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Commonly confused code in Intros
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Aug-30-2007 20:32

Something I've noticed quite a bit of lately is people confusing the codes for the Victim's relationship to the Client, and the Client's relationship to the Victim.

Technically.... [VictimRelation] and [ClientRelation]

Ben's got all the explanations nicely written out, but just to reiterate...

If you're trying to explain who the victim was to the client, it's [VictimRelation]. victim = victim

If you're trying to explain who the client was to the victim, it's [ClientRelation]. client = client

I hope that helps some of you intrepid Intro writers!


Talianna Periwinkle
Talianna Periwinkle

Oct-19-2007 18:16

Oh, so if you have the suspects call you by name, if you put [DetectiveName] tag during questioning and such, it will put the name of the detective playing the mystery? Awesome, that will be very useful for me. In my SM, the client is your sister and I'm getting tired of having her call you "Sib" or "Sibling".

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