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The Expecting Miss Violet Parr
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Violet Parr
Violet Parr

Jan-5-2009 03:44

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Joey "Bulldog" Bane
Washed Up Punter

Jan-16-2009 01:03

Clift realized that for a moment he pointed his frustration towards the messenger losing the point of his actions. He took a deep breath and tried to put some order into his thoughts. Certainly he needed to get to the bottom of this message, but how to do that with Violet at his side? He decided he might need some outside help, as Ace and Mak were obviously not the right persons to get involved in this…at least not for the moment. He lifted his eyes and said in a calm voice this time:

“Well, Mr. Bane, since you seem to be a detective with nothing to detect for the time being, stick around. I might have some work for you.”

“I’ll do anything that can buy me another shot of whiskey, lad. And no worries, I ain’t going anywhere for the next days…after all, we ARE on a SHIP, remember?”

Passing over his sarcasm Clift picked up the drinks platter and headed to the exit, after carefully hiding the telegram inside one of the napkins. He had no intention to confront Violet on the subject before finding out more details on his own.

Joey "Bulldog" Bane
Washed Up Punter

Jan-16-2009 01:16


Author’s note:
I apologize for my intrusion, guys, but your story was starting to lose its spice with everybody loving everybody and everybody doing the right thing :P



Jan-16-2009 08:24

((Love the intrusion Joey; this thread was about as interesting as an afternoon soap... ;-) But I refuse to stop doing the right thing!))

The group had a wonderful time swimming. Even Violet was having so much fun, she and Mak began roughhousing, which is certainly unusual for two young ladies, and incredibly unusual for Violet!

Ace wasn't feeling well after the little talk he had with Clift, but he knew he had to talk to Mak. He went back to his cabin to change into clothes, and waited for Mak to return as well.

Ace never got the chance until nightfall, when Mak was relaxing in her cabin as the honeymoons were on a moonlit stroll... choke...cough cough...barf...

Ace slowly knocked on Mak's door. She opened it curiously and then smiled at Ace.

"Ah, yes!" She waved her finger, "The mysterious confrontation by the psychotic killer to his girlfriend!"
"Umm... are you reading Agatha Christie in there or something?"
"Ha ha ha, very funny... yes..."
Ace chuckled as she let him in.
"Actually, this is the mysterious conversation I don't know how to say."
"Well, I'll help." Mak sat down, "What's the subject?"
"Little Binky."
"My baby? I assure you Ace, I will not name him/her 'Binky'".
"That's comforting."
"Yes... I suppose it is. What about Binky?"
"Well, Clift said..." Ace paused, and then decided to come out with it, "CliftsaidIshouldmarryyouforBinky'ssakebutIdon'tknowifIcanornotbecauseI
whatdoyouthinkabouttheidea, Mak?"
"Ummm... your going to have to slow down before I can understand you." Mak smiled.
"Okay, sorry... ummm... alright... Clift wants me to marry you..."


Jan-16-2009 08:27

"Now, hold on just one second, Tony Masters!" Mak stood up, "I will not have Clift telling you to make the biggest decision of your life just so his little mistake will be taken care of! And I assure you that I am quite offended of him even asking you to do something like that! I want to marry you for you, not little Binky..."

It took Mak a minute to realize what she had just said.
"You want to marry me... for me???"
"Uh... I guess... so... only if you want to marry me!"
"Oh... God... okay... so... you'd actually marry me... well, that's a shocker..."

Right then, Violet and Clift came in from their barf-city moonlit stroll on deck. Bad, bad timing...

Makensie Brewer
Makensie Brewer
Super Steeper

Jan-16-2009 10:15

Makensie had a shocked looked on her face, when Clift and Violet walked up.

"Looks like we may have walked into something here", Clift said, looking at Makensie.

Ace and Makensie both look toward them, as Makensie said, "Actually, Clift, you arrived just in time. I'm glad we are all here, to be honest. Since us four are kind of in this together" Then, she looked at Ace, and said, "Well, some of us not at their own choice, and I apologize for that, to which it leads me to what I'm about to say"

Makensie has never been one to really to take the lead in conversations. Not because she was a weak person, rather, she was a quiet person, and spoke only when necessary. This was one of those times.

Clift and Violet sat down on nearby chairs, as Ace leaned against the wall, having an "Oh God, what is next" kind of look. She really did feel bad for him. He was a wonderful gentleman, and a decent, and kind gentleman, and he shouldn't be stuck in this situation.

Violet watched her friend, Makensie, with great respect and never was she more proud of her than she was right now, because she knew just by knowing her these last few months or so, that she was a quiet person, almost on shy side, when it came to talking of her feelings, or thoughts.

Clift watched her intently, anxious or nervous, of what she was about to say, but couldn't get that note out of his mind from earlier, that this mysterious man had given him. It can't be much to worry about, he thinks, Violet is an honest, upstanding, classy woman, and how dare anyone try to make her out to be something different. His mind shifts back to Makensie....

Ok, now, I KNOW this is one big mess we have going here. Believe me, I didn't choose for this all to happen, she started, walking back and forth, and hands going everywhere, as she talked. Ace grinned slightly, and thought it was cute how she explained things, and learned something of her just then.


Makensie Brewer
Makensie Brewer
Super Steeper

Jan-16-2009 10:25

She babbles, and talks very fast, when nervous, he thinks, and smiles warmly at her. What just happened to me?, Ace thinks.

Violet was smiling, as well, to listen to her friend talk in a more raw way, which was who Makensie was. No fancy words, no big meanings, just simple, and to the point.

"Now, Clift here, *pointing to Clift in emphasis*, our dear, dear, Clift, has this crazy, crazy idea for Ace, *pointing to Ace*, to marry me, JUST because of this little guy or girl in here", she says, pointing to her stomache.

Violet looks at CLift, and said, "You did what?"

Ace hasn't moved from the wall, and has one arm crossed in front of him, and the other resting on top, covering is face.

"Well, I just thought its the right thing to do!", Clift said.

Violet said, "This isn't Ace's child, it is yours. If he wants to marry her, fine, but, not because of YOUR saying to"

Makensie listens to them, then continues on, looking at Ace, and says, "Ace, you are a wonderful man, and I respect you totally, but you do not have to marry me because I am pregnant. This isnt YOUR child, and you dont deserve to get stuck with the responsibility. I am quite capable of taking care of this child myself, I don't need anyones help"

Violet smiles, and says, "You won't be alone, and you know your baby will be taken care,no matter what"

"I know this, but, Ace shouldn't be mixed up in this. It isnt his responsibility", she said.

They talked a bit more, then Violet said, "Well, I am beat. I believe I am going to go lay down. We will talk more of this tomorrow, Mak. Dont worry it will allwork out how its supposed to" She kissed Makensie on the cheek and gave her a quick hug, then walked out.

Clift stood up, and said, "Mak, I didnt mean to cause an uproar. I only mentioned it because I want you and our baby to be safe all the time, and I trust Ace. I know he would take care of you"


Makensie Brewer
Makensie Brewer
Super Steeper

Jan-16-2009 10:35

"Is that it? Or do you just want to control who comes into my life?", she said, looking right at him.

Clift said, "I will always be concerned who comes into your life, for the sake of you, and our child, but no, that isn't why. Lets get some rest, and we will continue this tomorrow, ok?"

Ace thinks to himself, Oh no!

Makensie nods, and says, "Ok, then"

Clift kisses her on her cheek, then bids his goodbye for the night. He nods to Ace, and exits.

Looking at Makensie, Ace said, "Well, whatta night! This is like an old soap opera, that I am not really into"

"I'm sorry Ace. Didn't mean to drag you into all of this. It certainly wasn't MY plans for it to all go like this. I dont want you marrying me for the sake of the child. That isnt fair to you. I know you want a family of your own, with someone you love. I dont want you doing this", Makensie said, sitting down, feeling exhausted.

Ace walks up to her, and said, "Dont be sorry, Mak. I know it isnt your fault, and Im not blaming anyone. I guess if I didnt REALLY want to be in this, I wouldn't be here now...but , I am. So what does that tell you, huh? Yes , I want a family with someone I love....but the crazy thing is? I can see myself marrying you, and that is a feeling I have to go work out with myself. So, having said that, I am going to go to my room, and think"

She smiles, and said, "Ok....and so you know, even though I have alot of things to sort out in my mind with Clift, and my feelings there, I could see myself marrying you too"

Nothing else was said, as Ace leaned down, and kisses Makensie on the forehead, then walked out.


Makensie Brewer
Makensie Brewer
Super Steeper

Jan-16-2009 10:37

Makensie lay back on her bed, dangled her arm over her forehead, as her hand rested on her slightly swollen belly, and thinks, One talk down, another talk to go.

Them, she sat straight up, and thinks, Wait a minute, I havent had that talk with Clift about my pregnancy, and he already knew it!

She groans and puts her face in her hands, & screams. I can't believe this!, she thinks. She totally forgot that CLift didnt know, but obviously, he did. She wasn't even paying attention to that earlier.

Frustrated, she throws a light sweater over top her, and walks out, to take a moonlight walk, even though she was very exhausted. She needed to clear her mind.

Joey "Bulldog" Bane
Washed Up Punter

Jan-16-2009 13:45

Stepping out the cabin door, Makensie almost bumped into…

“CLIFT?” she exclaimed in surprise. “I thought you left already!” she said in a cut voice looking away in a moment of weakness in order to avoid his eyes.

“I thought I did too, but…” Clift seemed to be a bit confused of what he was about to say.

Makensie gathered her breath fast in the short pause that followed. She tightened up her scarf with a firm move and carried on in a cold voice this time.

“But what, Clift? W-hat? You lost your way towards your cabin? Or did you have another bright idea about how to handle best my life?”

“Mak…there’s something I need…”

Joey "Bulldog" Bane
Washed Up Punter

Jan-16-2009 13:46

“What was that?” interrupted Mak pointing her eyes somewhere behind Clift’s back. A sound of running steps broke down the silence of the night. He turned around just in time to see a shadow disappear fast across the deck.


“That man…it looked like he was…hiding there.”

Clift took a long look across the narrow lane. “Don’t know…I haven’t noticed him. And why would someone want to hide there?”

“Maybe to eavesdrop on your cheap novel life conceptions and illusions. Now, am I going to hear what you came here to say or are you just going to babble like an old lady?”

Clift’s face suddenly got a grave expression. His brain wheels were again in motion, having been obviously triggered by the ghost he saw. That place where the running man was supposed to have hidden was actually the perfect spot to listen to a conversation in Mak’s room. And that shadow…looked intriguingly similar to the man he met today at the bar. He started mumbling to himself…“Eavesdropping? On US? Why in the world would someone want to do that? There’s something really fishy about this character I’ve met. Maybe I should somehow look into him first, rather than in Violet.”

“Well?” said Makensie cutting the chain of his thoughts.

“Well, nothing.”…replied Clift in a firm voice this time. “I’ve changed my mind. I’ll have to sleep on it before I follow up with this. I have to go now. Please excuse me.”


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