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Signs you play to much sleuth
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Tireless Tiger

Jan-6-2008 20:22

Flat-Black's become your favourite colour.

Your home-made website devoted to your agency is listed in more than 3 search engines.

Even your mother calls you by your detective name.

You're thinking of starting a charity called "Sleuther's Anonymous".

Somewhere on your body is a tattoo of your favorite faction

Your resume contains the words "solving internet-based crimes". But instead of being in the "Hobbies and Interests" section, it’s in "Career History".

When you order out for pizza and the delivery man shows up, you ask him if he knows anything about the case

Everyone feel free to add your own! :-)


Sleuth About Town

Jan-6-2008 21:37

When you dread going to work daily because you want to sit at home to play sleuth.

When you log on sleuth at work and do cases.

When you call in sick, to sit at home and do cases.

When you dream of doing cases.

When you fall asleep at the computer in the middle of a case.

When you feel that everyone should know by now the game play of Sleuth.

Old Shoe

Jan-7-2008 00:53

When you scream at people who don't know about sleuth

When the most important date of the year is the day your subscription ends.

When you've stayed up late in chat.

When your family just don't get whats the big deal with the game.

When you worry about punctuation and grammar.


Jan-7-2008 03:46

Nope, Ctown...
When the Pizza delivery boy comes to my house I ask him, "Where were you when this pizza was being made"...


Jan-7-2008 06:00

Erm... oops....

My favourite colour is flat black, my mum sometimes does call me Stooby, I almost (not quite) brought up the fact that I play Sleuth in a job interview (only just didn't and thankfuly got the job!), I'm at work now... I'm always worried when my sub will end... my wife always says "but you do the same thing everytime...."...

Eek! Must get a life!!! Help!

Sleuth About Town

Jan-7-2008 08:00

Well, Stooby, do not worry, you are not alone.

Some more to list:

When you treat Sleuth subscriptions like you would a utility bill.

When you go through all your cases then realize you've been on here all day and you haven't eaten yet.

The first thing you do when you wake up is log onto Sleuth.

You feel old when you're only 100 days old. (Which isn't old at all compared to RL ages)

You've achieved ALL your goals on Sleuth and continue to play.

When other detectives ask you about things they didn't know, but you did. (not just newbies either :D)

When you check email, you check your sleuth mail first.

When you have to leave sleuth for a day (24 hours) and you get withdrawal symptoms after an hour of not playing.

When you can stay up all night trying to achieve a goal, no matter how small or big.

Maria South
Maria South

Jan-7-2008 15:50

You know you're a band geek when you:
+Finger your parts at random moments
+You start to think reeds taste awesome
+You get out of Jazz Band and the only sould you can make for a full five minutes is humming the songs.
+You know everyone in band, and in most people in the other grades.
+You can tell right away when anyone makes a mistake.
+You don't need to be looking at your BD to know he's pulling the 'Stop playing' sign.
+You're Band Mates become your family.
+You get assulted in the ear and start bleeding, but instead of blaming the person you have a severe talking-to with the Tenor Sax.
+You know all the instruments names.
+You acctualy feel at home in your Band room, or in your hideous uniform.
+You can tell people apart even in their full unif.
+You can start playing or humming a random song and everyone joins in.
Wait! Wrong thing! Sorry....


Jan-7-2008 16:41

Here are a few links that you might find interesting along the same lines. Enjoy! :)

There is one more that I have in mind, just haven't found it yet.

Sleuth About Town

Jan-7-2008 20:31

hehe... another sign of playing sleuth too much...

Particularly focused on message boards

Can find old posts on message boards

You know what topic related posts would fit in with other posts (know the other post histories that are related)

and last but not least (for this post anyway)

LOVE walking around with bright signs written in SHARPIES and in CAPS for all to see your message. (*giggles* who knew...)

Old Shoe

Jan-8-2008 02:24

Also Ctown in your job application you write down which agencies you were working for, for how long and in which rank.

Security Lane
Security Lane

Jan-8-2008 05:07

When your daily to do list is contains:

1. PM potential new agent
2. Get Calligraphist as PE
3. Outfit new agent
4. Check case files
5. Find Fancy Cowboy Boots

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