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Hi, how are you today?
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Old Shoe

Sep-24-2007 01:21

Just a place to talk about what's going on with you.

Me? Aw, you're sweet for asking. I played soccer today for the first time in a while, and it turns out that one of the guys I play with has a 22-month old son I hadn't heard about. And learned in the way only sore muscles can tell you that absence makes the thighs grow painful :P

In other news, our house is being repainted (a LOVELY shade of off-taupe), starting tomorrow, some random person left a bag of clothes in my backyard last week (minus the bag part) and I'm kinda hungry.

But enough about me. How are YOU today?


Lucky Stiff

Sep-24-2007 12:02

I'm freakin FANTASTIC :) thanks for asking CPizzle!

I just scored a new job, I start in two weeks, in the field I want to be in, with better pay, better hours, free parking and more vacation time!

Sometimes things are kinda good!

And to the next person, I say in true "Joey" fashion... How YOU doin? :)

Miss Toria
Miss Toria

Sep-24-2007 14:02


I got an A+ on math, so that's good!

I did a presentation in swedish ....I was nerveous in the that's bad!
but then it went quite well (not counting grammar mistakes). So it's good!

Then I started to play and pirates came... ;( so that's bad!

But then I got that's good!

All this time I had to listen to Dave Von Wave swearing that he would catch this AV today or else. And it seems it's else...So it's bad!

But now we can log out, cuddle and watch something nice and calming.
So it's good!

All in all it has been a good day! ;)

So you (next person)...was it a good day?

Charlotte Montgomery
Charlotte Montgomery

Sep-24-2007 19:51

I'm fine but...

I have a math test on Friday and I honestly don't know if I'm going to pass it

And physics is SO confusing

Other than that I'm great.

How was your day?

Tireless Tiger

Sep-24-2007 21:57

Not bad, kind of strange though.

Normally at this time of year, my mood for the week is dictated by the results of the Browns game on Sunday.

Last week they won, which usually means I'll be in a good mood all week, instead it was a very rough week. This week they lost and so far it looks like it's gonna be a good week!

Maybe I'm living in a Bizarro world.

And with that, I ask the next person..... How are you doin?

Chaussettes Chatoyantes
Chaussettes Chatoyantes

Sep-25-2007 12:22

Heh. I'm leaving for a two- or three-week trip or "vacation" tomorrow. Too bad the joy is dampened with the necessary evils of frenzied packing. And just realizing that my cell phone charger has gone missing.

How are you today? Whoever posts after me had better have a freaking positive outlook on life to make up for my complaining.

Foxi Blayne
Foxi Blayne

Sep-25-2007 18:37

Sorry you have a bit of packing stress there Chaussettes.

I'm off to Italy in 2 weeks for a short vacation, woot! I'm all booked up for my next bunch of evening classes at art school, which I'm really looking forward to :D It's a good friend's wedding this weekend and its awesomely autumnal!!

Hope that was all cheery enough ;) Anyway, enough about me, next person, how are you today?


Sep-27-2007 17:51

Well, my day wasn't so bad. It was a very humid day and the highschool that I go to had no fans on at all. Do the math. Other than that I got a 92 on my English test. So my day wasn't so bad.

how's it going?

Old Shoe

Sep-28-2007 00:09

Hi Amanda - been a while since you posted so it's nice you're still around :)

Sorry to hear that 92 was both your score and your armpit temperature. That sucks. I hate being hot. You performed very well under grueling conditions, and I sincerely hope you didn't have to read 'Flowers for Algernon' to get there :)

So today was a neat day for me because

a) the guys who are gonna paint my house decided that it's currently so hideous (it really is - it's the colour of a caucasian band-aid that has been used as a ball-gag in an emphysema ward) that they needed to take a few "before" pictures so that they could use it as a "before/after" example in their brochure, and

b) A good friend of mine had a baby a couple of weeks ago, and I went over to her house and met him today. He's really REALLY cute, eats pretty much non-stop, and has a unique sense of timing that allows him to pee on the dog while he's being changed at will. Serves her right for sniffing, you know?

*Copies Biggie while not letting on that she's got Matt LeBlanc for a voice coach, because it's embarrassing that he needs work*

How YOU doin'?


Sep-28-2007 16:57

Oh my gosh, you had to ask. Well, that's okay, because I have to tell. It's a long story, but if you live to laugh at me, you have to hear it.

This morning, the alarm clock went off. Beep beep beep beep (nonstop). So I rolled over onto my husband's side of the bed (he was napping on the sofa) and hit the snooze bar. Beep beep beep... So I hit every button. Beep beep beep... So I picked it up and started flipping switches and stuff. Beep beep beep. Now I'm sitting up in bed, and my husband (who should still be sleeping) shuffles in. Beep beep beep. I pull the plug out of the socket. Beep beep beep. I flip the stupid thing over and open the battery compartment. It's empty. Beep beep beep.

And while I'm sitting there dumfounded, staring at the "possessed" alarm clock.... my husband reaches over and turns off the alarm clock on my side of the bed.


So then I go to the store with a friend of mine, she drove, and the store is like twenty minutes from home. And we're throwing stuff in our carts, wandering about, and at 10:40 I get a phone call. From my husband, who is supposed to be at work by 11:00. "Um, hon...look in your purse." So I do. And there, looking all cute and innocent, is the only set of keys to our car.

Thank goodness the man has a sense of humour!!!

So... how the heck are YOU doing?

Charlotte Montgomery
Charlotte Montgomery

Sep-28-2007 17:38

I'm fantastic

Got an A+ on my law essay and my teacher says "I'm a good writer" and " That I had her at the edge of her seat"

I took that math test...I think I did decent

So next was your day?

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