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The Expecting Miss Violet Parr
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Violet Parr
Violet Parr

Jan-5-2009 03:44

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Joey "Bulldog" Bane
Washed Up Punter

Jan-17-2009 18:04

Bane turned around and finally took a sit at the table. “Don’t mind this intrusion, Mrs. Crab, some people are just born without manners.”

He poured the wine into the glasses and took a long sip.

“The nerve some people have!” she bursted in a disapproving outrage fixing her eyes on someone over Joey’s shoulder. He turned around to discover Violet Parr and her “beloved husband” exiting the lounge.

“Miss Parr, you mean?”

“Yes, HER! She’s been avoiding me all yesterday in the most disrespectful manner. I saw her coming to the harbor; I saw her getting on the ship and get this: she ignored me up until this morning.”

“You saw her coming in the harbor? About what time was that?”

“Oh, I don’t know…YES, I remember. I checked the big clock on the church. Exactly 9:15. Why do you want to know?”

Suddenly Joey’s face turned worried. He started mumbling again just for himself: “9:15? I’m pretty sure it was 9:30 when I stepped out of the hotel. I couldn’t have been in there for more than 10 minutes and the body was still warm. It took me a full hour to reach the docks…when could she….? DAMN! She couldn’t. No way she would have time to reach so fast the harbor. Hell…all this time it seems I have been chasing the wrong rabbit. But, if not her, then…WHO?”

He turned around again to take another look at Mrs. Parr. A movement on the terrace cover ceiling attracted his attention and made him look up to see the large chandelier above her braking off.

“WATCH OUT!!!” he shouted looking at the two. In a quick reflex Clift noticed the danger and pushed Violet with a fast move just before the chandelier was crushing the armchair she was sitting in.

The crowd was astonished with the incident. They gathered up around Violet to if she was all right. Upon ensuring of her state Clift raised his eyes to see Bane exiting the room in quite a rush. He left behind Mrs. Crab who had appeared to have fainted on the table.

Joey "Bulldog" Bane
Washed Up Punter

Jan-17-2009 18:41

Joey Bane rushed away to his cabin thinking fast. “If Violet is not my murderer then who else could’ve been after this guy? A woman…there’s no argument with that. The small stiletto that ended his poor life is not the usual hand weapon of a man and it didn’t seem to belong to the hotel either. I do remember it had a certain symbol on the handle. Damn…this thing is getting much more complicated than I thought. I have to read that black journal again.”

He took a slightly lost look around…”Maaan, I took wrong way, I’m on the other floor.”

Grabbing the stairs he finally ended up in front of his door. While trying to unlock it he realized that it was open. He quickly took out his small revolver and slowly pushed the door. As he was reaching with his hand for the light switch he heard a clear voice.

“Please do come in, Mr. Bane. Also please leave that weapon at the door.” A small click showed him that another gun was pointed at him. He laid his pistol on the floor and switched on the light.

“Miss Brewer!” he exclaimed surprised.

“You were expecting someone else?” she replied with a mocking smile on her face. It seems she had been waiting for him comfortably on the sofa holding a small ivory handled Derringer.

“Not really…no. So, now…to what do I owe the honor of this visit, Miss Brewer?”

“YOU have been messing around with my friends’ minds lately, I hear. And that little episode on the deck just now…somehow didn’t seem like an accident to me. I want to know what’s going on. I want to know if Violet’s life is in danger. So you will spill out all you know and you will do this NOW!”

Makensie Brewer
Makensie Brewer
Super Steeper

Jan-17-2009 19:06

Joey smiled, even though he was a bit nervous on the inside, at this unexpected side of Makensie Brewer, and said, "I like a lady who is tough, Makensie. It becomes you"

On the inside, Makensie was totally taken aback that she felt this strongly of her friends. She knew she was protective, but, not to this extent.

"Don't try to flatter me, Mr Bane", she said, aiming the gun straight at him. "Now, I suggest you take a seat. This is going to be a long night. Tell me EXACTLY who are you are, and WHAT you are doing here. The TRUTH! I'm not a stranger to a gun, and I will go the limit to protect those I hold dear"

He looks at her, then at the gun, then complies.

Sitting down, he adjusted his jacket, and said, "Can I atleast get me a drink first?"

Makensie smiled, coldly for once, and said, "You've had enough. Now, no games. You TELL me what you know. I have all night"

He smiles, and said, "Very well. This is what I know, Miss Brewer. The truth. Shall we begin?"

"It is for you own safety, that you do, MR Bane", Makensie said, leaning on the table that was behind her, yet, keeping very steady with the gun, her finger on the trigger.

She wouldn't kill anyone, but, something had to get this guy to talk, and she wasn't afraid to do what it took to get the information she needed.

Scarlett Masters
Scarlett Masters

Jan-17-2009 20:26


"Oh, Clift!" Violet fell into his arms crying as Ace came running up. It was the first time Ace could ever remember her losing he composure.

Everyone was crowding around the shattered chandelier and the sobbing woman, as Ace raced up to them.

"Oh my gosh, what happened?" He asked frantically.
"Violet was sitting in that armchair." Clift replied, pointing to a smashed mass of wood.
"Oh my. Violet?" Ace asked, "Are you okay?"
"Clift pulled me... out.. of the... way..." Violet spoke between sobs.
"C'mon, honey, why don't you come and lay down?" Clift started to take her to the cabin when the Captain showed up. He had just missed them.
"Sir, do you know where they went? I want to apologize to that poor woman!"
"There's no need for that sir." Ace replied, "This was no accident."
"Are you implying that..."
"I'm saying that someone tried to kill her! Those are two of my best friends, and I need to find out who did this." Ace turned to go.
"Wait... sir? How do you know?" The captain asked.
"Look at the cord that held it up."
"Oh my..." The captain said aloud. The cord had been cut, evidently from someone standing on the balcony above. It would take some doing, but it was possible.
"That is Clift Garrent and his wife, Violet Parr. She is in 213b."
"Okay. Thank you, sir." He turned to go, but then looked back, "And I am still terribly sorry."

Ace knew he had to find out who cut that cord. He also had to find Mak. Where could she be? Everyone on the ship must've heard that crash!

Scarlett Masters
Scarlett Masters

Jan-17-2009 20:27

((Whoops! I forgot that I was in my new altar ego... sorry... ;-)

BTW from now on, make sure Ace doesn't drink...))

Violet Parr
Violet Parr

Jan-18-2009 01:27

As soon as they entered her room at 213b, Violet Parr collapsed on her bed.

She rested for a few minutes and then, normalising her breath intake, she dried her tears using a scented mauve handkerchief. Then to Clift’s surprise she started getting ready for the Masked Ball.

“Violet are you okay?” Clift spoke in his most calming voice.

“I am fine, Clift… Yourself?” Violet looked to him inquiringly.

He was puzzled. “Well, let’s say that there at least hasn’t been any attempt on my life!”

“It would not have been the first time.” Violet nodded in his direction knowingly. “I cannot let whomever it is, believe, even for a second, that they have got me frightened and feeling victimised in anyway.” She turned to him. “At times the best action is non-action.”

“So what are you planning to do?”

Violet started combing her long dark hair. “Nothing really for now… Attend the Ball, have a good time and keep my awareness heightened, since I have a very good feeling I may know who is behind this.”

“Who is it?!” Clift rose. “Just tell me Vi and we will act immediately to cease whose responsible.”

“I can’t be sure.” Violet spoke. “We need to wait for now and see if anything comes to light.” She suddenly turned to him. “Clift, could you do something for me?”

“Anything Vi…”

“Then be a dear and fetch me a prawn cocktail… two… or four if you could.” Violet looked anxious.

“A… prawn cocktail?”

“As soon as physically possible… get it from the restaurant below…” Violet urged.

Suddenly Clift realised the rush. “Is it a craving?”

Violet nodded. “I would rather eat before I get dressed. Any drop of the cocktail dressing would be an evident eyesore on my deep indigo gown.”

“Will you be safe?” Clift spoke as he reached the door.

“Forever and for always,” Violet assured him with a smile as she took out her purple mask.

Violet Parr
Violet Parr

Jan-18-2009 01:33


As soon as Clift left closing the door behind him, Violet Parr collapsed on her bed once again.

She was feeling exhausted.

It was a terribly strain being pregnant: She tired easily, always needed the ladies room and was hungry more often than appropriate for a lady. However, the thought of a new person in her life, one whom would love her unconditionally filled her heart with joy.

She turned her head to the side and saw herself in the mirror, she still wasn’t showing. Makensie Brewer on the other who was not as far along as she was but has already been showing her pregnancy slightly.

Violet then thought of the effort of Clift and the warning given by the Mr. 'Boxer' Bane. Their joint effort had saved her life. She suddenly felt deeply grateful to, and highly appreciative of, being alive.

Violet rolled over her bed wanting to sleep and wake when all this was over… suddenly… she heard the sound of paper crumpling underneath her bed cover.

Her left hand instinctively went underneath the sheets and she pulled out a handwritten note.

The note was written on yellow, seemingly expensive paper with a very fine hand. Violet sat up and read the contents:

“When one is awarded the great responsibility of carrying a title, one may not allow himself the luxury of getting caught up with trivial events and unpleasant and, at times, vile attacks against one’s honour & integrity.

My social status is more important to me than your foolish actions and his. So you will understand that my actions against your person, Miss Parr, are but natural.

For never could a woman who loved her husband, bring herself to love his ... “

Violet stopped reading and shook her head in shocked disbelief. “Oh Lady Lancaster, you didn’t...”

Joey "Bulldog" Bane
Washed Up Punter

Jan-18-2009 04:51

[Author’s note:

Now that was funny Ace. I think it would be good to bring your sister into this…maybe we could pick her up in a small harbor on the way. Only…please do keep her away from Clift…we wouldn’t want another knocked up lady on our hands, now would we?...hehehehe”]

Joey "Bulldog" Bane
Washed Up Punter

Jan-18-2009 04:52

[back in Joey Bane’s cabin…]

“Ok, the truth is…I was actually looking forward to meeting you in person, Miss Brewer” said Joey reaching slowly for his chest pocket. Makensie, startled by his move, rose up the gun a little higher. “A little tense tonight, aren’t we?” smiled Bane while lighting the cigar that he had just pulled out.

“Quit stalling, Bane. My patience is starting to run out.”

“Ok ok…don’t sweat it. If you’d’ve used that patience to listen up to Ace’s story you would’ve known by now part of the truth.”

“I guess I’ll have my information at first hand.”

“Well, here it is then. ‘Bout a week ago I have received 2 letters in my office in New York. They came both in one envelope delivered all the way from Delhi. The sender was a man, known by the name of Frank Lancaster. He was the author of the first of the 2 letters in which he was briefly informing me he needs to find a certain woman who may be carrying his child. He mentioned her name was Violet Parr and that her life might be in danger if she was truly delivering his baby…or for that matter…if only she was suspected of doing it. He urged me to come to London as he had received news that she was there. No information whatsoever on who might be this supposed killer or his motives. He did though mention his intention was to take away Miss Parr to a place where she would never be found.”

Bane pulled another smoke deep in his chest and continued.

Joey "Bulldog" Bane
Washed Up Punter

Jan-18-2009 04:52

“The second letter was…I guess…some kind of evidence to prove true his first one. It was a letter written by Violet Parr, or at least carried her initials, in which she was basically ending their relationship on account of him being married. Didn’t contain many details about what happened between them, but just the fact that they had met in Delhi while she was working on a case in which he was involved.”

Joey took a small break and added with a slightly malicious smile: “I don’t know how she ever ended up into his bed, but that would be a piece of information I would gladly listen to…in detail…hehehe.”

“Please move ahead and cut the comments, Bane! So…you came to London”

“Yes I did. He was, in fact, going to me pay quite a large sum of money for this case out of which that envelope had already contained a fat down payment. But before I left I did a little research on my own regarding Mr. Lancaster’s identity. The name had sounded somehow familiar to me…and I was right. Apparently the Lancaster family was one of the oldest in Delhi and a prolific figure inside the Dies Arcanum Brotherhood for that matter. Our very own Mr. Frank Lancaster was in fact next in line to be appointed as Bishop of them all. There was a lot of shallow information contained inside the papers, but one more thing attracted my attention: the custom for deciding the next leader in this organization was by blood. The current Bishop didn’t have a son, so Frank was now the closest one to him. He also didn’t have a child and for that fact apparently there were a lot of comments he would have not been able to.”

“So…he couldn’t have…” said Makensie with a slight ray of hope in her eyes.

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