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Hi, how are you today?
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Old Shoe

Sep-24-2007 01:21

Just a place to talk about what's going on with you.

Me? Aw, you're sweet for asking. I played soccer today for the first time in a while, and it turns out that one of the guys I play with has a 22-month old son I hadn't heard about. And learned in the way only sore muscles can tell you that absence makes the thighs grow painful :P

In other news, our house is being repainted (a LOVELY shade of off-taupe), starting tomorrow, some random person left a bag of clothes in my backyard last week (minus the bag part) and I'm kinda hungry.

But enough about me. How are YOU today?



Oct-7-2007 19:43

Not bad :)

Getting ready for a job interview tomorrow at a private hospital nearby, after 4 months of unemployment. So wish me luck!

Spent the day looking at furniture on the net for our new apartment and drawing floorplans with this really cool software called smartdraw.

Talked on the phone with Lulah who is HUGE now btw! She's due in December :D

ummm ... I spend the first half of the day annoyed and craving coffee and cigarettes while fasting (it's Ramadan), then make up for it during the second half with a vengeance.

Missed Sleuth and everyone here, so thought I'd pop in and see how you were doing :)

So ... s'up? ;)

Charlotte Montgomery
Charlotte Montgomery

Oct-7-2007 19:47

Hey hello again,

Got a lot to say

Ok, well first I uh....

Wait no...maybe...nah...uh

Maybe i don't have a lot to say

Anyway, I have 10,00 projects due. Got a thorn on my side, gotta think about what I'm going to be for Halloween. Oh, homecoming is coming up, I got my dress and that's about it.

So next person...

Hello Hello
Hello and how are you?
I'm fine I'm fine
And I hope that you are too

(What can I say, Barney is a cultural brainwash)

Safety Officer

Oct-7-2007 20:44

Eh it's only half way through the day and I have done very little... very! Well, in the way of work at least. I have decided I'm getting old. Olderrrr. Playing golf almost felt like exercise on the weekend, so tired afterwards I was. < and now I'm talking like frickin Yoda! Sheesh.

School holidays are over here so it is time for ME to go on holidays soon now that the unwashed masses are no longer roaming the streets and clogging the queues and checkouts.

I watched the first episode of the new series of the Bionic Woman and instead of being able to (and wanting to) can it have decided it's not half bad. Except I miss the d d d d d d dddddd sound they used to play when she runs. I do think though giving someone only 'one' bionic arm is silly though.

I went to the mega-hardware store. I don't know what any of the stuff does, but I think most of it would look cool hanging up in my shed. Ok so it's a coaxial wire stripper and I'll never use it... but it's red and purple and a has a cool twirly thing.

I have however replaced my line trimmer / whipper snipper which was pinched out of said shed recently, so look out monster weeds that are taking over the back yard, your days are numbered.

That's it.


S'goin on?


Oct-15-2007 17:53

My day's going pretty good. I got my progress report today. (Almost like a report card but my high school likes to give in between reports) I got As and Bs. My parents were very happy about that. So nothing else is going on, so it's pretty quite. Anyways, NEXT!
How's It Goin'?

Lady Zeugirdor
Lady Zeugirdor
Pinball Amateur

Oct-15-2007 22:09

Things are going great. The agency I'm part of finished 2 treasure hunts today. I'm waiting for turnover and eating Pizza. Can life get any better? So, what about you, how's it going?

Tireless Tiger

Oct-16-2007 13:19

Well lets recap, The Ohio State Buckeyes are #1 in the BCS standings, The Cleveland Browns are at .500 going into the bye week and The Cleveland Indians are up 2 games to 1 in the ALCS. (Hopefully 3-1 by the end of tonight) To paraphrase Tony Rizzo, the morning talk radio show I listen to.


How about you? What's happening?

princess sehrish
princess sehrish

Oct-18-2007 23:13

Just woke up and had a cup of tea!
and now posting in sleuth' s message board:P

princess sehrish
princess sehrish

Oct-18-2007 23:13

to the next person...

How was your day?

Old Shoe

Oct-18-2007 23:34

Weird and empty - couldn't get off my ass until like 2:30, so I had a bit of a Mr. Slouchy hangover. But When I finally did get out and go to the gym I had a bit of a funny moment. I was coming down the stairs from the land of the treadmills and saw some guy peeking through a window into a studio. The guy saw me see him, saw me see that I was seeing that he was seeing me see him, then got this weird guilty look on his face and sort of shuffled off. Naturally, I wanted to see what I had caught him looking at, so I looked through the window too.

About 30 women, bent over at the waist in the throes of a yoga class.

I'm SO gonna snicker at that guy the next time I see him.

Anyways, then I went home and ate a bunch of shrimp.


Lady Emerald Devon
Lady Emerald Devon

Oct-20-2007 03:44

Orsama. (Awesome) Best friend from NZ (known each other since we were 10) is coming in less that 5 hours! Woohoo!
Now she visited me in two overseas countries.

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