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CONTEST: Mystery Haiku!
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Aug-18-2007 12:19

Do you write haiku?
Syllables begin with five,
Then seven, then five.

And now your challenge -
We all love a mystery!
Write one for us, please.

Of course, there are rules;
Mysteries must be Haiku.
Here's an example:

She died at midnight;
Sherry and strychnyne don't mix...
The butler did it.

One haiku is all
You have to tell your story.
(Much unlike these rules)

Spelling's important;
So is plot, so be careful!
And it MUST make sense.

You may want a prize.
In fact, there will be prizes!
...When I think of some.

August thirty one -
Last date of submissions, please,
Just before midnight;

Exact server time
Is eleven fifty nine.
Don't miss the deadline!


Gopher to the Sleuth Gods

Sep-2-2007 12:57

Not to sound severe
It is getting deep in here
Don't shmooze the judge, dear.



Sep-2-2007 20:28

Contest judges were:
Breikat, Lady Jas, and me.
We had a hard job!

So many entries,
Full of fun and mystery.
Oh, how to choose one?

Third place was won by
Intrepid brick84?
He gets: one month sub.

Second place went to
Charming Cordelia Falco!
Ooh - a two month sub.

The first place winner?
Our very own Sophie4!
What a lucky gal.

Subs provided by
Both Breitkat and Lady Jas.
OH! The first place prize!

A splendid chess piece,
Compliments of the lovely
Sleuth Carrie Mehome.


Phew, okay, I'm done speaking in Haiku for a while. At least three hours!

Things I'd like to say and actually have people understand... hence, they're not in Haiku... :-D

Paranoid Android technically won first place. However, he declined the prize, asking that we pass it down the line, which we are only too glad to do. Spurn my prizes, will he? Why, I oughtta... AHEM. Sorry. Where was I?

Oh, yes. Congratulations to those who won. Specifically, PA won for his "dead leaf" Haiku, Sophie for her cat and mouse Haiku, Cordelia for her broken watch Haiku, and brick for his killer in the closet Haiku.

Congratulations to all who entered! I wasn't kidding when I said we hard a hard time. :-)

See you all next time, I hope!


Sep-2-2007 20:29

Yeah, and the line that says "Intrepid brick84?" should have an ! and not a ? - although I know you all know that. I'm just sayin', is all.

Lady Jas
Lady Jas
The Chosen One

Sep-2-2007 20:44

I'd like to say congrats to all the contestants! You all did an amazing job, and are all winners in my book!

Tireless Tiger

Sep-2-2007 21:27

Anikka can you repost the winning Haikus?

Pinball Amateur

Sep-3-2007 00:43

Great job to all our participants!! Everyone did an awesome job of this incredibly difficult task, and my hat's off to you!! ;-D

The winners, in order of placement:

Paranoid Android

Another victim
falls to the ground. The wind laughs.
The death of a leaf.


Two laid down to sleep
Only one arose next morn
Cat, where is that mouse ?

Second place
Cordelia Falco

Her smashed watch said four.
At four he was in the bar.
He'd reset the watch.

Third place

i could smell the blood,
the tracks led to the closet,
dare i open it?

We picked these from a hugely varied group of finalists, so again, Fantastic Work to Everyone!! Y'all should be very proud of yourselves! ;-D


Sep-3-2007 01:14

Yep well done to all. Seems I now know, perhaps a little to late... what makes a good Hiaku :-)

Safety Officer

Sep-3-2007 07:44

lol I warmly accept my big pile of nothing Ani, and promise to wield it wisely, and only for the good of all.

Congrats to all the contestants & judges, and thanks of course to Ani for organising the competition.

We wait with baited breath for September's competition.

Safety Officer

Sep-3-2007 07:45

sighs and try 'bated'... lol not baited :)


Sep-3-2007 08:39

I was wondering what you were trying to catch with that breath.... Phew!

*flutters eyelashes*

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