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Encouraging the fun at the Stage contest
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Old Shoe

Feb-26-2009 04:23

Ladies and gentlemen! I am proud to present to you a rebranded contest!

This contest will reward you for benefiting the role-playing stage. How is that going to happen, you may ask? Well, let me tell you! First, be active in posting. Second, post with good grammar. Finally, post an interesting storyline.

In the middle of each month (first time at Mar-15-2009), a one-month gift subscription to Sleuth Noir will be rewarded to the player that has contributed the most. The winner will be decided by the votes of six judges: Brietkat, David Adams, Makensie Brewer, Violet Parr, Clift Garrett and Acemaster. (Special thanks to Violet Parr for judge suggestions in November-2008!) Votes must be accepted by the contestant for the contestant to be able to win.

Each week, each of the judges will pick the one player whom they think have benefited the stage the most that week. At the in the month, the votes will be counted, revealing a winner.

The judges will send their picks to a detective named "Gossip Center", who will also display current standings for each week. Check in to see how you are doing! ;-)

There are some limitations, though. What is a contest without rules, right? ;-)

*Neither the judges nor judges second characters can be voted for.
......(This also includes me, as I am taking care of finances.)
*If you have won, you cannot win again until three more characters have won.
*If you have not won before, you will automatically receive 3 votes as a bonus.

We can't check every detail, but we hope to have an honor system. For instance, if you have won, please tell us you second characters to make it fair for other characters. If someone is caught "cheating", a proper penalty will be placed.

Only winners will loose their "current vote score", so if you don't win, you don't loose everything.

There is still at least 11 winners to find. Go for it!


Sara Lou
Sara Lou

Feb-26-2009 17:28

Yes, I agree with Lolita. I DO want to be in the contest. What happened here?

Joseph Zeo
Joseph Zeo
Tale Spinner

Feb-26-2009 18:09

Wow, I was so busy posting I didn't even know so much went on. No need to ask what happened, by gone now. Yeah, I guess I'm in... Where's the fun if everyone pulls away from the contest? : ) There's some nice new stories that came up. I'm thrilled. Still planning my character to join one of them. Many new ideas in my head... hee hee hee. (if i've got the time, that is.)

Safety Officer

Feb-26-2009 18:41

so I think I got it right, this is now the new thread and the other one has been unstuck and is down below somewhere. (not deleted)

have fun good luck happy sleuthing or any mixture of the aforementioned list.

Old Shoe

Feb-27-2009 01:03

I am sorry if there have been anything unclear about who is in the contest and who is not. It is completely up to the judges to nominate people into the contest. They are totally free to choose contestants based on their own role playing skills, and what they see will encourage and bring fun on the stage.
The new thing is not the nomination process, but the fact that the nominated contestants may reject or accept their nomination, when it's first done.
Posting here that you want to join the contest might of course charm one or more of the judges, so they get aware of you, and therefore nominate you. :-) But, Gossip Center will only tell who's nominated due to what the judges instruct her. By being active at the stage, you might even inspire the judges to send in votes.... ;-)

- I would also extend a big thank you to Secret Squirrel for moderating this change. I am really sorry for all the fuss that was previously. But I do hope that some of the provocation that was before may now be forgotten and forgiven, and that we now can concentrate on bringing as much life and fun to the stage as possible.

Lolita Marinez
Lolita Marinez
Sleuth About Town

Feb-27-2009 01:54

So this is no longer a competition where if you posted you were eligible? Now the competition is be nice to the judges and write stuff that they like or you don't even get a look in?

How are we supposed to know what the judges like and want to participate in? We now have to study the past history of this board to try to guess the judges tastes? And we should only write things that they want to read or play. You don't want new storylines only sheep to follow along behind the judges. And studying six of the judges tastes and trying to incorporate six different tastes in to a story in order to get votes??????

If I thought this was wierd before you have totally lost me now!!!

Lolita Marinez
Lolita Marinez
Sleuth About Town

Feb-27-2009 02:08

Ok I give up. I'm going to Role Play and ignore the rest of it. I am banning myself from this topic and restricting myself only to storylines that I wish to play in.

I'm sorry I even saw that first post because at first it inspired me and gave me added reason to try but after reading through it, I only got frustrated and upset. I will walk away and take a deep breath and just take inspiration from the story lines and the fabulous writing of the other players.

I appreciate the sentiment and I'm sorry for you, huglover, that it got so muddled. Your name suits you. You seem the type of person who only wants to do good and make others feel better. It's a shame there isn't more like you in this world.

Inspector Joseph
Inspector Joseph

Feb-27-2009 02:52

Haha! Looks like the stage has recovered from its sickness and now is running healthy. Just like I mentioned before, we see players standing on the stage from all over the world. Even those who thought they would not role-play anymore on the stage are in.
And congrats to our first subscription winner. I am looking forward to the next one.

Tireless Tiger

Feb-27-2009 06:29


I think you may have misunderstood Huglover. Allow me to try and help here. Anyone who posts on the stage is eligible for the prize with the exception of those who have already won and those who have opted to take themself out of the competetion. What gossip center is posting is who the judges have nominated/voted for so far. Posting here that you are interested in being in the competition, may be a way to get yourself some attention in the judges eyes, but is not necessary to win anything.

Huglover, I am not trying to put words in your mouth I am jsut trying to give Lolita a better understanding of what you are trying to accomplish, please correct me if I missed anything or misinterpretated anything.

Battered Shoe

Mar-1-2009 12:05

Lolita- I need to sincerely thank you for giving me a laugh like I haven't had in quite some time while reading the sleuth boards. Seriously... I can't stop cracking up. There are tears.

"Does the previous post from Gossip Center mean that once again after being reprimanded about shouting Mr Bane will for the 6th time have to tell everyone that he doesn't want to compete?"

hahahahahahahaha. Sorry.

Joey "Bulldog" Bane
Washed Up Punter

Mar-1-2009 13:17

*reading through this thread and noticing his name is still up everywhere around the subject of this contest, Bane's eyes get wide out of proportion, almost smashing themselves onto the message board*

"What the...!?! What kind of twisted...!?!"

*arranges his tie and opens up his mouth to shout once again, then suddenly remembers threats and warnings...starts shivering slowly...shivering harder...shivering really hard...shivering really really hard...shivering incredibly hard...finally raises his hands and shouts as loud as he can*


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