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The Expecting Miss Violet Parr
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Violet Parr
Violet Parr

Jan-5-2009 03:44

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Makensie Brewer
Makensie Brewer
Super Steeper

Jan-16-2009 22:25

Looking around, she said, "I'm not sure"

Then they spotted him walking out of the cabin where you can send or receive messages.

Odd, she thinks. Wonder who he is waiting to hear from, or wanting to contact?, she thinks.

He walks to Violet, smiles, then sits down beside her.

Makensie and Ace walk up, and sit down as well.

They begin laughing and talking of their plans for the day and little did they know, that someone in the room, was watching them.

Clift looked arounda bit, getting a funny feeling, as he noticed the mysterious man from the other day, standing by the rail watching them.

This is rediculous, Clift thought. He has to talk to this man, or better yet, Violet, as soon as he got the chance.

Makensie was lost in conversation with Violet and Ace, but, could feel tension from Clift, and had the funniest feeling that someone was watching them or atleast one of them at the their table.

Maybe it is just long years on the job, she says, shrugging it off.

Makensie Brewer
Makensie Brewer
Super Steeper

Jan-16-2009 22:26

((((Holy mackrel lol sorry for the duplicate posts!! ))))

Violet Parr
Violet Parr

Jan-17-2009 01:54

Miss Violet Parr was having her morning juice together with some cheese on toast she insisted on preparing herself despite the Chef's many requests and pleas.

She was focused on eating and listening to the conversation intermittently.

Yet, Miss Parr had not failed to notice the general exertion of Clift Garrett, and the constant looks he gave a particular gentleman in the breakfast lounge.

Behind her large dark glass, Violet's gaze shifted to the man in question.

Due mainly to her line of work, but also to her personality, Miss Parr was very wary of strangers. However, to her surprise she felt she somehow knew this gentleman.

He looked to be middle-aged, obviously once very fit and well-built, and still somewhat muscular and strong for his age. His face was probably very handsome during his younger days, but it seems that the years of hard, rough or even violent work had taken a toll on some of his features.

The man was not tense himself, but he seemed to know Clift, he had a sly, knowing look when he returned Clift's... suddenly... Miss Parr recalled this man. He had followed her yesterday asking her something.

Violet remembered ignoring him: She probably shrugged him off as someone who pretended he was asking her directions or returning something she’d dropped when he in fact had ulterior motives. Or did he...?

Violet Parr suddenly felt wary. She slipped her left hand into her purple purse in an effort to locate a telegram she'd received four days ago... but to no avail.

Clift looked to Violet and she decided to smile deeply.

After all, the best way to get over any hurdle was to smile and treat it as the most trivial thing of all.

Violet Parr
Violet Parr

Jan-17-2009 02:28


Miss Parr excused herself once she finished her dish.

“Miss Brewer, Mr. Masters, Mr. Garrett.” She nodded to them all in turn, “Please excuse me, I shall have to go and say hello to an old friend… We shall meet by the pool?”

Ace spoke up. “Sure Vi, take your time… we won’t be going anywhere.”

Violet nodded. “Indeed, there is also the grand masked ball tonight that we need to prepare for.”

Miss Parr walked across the breakfast lounge passing by the gentleman who seemed to have attempted approaching her the previous morning. The two locked eyes for a just a second before she passed him by and carried on her way to the table at the far corner.

“Why, if it isn’t Mrs. Patricia Crab!” Violet spoke raising her voice an octave and looking directly at the plump woman with the big hat sitting at the corner table.

The large, merry woman stood up and opened her arms wide for a hug but Violet grabbed the woman’s right hand and shook it firmly as she turned the woman around to face the wall. The two women exchanged seats and now Violet had her back to the wall facing everyone else.

“If it isn’t the daughter of Albert and Madhuri Parr! How are you my dear Vivienne?” Mrs. Crab almost spoke with a giggle.

“It’s Violet,” Miss Parr smiled. She had to be careful, for she was now in the presence of the biggest gossip on the ship. Patricia Crab had the news of all the city of London, city of New York and even some news of the Delhi social circles. “Imagine finding you here, Mrs. Crab.”

Patricia Crab raised an eyebrow. “I noticed you several times Miss Parr, and waved you over as well… it looked like you have been ignoring me.”

“Ha!” Violet used her most astonished voice. “Me? Ignoring you? Why, the very thought is absurd!”

Violet Parr
Violet Parr

Jan-17-2009 02:31

“So it is!” Mrs. Crab was giddy again. “So what brings you here Miss Parr? Who’s your gentleman friend? I recognise Makensie Brewer. Does she still model? Any news of your brothers? Is Abel married yet? Does Arthur have children now from his second wife? Any news of Peter, Alfred, Charles or Leopold?”

Violet knew she had to answer every single question she was asked in order to extract the information she wanted from Mrs. Patricia Crab, she took a deep breath and went ahead. “I am actually on my honeymoon, that gentleman is in fact my husband, Mr. Clift Garrett. No, I do not believe Makensie Brewer still models. Abel is still single. Arthur has a boy now, and the rest of my brothers are fine.”

“What about-”

Violet quickly cut through with her inquiry. “The gentleman over there, Mrs. Crab, the one sitting alone…”

“Which one…?” Patricia Crab, intrigued, was about to turn and have a look when Violet held her hand.

“Now there is no need to turn and look around Mrs. Crab, such manners do not become you.” Violet regained Mrs. Crab’s attention then launched her description once more. “Heavy built, worn suit, scarred eyebrow, seems somewhat out of place in the first class breakfast lounge.”

“Oh!” Patricia Crab’s face brightened with a sudden knowing smile. “I have some knowledge of him Miss Parr, though you will just have to tell me why you are so interested.”

Violet nodded noncommittally.

Violet Parr
Violet Parr

Jan-17-2009 02:33

Particia Crab smiled and spoke freely. “He’s a retired Boxer turned detective I am told. American, from New York, new money, never lived the refined lifestyle before… harmless enough bless his little heart. He does look delicious though. You’d think he’d be interested in escorting me to tonight’s ball?”

Violet was lost in thought.

Mrs. Crab asked again. “Mrs. Parr? Why so interested in knowing?”

“It’s Miss Parr,” Violet spoke absent-mindedly ignoring her current married status. She suddenly got up. “Please excuse me Mrs. Crab, I see my husband waving me over. It was a pleasure meeting with you again.”


“I shall see you around the ship.”

With that Violet practically flew away.

Joey "Bulldog" Bane
Washed Up Punter

Jan-17-2009 05:19

While the small group was having breakfast, Joey Bane was keeping a close eye on them mustering his next move. It was obvious he has managed to place mistrust into Clift Garret’s thoughts regarding his beautiful wife and his intention was to keep the pressure up until Mr. Garret would decide to take action about it. Thus, he kept on exchanging looks between themselves and as much as Clift was trying to do this unnoticed, Bane was doing everything possible to make sure they don’t pass Violet’s attention.

And it worked. Mrs. Parr’s conspicuous nature made this entire conjuncture sharpen even more her instincts. This was obvious when Violet suddenly got up and started walking towards his table, gazing him with a short and penetrating look. For a moment there he felt worried. It was not yet time to have a direct confrontation with Mrs. Parr and there was no way in the world he could’ve avoided it at this moment. Luckily she passed him by to meet someone in the far corner of the room. He took a relieved breath and turned around to see who she was speaking too.

“Now that’s a whole lot of woman!” he said to himself.”I wonder who she is…maybe we have a new player on our hands.”

He stood up and headed over to the bar.

Joey "Bulldog" Bane
Washed Up Punter

Jan-17-2009 05:20

As the bartender served him a drink he leaned over the counter and whispered to him in a low voice: “Say, fellow…you wouldn’t happen to know who that fine lady is over there in the corner?”

The bartender looked across the room in the direction he was pointing. “You mean the young one, mister?”

“No, the other. I’d love to roll her in cherry pie…hehehehe.”

The bartender made a short grimace of disgust. “You mean, Mrs. Crab?”

“Crab is her name?”

“Patricia Crab. She’s quite a figure in the high class world around here…also the biggest gossip in the city of London and a few others for that matter. And…she’s a widow, you’re in luck today.” The bartender posed a tricky smile.”I could…introduce you to her if you wish…for a small price that is, of course.” His smile was getting wider.

Bane pushed a 5 under the fellow’s hand. “No need for now, my boy, but keep up the good work around here. I might require your assistance later. Gossip, you say…that’s interesting.” Bane smiled tackling easy with his fingers the bar counter. This was an unexpected turn for him. If Mrs. Parr’s friends’ suspicions might work or not towards her making a wrong move, the threat of gossip all around the city about her dirty little secrets may just be right the edge he needed.

“Hey, ‘ve you heard about the masked ball tonight?” said the bartender with a conspiring expression on his face. “Maybe then you can make a move.”

“Sure thing, my lad…sure thing” replied Bane with a thoughtful look, then turned around mumbling something only for himself: “But until then…I have to see about Mr. Masters…”

He looked across the lounge to see Ace heading somewhere towards the lower deck.

“Hmmm…Masters didn’t seem to notice me at all up until now. Let’s see if I can pull a funny trick.”

Bane got up walking slowly towards the door that Ace has just gone through.

Joey "Bulldog" Bane
Washed Up Punter

Jan-17-2009 05:50

In the meantime, upon finishing his breakfast Ace was not feeling very good. Although he was enjoying very much Mak’s company, somewhere in the back of his mind the voice of reason was apparently still up and no matter how hard he would try to drown it, he still had to face the truth.
He really had strong feelings for Makensie. Marrying her would’ve been something he never dreamed of. He wouldn’t even have any problem raising another man’s child…and not because it was a friend’s arrangement, but just because it was HER child.
On the other hand, Mak was in love with Clift. She obviously had feelings for him too, but not really the kind he would like to and also not by far as strong. And what about this “paper marriage” issue…? The main idea of this entire charade was just to save the appearances for Violet’s sake and after 9 months each would see further with his life. What then? Will he be also forced to break apart with Mak? Could he actually handle this?

All these tormenting thoughts made him feel the need for a glass of strong booze, anything that could burn his throat hard enough to wipe out the choking sensation he was experiencing. The lounge was crowded and Violet would definitely not appreciate to be seen in the company of someone soaking his guts so early in the morning.

Ace figured that the ball room bar would be the only one that’s empty at this hour, so he politely excused himself and exited the lounge.

Joey "Bulldog" Bane
Washed Up Punter

Jan-17-2009 06:05

About half an hour must have passed since Ace was mustering his thoughts about all this alone at the bar, when his dilemmas were abruptly interrupted:

“WELL…strike me down and fry me on stick…if it isn’t the one and only Antony Masters!...Pardon me: DETECTIVE Antony Masters, also known as…”The ACE”!”

He turned around to see where that loud and disturbing voice was coming from and was not surprised to find a large man crumbling on his feet, holding a small metal flask in his hand. His coat was all unbuttoned showing a pair of wide shoulder straps that didn’t match his otherwise wrinkled suit. His pants were hardy reaching below his ankles and his hat was pushed all the way to the back of the head. His felt this character would’ve been better fit leaning himself upon the counter of a cheap and sleazy pub rather than on a first class cruise.

“I wonder how someone could be so trashed up so early in the morning”…said to himself.

The man had obviously had one too many glasses and normally Ace would have tried to avoid any kind of contact, but after all he’s been through lately even a drunken horse calling him “Ace” would be enough to comfort his uneasy ego.

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