy the chase, but doesn't want to come close to getting close. He enjoys outsmarting us."

"He won't be expecting us here," Anais said, "we can go over there and arrest him right now!"

Heimlich nodded, "Right, and as I said before I will take care of it. The rest of you remain here. We don't want to spook him." With that he stood up and walked away from his companions.

He slowly made his way around the arena among the screaming fans. Are they cheering for the bull or the matador? It was a thought he preferred not to ponder too much. He finally found himself in Louson's section and could see the Yankees cap on the man's head. He slowly crept up behind him, undetected due to the roar of the crowd. When he was about a foot behind him, he drew his gun and pressed it to the back of his head.

"Don't move Louson! Your little stunt is through!" Heimlich ordered, "You're under arrest!"

Louson let out a whimper before shouting out, "¿Que es ésto?"

Heimlich lowered his gun and spun the man around. He was of medium tone with a black mustache and was obviously not Gregory Louson.

He felt someone grab him from behind, "No Mr. VonVictor, detective extraordinaire, it is you whose little stunt is done!" Heimlich felt himself being pushed forward towards the edge of the ring. Before he could stop Louson, he grabbed him and hurled him into the ring."

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