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CONTEST: Mystery Haiku!
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Aug-18-2007 12:19

Do you write haiku?
Syllables begin with five,
Then seven, then five.

And now your challenge -
We all love a mystery!
Write one for us, please.

Of course, there are rules;
Mysteries must be Haiku.
Here's an example:

She died at midnight;
Sherry and strychnyne don't mix...
The butler did it.

One haiku is all
You have to tell your story.
(Much unlike these rules)

Spelling's important;
So is plot, so be careful!
And it MUST make sense.

You may want a prize.
In fact, there will be prizes!
...When I think of some.

August thirty one -
Last date of submissions, please,
Just before midnight;

Exact server time
Is eleven fifty nine.
Don't miss the deadline!


Gopher to the Sleuth Gods

Sep-3-2007 09:17

A big thank you to the judges. I must say I was as surprised as my fellow contestants. Please know though, no mice were harmed in the writing of that haiku.

Sleuth About Town

Sep-3-2007 11:52

thank ya'll very much. this was an absolute blast.
congrats to the other winners as well.

and in the words of Sally Field, " you like me, you really like me".

*brick thumps himself in the forehead for typing that last statement*


Arabella Parker
Arabella Parker

Sep-3-2007 14:37

My biggest "Congratulations" to the winners.

And a huge thank you to Breitkat, Lady Jas and Carrie Mehome for sponsoring the prizes.

The hiakus were great and cleaver. Thanks to Anikka for hosting another great creative contest.

Arabella Parker
Arabella Parker

Sep-3-2007 14:39

*wishs there was an edit button*

clever not cleaver


Sep-3-2007 14:48

I dont know, cleaver fits with the whole murder mystery thing!

Cornelius Sledge
Cornelius Sledge

Sep-4-2007 07:22

a word, multisyllabic
fitting, nonetheless! :)

Sleuth About Town

Sep-5-2007 01:50

Just so you know more
contests will come on the day
they come out, you'll see.

Cordelia Falco
Cordelia Falco
Battered Shoe

Sep-7-2007 15:21

I'd like to introduce everyone to my new word, 'humtwizzled', which was coined to describe the feeling you get when you suddenly complete a villain hunt much faster than you thought you were going to.

Coincidentally it's also the feeling I got when after I'd been manically villain hunting all week I finally got round to checking the boards and read the results of the haiku competition.

Huge congrats to all, and big thanks to Anikka & the judges for making us use our writing brains!

Safety Officer

Oct-1-2007 21:53 the..ump for Anthony

Lucky Stiff

Jun-11-2008 06:45

Bump, cos I want to
I liked reading these Haiku
Well done all. (Go sleuth!)

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