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The Expecting Miss Violet Parr
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Violet Parr
Violet Parr

Jan-5-2009 03:44

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Violet Parr
Violet Parr

Jan-19-2009 04:40

Miss Vivienne Garrett went back to the table.

"Clift? Are you still after my friend?" she mused. "Scarlett? Are you still trying to sweet-talk my brother?"

When she received no answer she sat quitely on one of the chairs waiting for the whole matter to be resolved.

On the chair immediately next to hers, she found a lush purse that seemed purple in the flickery light of the table's candles.

"Violet must have left her purse on the chair." Vivienne Garrett took the purse from the chair next to hers with the intention of returning it to Violet later.

Suddenly, a gunshot was heard... Vivienne heard the noise coming so closely from behind her and felt something cutting the air next to her.

Before she could react another gunshot was fired... and this time Vivienne fainted instantly as the bullet grazed her bare left arm.

Joey "Bulldog" Bane
Washed Up Punter

Jan-19-2009 06:17

[A little before the shooting…]

Upon the little incident on the dance floor being settled Bane was escorted to the bar by Patricia Crab.

“I am deeply disappointed in you, Mr. Bane! DEEPLY! Almost getting into a fight like that. It does not suit you!”

Bane blinked at her as if he had just woke up from a dream. “W-who…what…exactly did I do, Mrs. Crab?”

“How dare you ask me that? This is insulting! First, instead of picking me up for the ball I find you already here dancing with that…actress!” she said posing a totally disapproving face. “Then, when I have approached you…for YOUR OWN GOOD, you talk to me like I’m some common woman! And WHY, may I ask, instead of finding you by my side after that horrible incident on the deck, I found myself being carried by 2 valets? Where were you? Oh, Mr. Bane, you’ll have to pay me a lot of attention to me from now on if you want this to last.”

Bane listened to her while his view appeared to clear up and by the time she ended it looked like he was his old self again. He started to think looking at Mrs. Crab: “Hmmm…with this lady on my back I’ll never be able to take one step on this ship without her keeping an eye on me, let alone laying low and finding a killer. I need to ditch her one way or another.” He looked around and suddenly a tricky smile appeared on his face. “Well now…I think I have an idea.”

Joey "Bulldog" Bane
Washed Up Punter

Jan-19-2009 06:18

He looked back at Patricia Crab and said out loud this time:

“Why, Mrs. Crab…those valets were ordered there directly by the Captain. I do believe he actually told them not to leave you even if this ship were to sink…”

Mrs. Crab suddenly lightened her face with interest. “The…Captain?”

“Yes…in fact, I also think I heard him mentioning his deep respect and admiration regarding you. Unfortunately he was called with stringent business on the command deck, so he could not stay.”

“Oh, my!”…said Mrs. Crab throwing a peering look over the crowd.

“I do believe I saw him here tonight mingling with the guests” Bane added.

“My dear Mr. Bane, I have to kindly ask you to excuse me. My presence is required elsewhere.”

“By all means, Mrs. Crab, by all means” said Joey with a smile watching her move away with a hand rose in the air as if she was a ballerina. Then to himself: “Now that was an easy one…hehe.”

Joey "Bulldog" Bane
Washed Up Punter

Jan-19-2009 06:19

[Quotes taken from Joey “Bulldog” Bane’s journal " Edited and published by The New York Times - 1947]

July 15, 1934 " aboard RF Crown Odyssey cruise vessel across North Atlantic " day 2 " current destination: France

Entry 1 " 19:45pm

“The memory losses are getting more frequent every day. The pills the doc gave me don’t seem to be helping any more. I’m starting to get worried, as apparently during these blank episodes I don’t black out, but I become a totally different person. Maybe I need to see another doctor…should do that as soon as I step back in New York.”

Entry 2 " 21:35pm

“The strangest thing just happened. I remember entering the ball room and speaking to Miss Parr, then everything is a total black out. I woke up talking to Patricia Crab while she was lecturing me for getting into some kind of a fight…what fight? I was amazed to find out that apparently I was dancing to that lime green cookie with a cherry on the top and then some quarrel had arisen. It seems that little lady was actually Clift Garret’s sister. Me…dancing? I have 2 left feet! What the hell was I thinking? And then getting into a saloon brawl when I should keep a low profile? Damn…I need to be more careful about this...I guess my only option for now is to increase my doze and hope for the best. Good at least that I’ve managed to shake our “dear” Mrs. Crab off my back.”

[End of quote]


Jan-19-2009 15:28

((I'm not sure if Mak left before or after the shooting, so let's say she left just before...))

*back to real time...*

"Vivienne!" Scarlett and Clift shouted almost in unison as they raced over to her.
"Oh, God, Vivienne!" Clift said as he kneeled next to her. Ace also kneeled above her head next to his sister, and they began to pray. Meanwhile, Clift freaked out. The odd thing was that you could see a bullet hole.

Clift finally noticed that right there on her left arm was a small mark left by a bullet. Vivienne began to come to.

"Oh, ugh..." She muttered, sitting up.
"Oh Viv!" Scarlett and Clift both hugged their sister/friend. Ace then helped get her up.
"I don't know what happened! All I remember was I was picking up Violet's purse..."

The room was still pitch black, but Viv's pause let everyone know what had happened. Just about then, Violet hurried up.
"Violet!" Clift stuttered, "That bullet was meant for you!"
"Me? No, no, it can't be!"
"Ace, would you please walk Violet to her room and sit with her? I'll be there in a few minutes."
"I'll stay here with Vivienne." Scarlett frowned.That was probably the first time anyone had seen her as anything but bubbly.

Ace walked Violet down the hall slowly. Someone was trying to kill her, that was obvious. We were just lucky that Vivienne only had her arm grazed. It could've been so much worse.

Ace and Violet played a quick game of backgammon before Clift, Scarlett, and Vivienne came to the door.

Violet Parr
Violet Parr

Jan-20-2009 01:58

**Aquitaine - French Docks**

Before the sun rose the next morning...

Miss Violet Parr readied herself.

She had several suitcases along her side being carried by some of the men on the ship for her in preparation to disembark in France. While awaiting the ship’s call into port, Violet reviewed the happenings of last night's Ball.

The pistol used to shoot at Vivienne Garrett was recovered by the onboard sergeants at a room shared by Lady Lancaster and a Mr. Jonathan Grey, who checked out to be an operative of the Dies Arcanum Brotherhood... DAB...

Violet was all too happy that the authorities on the ship, rather than the detectives, were the ones who managed to locate the criminals. Miss Parr smiled as she recalled something Clift Garrett said about a broken clock being right twice a day...

Violet was also all too happy to submit the little black book given to her by Miss Makensie Brewer to the authorities to have them investigate this case further. Violet Parr had realised that being pregnant has been taking a lot of effort from her.

Miss Parr did not feel able to be the detective she used to and investigate this whole matter in detail once again like before. She smiled when the men started helping disembark the ship at the French Port. Soon, her luggage was all on land.

She had left a note to Clift Garrett and Ace Masters as well as the mysterious Mr. Joey Bane informing them of her disembarkation and her wish to meet with them all sometime soon.

Violet then noticed Makensie Brewer disembarking as well with the help of some of the ship's boys with her bags. She decided to smile between herself and continue to walk.

Once Violet put her feet on French land she found the closest cab and got in.

Moments later she disappeared with her luggage in the grey haze of the French docks.


Joey "Bulldog" Bane
Washed Up Punter

Jan-20-2009 11:39

A few days after the arrival to Aquitaine...

It was a beautiful and sunny morning that day. The small city of Aquitaine was peacefully coming to life as people were starting to show up on the streets one by one. A slight warm ocean breeze was sneaking slowly through the silky yellow brown curtains of the tiny café down on the pier. An early customer, a woman, had already taken a seat and was enjoying a small cup of tea. She had a paper on the table...Aquitaine Morning News. The owner of the small establishment always took good care to provide the necessary comfort for his clients.

With an elegant move the woman picked up the newspaper and started to turn over its pages one by one. She didn’t seem to look for something in particular, but somewhere on the bottom of the last page a small article tapped her attention. It was a very short and empty description of an event that had apparently taken place the night before:

Joey "Bulldog" Bane
Washed Up Punter

Jan-20-2009 11:39


Blazing gun fires had awoken the Red Light District last night, about a quarter of an hour after midnight. The police had arrived at the scene 5 minutes after the shots were heard only to find the lifeless body of Ranier Blanchard, an obscure interlope figure of our city, lying in a pool of blood with a gunshot wound in his chest. Following the witnesses description the police officers stumbled on the perpetrator two blocks away from the murder scene as he was trying to escape unseen. A short foot chase followed and ended at the docks with the suspect being shot and falling over the rail into the ocean. After a thorough search that lasted until morning the body was not recovered and it is believed to have been dragged out in the ocean by the reflux. The killer left behind the murder weapon and his wallet, which helped the investigators identify him as Joseph Arturo Bane, apparently an unsuccessful American fighter recently turned towards a private investigations line of work. No motives were released to the press regarding the differences between the two. Witnesses state a quarrel had arisen between the victims and soon it ended up into a gun fight. Ranier Blanchard’s body is currently in the city morgue. Joseph Arturo Bane was declared deceased this morning and the case was closed.”

The woman folded the paper and put it on the table, then leaned back on the chair and whispered only for herself: “I have a feeling this will not be the last time I will hear of you, Mr. Bane…”

She picked up the plate with the tea cup and turned her eyes watching over the horizon.

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