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CONTEST: Mystery Haiku!
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Aug-18-2007 12:19

Do you write haiku?
Syllables begin with five,
Then seven, then five.

And now your challenge -
We all love a mystery!
Write one for us, please.

Of course, there are rules;
Mysteries must be Haiku.
Here's an example:

She died at midnight;
Sherry and strychnyne don't mix...
The butler did it.

One haiku is all
You have to tell your story.
(Much unlike these rules)

Spelling's important;
So is plot, so be careful!
And it MUST make sense.

You may want a prize.
In fact, there will be prizes!
...When I think of some.

August thirty one -
Last date of submissions, please,
Just before midnight;

Exact server time
Is eleven fifty nine.
Don't miss the deadline!


Pinball Amateur

Aug-18-2007 12:54

Well, I can't haiku to save my life (or anyone else's for that matter), but this sounds great. My hat's off to all who can!! So get your thinking caps on, and start scribbling!! ;-D


Aug-18-2007 13:19

Erm... what on earth is Haiku??? Didn't follow it from Anikka's description so.... if anyone can tell me I've then got a week or so to practice!

Pinball Amateur

Aug-18-2007 15:38

Basically, Stoob, a haiku is a poem that has a specific number of syllables per line. All verses have three lines. The first line must have five AND ONLY five syllables in it. The second line must have seven syllables in it. The last line must have five syllables in it again. Haikus can rhyme, but they don't have to. The syllable count is paramount, though. If it ain't 5-7-5, it ain't a haiku.

I'll give an example (but remember, you asked for it from the world's worst poet....;-):

Can you do haiku?
I'm not much good at them too.
I like limericks. ;-)

(See? I DID warn you....;-)


Aug-19-2007 00:21

Ah I get it. I think I'm ruled out. I have a natural tendancy to be syllable blind, always my weak point. Failing that it's a life saver that Haiku's don't need to ryhme, my HUGE weak point! Goodness knows how I ver got a C for A level English Literature.

Old Shoe

Aug-19-2007 18:05

Oh, fun! :-D Here's my submission:

One night in Shanghai,
down the docks near a river,
a man was found dead

Finding the ID,
police identified him.
His name was Shady

A bullet through him-
Who would want to kill Shady?
So many questions...

Police asked townies.
Evidence was collected.
Experts were questioned.

No one saw the crime,
but a female thread was found.
I could use a drink!

Entering the bar,
I looked at the bartender.
Zheng Wu looked quite scared.

"What's wrong with Zheng Wu?",
I asked a nearby drinker
"She seems quite upset."

"Here's some good gossip,
Shady gave her some money.
She can't repay him."

That is interesting,
I thought this was a motive
and told the police.

She was taken in.
After intense questioning,
she admitted guilt.

Hope you enjoyed my poem. Good luck to everyone else :-)

Story Teller

Aug-19-2007 18:23

Ani can I get a clarification...

When you say "One haiku" do you mean I can write an epic ode like Happy (nice work too Hap :D ), or do you mean "one Haiku" as in one, for want of a better word, stanza.

Sorry, I'm just being thick.

Old Shoe

Aug-19-2007 18:28

oops, I guess I went a little bit overboard in my writing *blushes*

Tireless Tiger

Aug-19-2007 18:53

ok, mine is just one verse

Prettiest Sleuther
You all know what her name is
Name is Lady Jas

Old Shoe

Aug-19-2007 19:06

I have to agree
But it's not a mystery,
We all know she's great!!

Tireless Tiger

Aug-19-2007 19:25

we all know I'm right
just wanted to make it known
the newbies best friend

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