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CONTEST: Mystery Haiku!
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Aug-18-2007 12:19

Do you write haiku?
Syllables begin with five,
Then seven, then five.

And now your challenge -
We all love a mystery!
Write one for us, please.

Of course, there are rules;
Mysteries must be Haiku.
Here's an example:

She died at midnight;
Sherry and strychnyne don't mix...
The butler did it.

One haiku is all
You have to tell your story.
(Much unlike these rules)

Spelling's important;
So is plot, so be careful!
And it MUST make sense.

You may want a prize.
In fact, there will be prizes!
...When I think of some.

August thirty one -
Last date of submissions, please,
Just before midnight;

Exact server time
Is eleven fifty nine.
Don't miss the deadline!


Lady Jas
Lady Jas
The Chosen One

Sep-2-2007 20:44

I'd like to say congrats to all the contestants! You all did an amazing job, and are all winners in my book!

Tireless Tiger

Sep-2-2007 21:27

Anikka can you repost the winning Haikus?

Pinball Amateur

Sep-3-2007 00:43

Great job to all our participants!! Everyone did an awesome job of this incredibly difficult task, and my hat's off to you!! ;-D

The winners, in order of placement:

Paranoid Android

Another victim
falls to the ground. The wind laughs.
The death of a leaf.


Two laid down to sleep
Only one arose next morn
Cat, where is that mouse ?

Second place
Cordelia Falco

Her smashed watch said four.
At four he was in the bar.
He'd reset the watch.

Third place

i could smell the blood,
the tracks led to the closet,
dare i open it?

We picked these from a hugely varied group of finalists, so again, Fantastic Work to Everyone!! Y'all should be very proud of yourselves! ;-D


Sep-3-2007 01:14

Yep well done to all. Seems I now know, perhaps a little to late... what makes a good Hiaku :-)

Safety Officer

Sep-3-2007 07:44

lol I warmly accept my big pile of nothing Ani, and promise to wield it wisely, and only for the good of all.

Congrats to all the contestants & judges, and thanks of course to Ani for organising the competition.

We wait with baited breath for September's competition.

Safety Officer

Sep-3-2007 07:45

sighs and try 'bated'... lol not baited :)


Sep-3-2007 08:39

I was wondering what you were trying to catch with that breath.... Phew!

*flutters eyelashes*

Gopher to the Sleuth Gods

Sep-3-2007 09:17

A big thank you to the judges. I must say I was as surprised as my fellow contestants. Please know though, no mice were harmed in the writing of that haiku.

Sleuth About Town

Sep-3-2007 11:52

thank ya'll very much. this was an absolute blast.
congrats to the other winners as well.

and in the words of Sally Field, " you like me, you really like me".

*brick thumps himself in the forehead for typing that last statement*


Arabella Parker
Arabella Parker

Sep-3-2007 14:37

My biggest "Congratulations" to the winners.

And a huge thank you to Breitkat, Lady Jas and Carrie Mehome for sponsoring the prizes.

The hiakus were great and cleaver. Thanks to Anikka for hosting another great creative contest.

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