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CONTEST: What I Did Last Summer
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Lucky Stiff

Apr-8-2009 10:27

Ok, remember when you were in school, and you had write an essay, "What I Did Last Summer"?

Well, tell me what YOU did last summer. I mean you, the detective. It should be in character but it doesn't have to be about sleuth, since even detectives have holidays sometimes, right?


-Spelling and grammar count! I will put you on a blacklist and haunt you forever if u rite lyk dis.

-There is a 2000 character limit. That's one box.

-Contest closes Thursday, April 30 11:59:59pm. No exceptions.

-Currently I am the only judge, and bribes are welcome.


1st prize $100,000 sleuth dollars or a 2-month sub
2nd prize $50,000 sleuth dollars or a 1-month sub

So, what did you do last summer?


David Adams
David Adams

Apr-17-2009 17:21

So who's Socrates?

Lucky Stiff

Apr-17-2009 21:04

Ooooh, some lovely entries! Great to see new names posting as well. Come on folks, there's still 2 weeks left to get your entries in! :D


Apr-17-2009 23:26

I was referring to Order of Socrates' but it was tooo long... Any ideas for 12th day?

Keira Ann
Keira Ann

Apr-22-2009 03:06

Seems like I can never get a break from the murders in this mob ruled city. So I decided to plan for three months of beaches and sipping daiquiri's. I started out the summer with one goal in mind. Relaxation. It turned out to be the weirdest summer I have ever had.
The first month was heaven on earth. No murders, no desperate clients (who half the time were the actual killers) and no dealing with clammed witnesses. Just me and the sounds of the waves crashing on shore.
Of course, nothing good can lasts. One day while I was getting a nice tan, I heard a squeal. When I reluctantly opened my eyes I saw a monkey sitting a few feet away from me. I was stupefied. Where did this monkey come from? Why was it staring at me? My first instinct was to scare it away. But then what if it attacked? Me, being the paranoid type, my mind started racing. It probably would attack me, then I would get some rare disease. I would be too far away from a hospital to get help. Even if I managed to somehow miraculously make it to a hospital, I was sure I would die. I was broke and had no health insurance. If I was treated I would probably get an infection.
Whoa, snap out of it Keira! I stopped my racing mind from continuing to freak out. If I could handle grizzly crime scenes, surely I could deal with one little monkey. As my sanity was coming back to me, I knew that this vacation was too long overdue.
I focused my attention back on the monkey. There was now a guy seated next to the little animal. He turned around and it was a mime! What the....??? He then started to do all these mime skits. Did one of my enemies slip something in my drink or was this really happening? Before I could further ponder the oddity of it all, the mime slipped away. He then reappeared with his monkey following me around every day for the rest of my vacation. For once, I couldn’t wait to get back to city and deal with whiny clients!

Safety Officer

Apr-22-2009 20:42

I thought I'd share something I did with my spare time last summer (not necessarily quite in line with the rules, so I pre-disqualify myself)

......... A Letter to Ben .........

Dear Ben,

For many years you have promised me that which I most desire. That is, the right to my very own Sleuth pony.

I know that you have fobbed me off, circumnavigated the question like a drunken Portugese explorer, and even tried to distract me by having me get a false accusation on an easy case... I KNOW IT WAS YOU!

But seriously mate, it's time.

I've done the hard yards, put up with the tweens, and the tantrums, the Werbers and the Beckys, smoothed waters, and snuffed the flaming brands of righteous indignation, and for what? Hollow promises and a shed full of oats.

Did you know there's only so many excuses I can make for my regular subscription to 'Stirrups and Spurs' before my neighbours finally start gossiping. Not that Miss Penelope's column on 'How to Deal with a frisky Colt' hasn't come in handy from time to time when dealing with the occasional errant punter, but even so, there's only so many times a subscriber will let you rub them down.

So once again Ben, I bring my case before you. I ask you to look on it not as giving in to a mere whim, but fulfilling the hopes and dreams of one small squirrel, a squirrel who has run out of things to do with his nuts, and would like to pursue a more fulfilling and varied past time.

Obediently yours,


P.S. Would it be alright if Sunny returned the riding crop she borrowed last fall.

............ A reply from Ben ............

Dear Secret_Squirrel,



P.S Sunny has ummm mislaid the riding crop in question, and apologises. To make up for this we... err she, would be willing to take your subscription to 'Stirrups and Spurs' off your hands.



Apr-23-2009 19:53

"Ace, are you going to do anything this summer besides take a nap?" Scarlett teased me.
"Yes." I said, as I closed my eyes again.
"Well, when?" She hit me playfully with a couch pillow.
"Uhhh... well, in a few minutes, I'm going to have to take a pee." I smiled.
"AHEM! Not what I meant!" Scarlett scolded.
"Oh." I replied, "Well, sorry sis. Next time I get up is..."
"Is...?" Scarlett copied.
"Is... when I feel like it."
"UGH!!!" She shouted, standing back up.
"I'm kidding, I'm kidding!" I laughed, sitting up. "No, I'm getting up now so I can get ready to go."
"Where you going?"
"Same place you're going."
"Where am I going?" Scarlett queried.
"Same place I'm going." I laughed. "Just get dressed and we can go. Casual is fine."

My sister rolled her eyes and trudged off to her room to get ready. She knew that she wouldn't get any more information from me about where we were going, so she just obeyed.

I drove her to the Knowles Theatre in Brooklyn. As soon as she got there, she froze. "What are we doing here?"
"Remember all your audition lines?"
"Yes... I think so..."
"Well, good, because I got us in."
"How did you do that? This was an exclusive audition for really experienced actors!" Scarlett smiled.
"I know some people. They're going to give us a try."
"We're shuins for the roles! We rock!" Scarlett laughed.
"Yes we do! So let's not miss it!" I told her, and we made our way in.

That was the way I spent my summer. Napping on the couch, then taking my wonderful sister to surprise auditions at exclusive theaters, then acting there. Then taking another nap. :-)


Apr-23-2009 22:02

Am I allowed to submit more than one entry??

Makensie Brewer
Makensie Brewer
Super Steeper

Apr-23-2009 22:12

I'm pretty sure that you can only submit one entry :)


Apr-23-2009 22:19


Well, there's always next time... Or rather, there is always that role playing stage over there.

Makensie Brewer
Makensie Brewer
Super Steeper

Apr-23-2009 22:20

hehe you write very well....The Stage would love to have you :)

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