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Skill learning


Aug-10-2007 07:23

I am a new detective and I am trying to learn new skills. I have 4 points to spend on skills.
The problem I have is that when I go to the skills screen, it tells me to click on the skill I want to raise,but there is nothing to click on.
Any ideas?Help?



Safety Officer

Aug-10-2007 07:40

Yes. You only have 4 skill points. You'll need to do some more cases and earn some more. You'll be able to buy another one at 6 or 7 probably. There's a list if you click the skill help link at the bottom right.

NB Skill points come thick and fast when you first start, but slow down with the more XP you earn. ie when you're 250-1000 XP you might earn a skill for point every 25 - 100 xp. When you're 1million xp you only earn one every 45000-48000XP.

David Adams
David Adams

Aug-10-2007 10:46

The minimum number you need to purchase a skill (stress detection for tough detectives or flirting for charming ones) is 5. You need to earn one more before any will show up. Sorry.

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