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Makensie Brewer
Makensie Brewer
Super Steeper

Dec-22-2008 10:32

((this is a thread that can be about any location, instead of having a specific place and having to skip around threads. Except for the USS Sleuthtania...that can be kept as its own when on ship))

((I copied and pasted Acemasters last update in the USS thread to here..since Mak is no longer on the ship))


Makensie Brewer
Makensie Brewer
Super Steeper

Dec-22-2008 18:16

"Ofcourse not. She was your wife. We never forget out first love". she said. Not liking the subject they were on of love, she said, "Well, now that we have this all cleared up, you can carry on with your daily business, and I can catch up on mine"

He grins, and says, "Dismissing me so soon? Makensie......", he sits up in his chair, and continues, "why does the word love scare u so?"

She cleared her throat, turning very serious, says, "I'm sorry Ace, I don't think I know you that well to discuss my private feelings, and thoughts on such a matter as LOVE"

He says nothing, but grins, and says, "Well, then, I guess we will have to fix that, wont we?"

"Excuse me?", she said.

"Getting to know one another", he said, smiling.

She stood up, and said, "Maybe. Maybe not. All I wanted was answers to my question, and you provided that so...that will be all"

Standing up, as well, he says, "So serious. Tell me....who or what has you so foul feeling toward companionship?"

Makensie walks out from behind her desk, and says, "Companionship? Please, Ace, this was a business meeting, is all. I found out all I needed to know"

He smiles, and says, "...but, I didnt. I will be seeing you soon....Makensie"

He walks out, whistling some familiar tune that she has heard a million tunes, but for the life of her, couldnt place it.

She mumbles, "Men"

Sitting at her desk, she says, ", where was I"

Suddenly her door opens, thinking it was Ace again, but it was some woman with straight blonde hair, asking for help in her husband's murder.

Smiling, Makensie thought, 'I will get lost in my work, and not even THINK about men, and their silly little games they play'

The woman said, "I'm sorry. I am talking of my husband's murder, and you are smiling?"

"Sorry, please, go on with your story", Makensie said.


Dec-22-2008 19:01

"Mmm hmmm... you say your husband was murdered?" Ace asked the short blonde woman.
"Yes, his name was Ulysses Moore, and I'm his... I was his... I'm Anna."
"Well, I'll do I can for you, Mrs. Moore. Tell me, did your husband have any enemies?"
"No, not that I can think of. Except, Jerome Wickland never did like him. Something about a feud... I don't know much about it. You could go talk to him though."
Ace jotted this down on his pad.
"And were you the one to find your husband?" Ace asked.
"Yes. I walked into our kitchen, and... there... there he was!" Mrs. Moore began to cry.
"There, there." Ace patted her on the back, "It's alright! We're going to find who did this! But first, you have to help me."
"Oh... okay..." She stammered.
"So," Ace said, sitting back down, "Where were you just before you found him?"
"I had gone to the butcher shop to pick up some meat." Then it hit her, and she gasped, "Surely you don't suspect me!"
"Well, no one is above suspicion as yet, Mrs. Moore, but where you were helps me more than you'd know."
"I believe that is all, detective." She firmly stood up and grabbed her coat. She headed to the door, but turned around before leaving, "I feel it only fair to tell you that you aren't the only detective I've hired! I also hired a very famous detective, so you're going to be held to her standards!"
"Oh really? What's her name?" Ace asked curiously.
"Makensie Brewer." Anna Moore said before she slammed his office door and bounded down the steps."

'How ironic,' Ace thought to himself, 'I knew I'd see her again soon; I was making sure of that. Who knew some lady named Moore would help me out?'

Makensie Brewer
Makensie Brewer
Super Steeper

Dec-22-2008 22:02

Makensie started right to work on this case. First, she would set out talking to Jerome Wickland.

She wasn't sure where to start, as far as finding him. Hmmm, she thinks. Wonder if Ace....nahhh, she thought, interrupting herself.

As she walks out of the agency, she rounds the corner, and smacks right into Ace.

"Oh!!!", she gasps, practically screaming.

Ace straightens his tie, and says, "I'm sorry Makensie! Wasnt watching where I was going"

"I wasn't either, apparently. I have this case....", she started.

"I have this case, I need to tal.....", he said, at the same time she spoke.

They chuckled, and he said, "Ladies first"

She nods, then continues, "There is this woman by the name of Anna Moore. Her husband was murdered"

"Any names given?", he asks, already knowing about the case.

"Jerome Wickland. I guess he wasnt too big of fan of this Ulysses Moore", she said.

"I see. Where are you off to now", he questions.

She wasnt about to tell him she had thought about coming to him and ask for his assistance in this case, so instead she said, "Down to City Hall. There is bound to be some record of this Wickland there"

He smiles, then hesitates a bit, saying, "You need any help in this case? I would love to be at your side, watching you in action"

She thought she saw a slight glimmer in his eye, and started to refuse his offer, but, instead, said, "Well, ok....never hurts to have two minds, instead of one"

Actually, she wanted to see HIM in action, but she never would admit THAT.

"Great!", he said, clapping his hands together. He motioned to her with his hand, as his other went lightly behind the small of her back, and says, "After you, my lady. City Hall bound" She looks at him, with a slight smile, as he says, clearing his throat, "Well, umm, you know....just a figure of speech"

He could feel his face grow warm, as the walked to City Hall side by side.


Dec-22-2008 23:49

Ace wasn't sure why he didn't tell Mak that he was also assigned the case. But there was something inside him that said, 'no, don't tell her!', so he didn't tell her.

They reached city hall. The book stacks were enormous.

While it may look easy, searching through all of that isn't easy. Mak was beginning to feel happy that she had a helper.

"I'll go check the criminal case files," Ace exclaimed, "why don't you look through news headlines?"
"Simsimsallabim!" Mak made a rolling motion with her hands, "I will do as you wish, great mustard." She grinned, and then turned to the books.

Moments later, Ace came stampeding out into the archives.

"Mak!" He shouted, "Take a look at this!"
He helped her off a ladder and showed her the file he pulled out on Jerome Wickland.

"Suspected mugger?" Mak exclaimed, "That could give us motive! I'm thinkin' maybe Moore found out, and Wickland decided to do him in."
"Yeah, but you haven't seen the file on Anna Moore!" Ace bellowed, "As a matter of fact, neither have I!"
"There's a file on her, too?" Mak exclaimed again.
"Prostitution, illegal gambling... counterfieting?!?" Ace read, "Armed robbery? Drive-by shootings? Looks like this chick was involved in some stuff!"
"Says here she was only suspected of the shootings and robbery, but convicted of the other three." Mak read aloud, "She was released... three years ago. And she was no old bitty, either!"
"Looks like Anna's a better match than Jerome, eh?" Ace smirked.

Ace started to close the file to put it away when Mak spotted something amiss.

"Wait a minute..." Mak put her finger on the file, "Is this a partner in crime?"
"Harvey Douglas." Ace stated, "Busted with her on the counterfeiting."
"I don't think he's much of a suspect, but we could certainly talk to him about Anna."
"I'll put these away." Ace took the folders back in.

Once again, he bounded out, holding another folder.

"Ulysses Moore." Ace remarked, "I thought we could share the joy of opening this together."


Dec-22-2008 23:58

Mak smirked at that. "Ulysses Moore," She read aloud, "Convicted of burglary, theft... counterfeiting again?!? Who's the accomplice on that?"
"One... Anna Di Marro." Ace read slowly, "Isn't that the lovely Anna's maiden name?"
"I'll say it is! So they were in the counterfeiting business together?" Mak dreamed, "How romantic."
"Uh.... huh..." Ace shook it off, "I think we have a few interesting news tidbits, don't you?"
"I think it's time for questioning." Mak snuffled, "All this dust is making my nose itchy!"

Makensie Brewer
Makensie Brewer
Super Steeper

Dec-23-2008 00:19

As they walked out, she says, "Lets check out Anna first. Since she is the good to question her first of the some of these dealings she's been in"

"You got it", Ace said, in agreement.

Arriving at Nancy's apartment, they walked to the door, and Makensie knocked. No answer. Ace knocked this time, and still no answer.

Makensie looks at Ace, taking out something in her pocket, and says, "I didnt learn these skills for nothing"

She picked the lock, and they found themselves inside quickly.

Looking to the right of the door, there was , what looked to be, an office.

"Looks like a good place to look, if you ask me", Ace said.

Makensie looks at him, and with humor in her eyes, said, "You just amaze me on your brilliance"

He started to say something, but, blushed instead, and decided it was best to not try and talk.

She chuckled, and they walked in. Makensie grew instantly serious, as she went to the desk.

She rummaged around with some papers, and found a folder laying atop some books.

Opening the folder, there was a little note on top that said, "Meet Thaddeus McDermitt at the restaurant at 5pm"

Looking up at Ace, as he was looking through some files on a shelf, she said, "We have another name to add to our list. Thaddeus McDermitt. Wonder what that meeting was about?"

Ace looks at her, shrugs, and says, "Guess it is our job to find out, huh" He winks, and continues investigating.

As they looked around for more clues, they heard the front door open.

Makensie looks at Ace in panic, then she notices a door beside the desk, and nods to Ace, as they quickly slip out, finding the back door to exit.

"That was close", Makensie said.

"Too close.....Now, how do we find this Thaddeus McDermitt", Ace says, more to himself, than to Makensie.

Makensie playfully taps his arm, and says, "The restaurant! Someone must know this man.....I hope anyway"

Makensie Brewer
Makensie Brewer
Super Steeper

Dec-23-2008 00:25

As they walk down the walk, toward the restaurant, Ace started talking of casual things.

"So, Mak...I CAN call you Mak, right?", he asks.

"Of course!", she said, in response.

Continuing on, he says, "So, what made you decide to be a detective"

Keeping her eyes in front of her, she says, "I suppose the same reason we all have. To get the scum off the street"

"No, personal attachment", he asks.

Looking at him with question, and hesitance, she says, "No"

Ace didn't quite believe that, but, he respected her choice to be silent on the issue. He figures one day she will feel comfortable enough to open up.

As they walked along, he said, "Hey! How about a cup of coffee to go huh? We could use the energy"

She smiles, and said, "Sure, why not?"

As they enter the coffee shop, they notice Anna sitting in the back booth with some older gentleman. A business looking type man. Black hair, dangerous looking eyes.

Ace looks at Makensie, and says, "This is getting interesting every second. Shall we?"

"We shall", she said, as they both made their way to the booth where Anna was seated.

Violet Parr
Violet Parr

Dec-23-2008 04:58

Miss Violet Parr was not sure why she felt the need to write to Miss Makensie Brewer.

Perhaps it was because Makensie was involved in the USS Sleuthetania happenings and was, seemingly, a very close friend of Clift’s…

Maybe it was because Violet Parr has lost contact with Clift and Reese Withers herself and felt the need to get in contact with a friendly face…

Violet tightened the purple scarf around her shoulders and walked with confidence to the telegram office she encountered.

She spoke softly but decisively, “Please send the following text to a Miss Makensie Brewer, she could be found in London at Dawg Pound Investigations.”

She handed the man a piece of paper which he quickly scanned then proceeded to send:


Makensie Brewer
Makensie Brewer
Super Steeper

Dec-23-2008 07:18

As Makensie and Ace had started over to Anna, and the mysterious looking gentleman, Ace had decided that maybe they best not approach them , and just watch where they go.

She was looking forward to surprising Anna with their unexpected visit because sometimes it is that elimate of surprise that can show guilt of some sorts....or maybe she was just wishful thinking.

They sat on a bench down the way, and Makensie said, "You know, this is crazy. Anna will recognize us. You know this, don't you?"

Ace smiles, saying, "I hope so, since it is us that she came to for help" She half chuckles, then stops. Looking at him, she said, "US?" He takes a sip of his coffee, and said, "Yes. Us" She continues staring at him, and says, "YOU were hired too, for this case?" Nodding, he says, "That's about right, yes" "So, when you offered your help, you already had the case, and you knew about her husband already", she said. Nodding again, he looks at her, smiles, and says, "Bingo!"

She growled and sat straight in the bench. As she started to take a sip of her coffee, she heard a familiar voice, saying, "Makensie, I figured I would see you along the way, running my errands......"

Ace, and Makensie both turned to find Barnabas, Dawg Pound's Agency Clerk standing there with something in his hand.

"Good day, Barnabas", Ace greeted. "Greetings", Barnabas replied, as he handed Makensie a telgram.

"This came for you this morning", he said.

"Thank you kindly, Barnabas, but, I'm sure this could've waited until I got back to the agency", she said. She hated having multiple things come at her at once. Or what seemed multiple things. The case, ACE just now informing that he was brought into this case as well, and now this telegram with who knows what in it.


Makensie Brewer
Makensie Brewer
Super Steeper

Dec-23-2008 07:28

Barnabas was talking, as she came back out of her thoughts, ".......and figured that you might want to read that" Nodding, not hearing a word of what he said, replied, "Well, thank you again. Have a good day Barnabas"

She looks at the telegram, with Ace looking over her shoulder. She put it down, and looks at him, saying, "DO you mind?"

He smiles, innocently, saying, "OH, sorry...I was just seeing if this had something to do with the case we are investigating"

"Well, it doesn't", she said, smiling softly. She continues reading, and smiles when she finds that it is from her newest friend, Violet Parr.

"Clift Garrett", she said, to herself but she didn't realize that she said it out loud.

"Is he a love of yours?", Ace asked.

Startled, she looks at him, and said, "Absolutely NOT!!"

He nods, not believing her, again, and says, "You are a mysterious lady, Mak. I am quite jealous though, that this CLIFT Garrett got to know you so well..or atleast what YOU wanted him to know" Winking, he looks off across the street at the people walking back and forth.

"We did not know each other THAT well", she said.

He leans into her, toward her ear, and said, "I think you are lying, my friend"

She shrugs, and slips the telegram in her pocket, making a note to send a telegram back to Violet Parr, as soon as she returned to her office.

"So, was that telegram from Mr Garrett?", he asks.

Sighing in frustration, she said, "If you MUST know, that was from a friend of mine, Violet Parr"

"Violet Parr. does sound familiar", he says. She nods, and said, "As it should"


A half hour went by, and Makensie said, "OH no! We've been so caught up in this nonsense jibberish, that we havent even looked toward the coffee shop to see where Anna and that man went"

He scowled, then said, "Maybe they are still in there" He got up and walked to the shop, shaking his head in disgust.

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