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The Expecting Miss Violet Parr
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Violet Parr
Violet Parr

Jan-5-2009 03:44

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Joey "Bulldog" Bane
Washed Up Punter

Jan-18-2009 04:51

[Author’s note:

Now that was funny Ace. I think it would be good to bring your sister into this…maybe we could pick her up in a small harbor on the way. Only…please do keep her away from Clift…we wouldn’t want another knocked up lady on our hands, now would we?...hehehehe”]

Joey "Bulldog" Bane
Washed Up Punter

Jan-18-2009 04:52

[back in Joey Bane’s cabin…]

“Ok, the truth is…I was actually looking forward to meeting you in person, Miss Brewer” said Joey reaching slowly for his chest pocket. Makensie, startled by his move, rose up the gun a little higher. “A little tense tonight, aren’t we?” smiled Bane while lighting the cigar that he had just pulled out.

“Quit stalling, Bane. My patience is starting to run out.”

“Ok ok…don’t sweat it. If you’d’ve used that patience to listen up to Ace’s story you would’ve known by now part of the truth.”

“I guess I’ll have my information at first hand.”

“Well, here it is then. ‘Bout a week ago I have received 2 letters in my office in New York. They came both in one envelope delivered all the way from Delhi. The sender was a man, known by the name of Frank Lancaster. He was the author of the first of the 2 letters in which he was briefly informing me he needs to find a certain woman who may be carrying his child. He mentioned her name was Violet Parr and that her life might be in danger if she was truly delivering his baby…or for that matter…if only she was suspected of doing it. He urged me to come to London as he had received news that she was there. No information whatsoever on who might be this supposed killer or his motives. He did though mention his intention was to take away Miss Parr to a place where she would never be found.”

Bane pulled another smoke deep in his chest and continued.

Joey "Bulldog" Bane
Washed Up Punter

Jan-18-2009 04:52

“The second letter was…I guess…some kind of evidence to prove true his first one. It was a letter written by Violet Parr, or at least carried her initials, in which she was basically ending their relationship on account of him being married. Didn’t contain many details about what happened between them, but just the fact that they had met in Delhi while she was working on a case in which he was involved.”

Joey took a small break and added with a slightly malicious smile: “I don’t know how she ever ended up into his bed, but that would be a piece of information I would gladly listen to…in detail…hehehe.”

“Please move ahead and cut the comments, Bane! So…you came to London”

“Yes I did. He was, in fact, going to me pay quite a large sum of money for this case out of which that envelope had already contained a fat down payment. But before I left I did a little research on my own regarding Mr. Lancaster’s identity. The name had sounded somehow familiar to me…and I was right. Apparently the Lancaster family was one of the oldest in Delhi and a prolific figure inside the Dies Arcanum Brotherhood for that matter. Our very own Mr. Frank Lancaster was in fact next in line to be appointed as Bishop of them all. There was a lot of shallow information contained inside the papers, but one more thing attracted my attention: the custom for deciding the next leader in this organization was by blood. The current Bishop didn’t have a son, so Frank was now the closest one to him. He also didn’t have a child and for that fact apparently there were a lot of comments he would have not been able to.”

“So…he couldn’t have…” said Makensie with a slight ray of hope in her eyes.

Joey "Bulldog" Bane
Washed Up Punter

Jan-18-2009 04:53

“Now hold your horses there, Miss Brewer; the good part of this story has not started yet. As I was saying, I managed this way to make myself a pretty good idea why this very own baby could be important to someone enough to take the action of trying to murder it. I left for London then and decided to check in into a little hotel by the ocean. I was not supposed to meet Mr. Lancaster until a couple a days from now. The very next morning to my arrival though I have received a note from him, telling me he has managed to reach England sooner and he was urging me meet at his hotel as we were to depart together on some boat trip. I packed my things and went there just to find him stabbed.”

“Stabbed” she exclaimed in a complete surprise. “He was killed?”

“Yes, a stiletto was run all through his heart. He was not dead yet though when I entered his room. With his last breath he handed me a black book and managed to say “Violet”…then he passed. He had a pair of boat tickets on his desk. I picked them up and obviously boarded on this ship leaving his corpse behind for the police to find. In the beginning I didn’t want to follow up with this, but then I realized I was the last seen person to have visited his room, which makes me the main suspect. Thus I have reached the conclusion I have to find out who did this.”

Bane stood up and opened the drawer of a small cabined besides him. Mak didn’t make any move as she was not considering him yet not to be a threat. He pulled out a small book dressed in black leather with some golden initials printed on its cover: DAB.

Joey "Bulldog" Bane
Washed Up Punter

Jan-18-2009 04:54

“Now this, Miss Brewer, is Mr. Lancaster’s very own journal. I have read it. I have thus learned that he indeed feared a conspiracy inside the brotherhood. The position he was about to take was apparently yearned for by someone else in this organization. Another thing that I have learned is that his health condition was not great. To be specific…actually…he was dying. He believed he was slowly poisoned by someone, but he couldn’t prove anything. One thing was certain though…he had no more than maybe 1 year to live.”

Joey headed towards the bottle of whiskey on the table and finally poured himself a shot.

“Another piece of information I have extracted from this journal was that in fact, our dear Mr. Lancaster had reason to believe he was not the one shooting blanks inside his marriage, if you know what I mean. If he were to produce a child, that child would’ve been HIS next in line…of course, as long as it would’ve had been a boy. About 2 weeks ago he was informed by Violet’s doctor, who was a close friend of his that she was expecting. He realized the threat that would hang upon this baby’s head if someone would have found out it could be his and decided to take action. So…he contacted me. I don’t know why he chose me…I guess my somehow obscure connections and the fact that I am not a common figure out of New York made him think that I was well fit for the job.”

He took a sip.

Joey "Bulldog" Bane
Washed Up Punter

Jan-18-2009 04:55

“Now, as you can imagine, my first suspicion landed upon Mrs. Parr. I figured they have met and in a desperate attempt of protecting her child she had killed him. He was, after all, going to take this baby away with or without her consent and nothing showed that someone else might have been found out about this. Her reputation told me that clearly a direct confrontation with her would not do any good, so I have started to conceive a little plan of shaking her small world on this ship by planting suspicion amongst her friends about her actions and intentions. I was hoping that somehow she will make a mistake and that could help me find out more or even point her out as my murderer. Apparently…I was wrong.”

“You must have been” replied Makensie in her usual quest of defending her friend.

“I was. Up there on the deck, a bit before the incident, our dear Mrs. Crab just handed me unknowingly a piece of information that positioned Miss Parr out of any suspicion. I have established thus she couldn’t have been at the murder scene, as she was already at the docks when it took place.”

“So this means…” Miss Brewer’s face got all covered with worry.

Joey "Bulldog" Bane
Washed Up Punter

Jan-18-2009 04:55

“It means that Mr. Lancaster was not the only one who knew about this baby. It also means that Mrs. Parr’s life is now in danger and that we have a killer right here on this ship. Now, Miss Brewer, however you will find fit to inform Miss Parr about this is only your decision, but I urge you to do it fast. It is…deadly imperative, I think.”

“But…this would also mean telling poor Clift her baby might not have been his…”

“I think that’s the least of everyone’s worries at this point. And also…I kind of took care of that in a way” he continued smiling.

“Oh ya, I’ve noticed” replied Mak, who’s attention was drawn by the black journal on the table. “You mind if I take this with me?”

“Not at all. I recon a new pair of eyes might find something new about it. Unfortunately it contains no names, just letters…just initials. And who knows…after all…it might have done it his own wife…it’s trivial, but also possible.” He paused then started with a slightly imperative voice: “Well now, Miss Brewer” he stood up “I do believe I have a masked ball to get ready for. If you’ll excuse me…”

“Of course. I need to reach Violet too.”

As she was passing through the door frame she turned her look again back towards Bane. “I take it we can count on your help with this, detective?”

“Unfortunately yes, Miss Brewer…I’m in this up until we get to find this killer and I can clear my name.”

She then left in a hurry aiming towards Violet’s cabin.


Jan-18-2009 09:18

"Ladies and Gentlemen, we are now stopping at the Zaanstad port in Amsterdam. If this is your destination, please exit in an orderly fashion."

This ship was from London to New York, hitting Europe in a roundabout way and then crossing the Atlantic.

Ace thought nothing of their stop, which was one of the four Amsterdam ports in Holland. He was just reading a book in the library and waiting for the masked ball.

Several minutes later, a bouncy woman with browl curls and rosy cheeks practically skipped into the library. She wore a red top with a bright yellow skirt.

She stepped over to Ace. He didn't notice theintrusion, and dropped his book when she merrily said, "Hello!"

This wasn't the kind of library that needed a "Shhhh". Just a shelf full of books that anyone could take anywhere and read. Ace just decided to sit in the armchair there.

"Scarlett!" Ace stood up when he saw her smiling face, "What are you doing here?"
Scarlett hugged her brother, "Oh, I just thought I'd join you. Did a play in London that paid me enough to come on. Vivvy's here, too."
"What are you doing in Holland?" Ace smiled.
"Well, I've never been there... and... it was the next stop on your ship. What? I'm not just going to pick any old ship!"
"Uh...huh... What play?"
"Werewolves of London."
"Oh my! What were you?"
"I was the head werewolf's lover werewolf, Viv played one of the people the werewolves eat."
"How... invigorating..." Ace chuckled.
"Yeah, well, it was a stinker, but it payed well."
"I'm glad of that! Now my sister is here!"
"Yup! Going back to New York. Ol' Broadway."
"And I'll restart my practice. Sure was nice of Mr. Withers to fill in for me back there. Again."
Scarlett giggled, "Let's go back to my cabin. It's just down the hall from yours. Maybe we can play some backgammon."
"Aren't you going to the masked ball?"
"Ball? Oooh... I have a gown, but I don't have a mask."
"Well, they thought of that. They have a zillion in the gft shop."


Jan-18-2009 09:22

"Wonderful! Then, I'll meet you at you back here? I'll find Vivvy and we'll go get some masks and change. She's in 221a, I'm in 221b." Scarlett laughed.
"Okay. I'm all ready, so I'll meet you back here?"
"Swell!" Violet giggled again, "I'll go find Vivvy."
"Ahhh, that girl." Ace says aloud as she bounced out of the library.

Scarlett Masters
Scarlett Masters

Jan-18-2009 11:16

Scarlett tiptoed up. Vivienne Garrett was fiddling with the key to her cabin. Scarlett slowly but surely came up behind her, and just before Viv knew she was there...

"HI VIV!!!" Scarlett shouted. Vivienne jumped ten feet high!
"Scarlett Masters! You are no longer a werewolf! Don't scare me like that!" Viv giggled.
"Listen, there's a masked ball tonight. We need masks."
"Oh, goodie, a ball!" Viv giggled again. She was very much like Scarlett in that respect. "I have a great gown, lime green! I hope I can get a matching mask!"
"Well, I have a bright yellow sparkly dress I'm going to wear. I hope the have a bright yellow sparkly mask!"

Scarlett and Vivienne went down to the gift shop. Sure enough, Scarlett found a bright yellow mask, Vivvy found a lime green color.

The went back to their cabins to change into their gowns. Scarlett finished first and went back to the library to fetch Ace.

"Wowee!" Ace marveled, looking up from his book, "That's bright! You're burning my retinas!"
"Oh, stop it." Scarlett laughed.
"Nice mask. Matches perfect!"
"Check out these shoes!"
"They look like Dorothy's ruby slippers... only in yellow."
"Yes, they do." Scarlett moved her feet, "Viv's wearing something in lime greene, so I can't wait to see it!"

Vivienne Garrett was a stunning woman. At one time, she had long, flowing brown hair, but when she joined the stage, she had it bobbed and dyed it red. She was fairly tall, and quite beautiful with a lot of acting ability. Scarlett Masters was quite different. She was short, only five feet tall, with short brown curls and a smile on her face. It was a long, rosy smile, that was very common in little girls. Sure enough, Scarlett's personality had gained her several roles as a child.


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