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Detective Shop
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Lady Emerald Devon
Lady Emerald Devon

Jul-8-2007 05:34

Now that we have a post for trading and selling items and it's a part of the game, could the detective shop be used for this instead?

As it is right now, it's pretty redundant, the stuff in there is pretty much a waste of money too buy even for a new player.

It would make more sense and be so much easier if you could just use the Detective to buy, sell and trade.

I realise this would take some time and work to implement and it wouldn't be easy, but it seem nuts people having to leave their agencies and join another one to buy, sell and trade when there is a shop.

It would also mean that a newbie player who keeps getting Gold Bangles could trade anohter Newbie for the Chemistry sets they keep getting.

I know there was some opposition to this idea before and justified opposition but this is all going on now anyway.
And this will just make the whole process fairer and more open to everyone.


Lady Emerald Devon
Lady Emerald Devon

Jul-9-2007 07:04

''As long as ... people aren't going to get bent out of shape when somebody on 200XP (not 200,000 but 200) has full AV gear after a few days, coz their Director decided to kit them out. ''

While some might have a problem with this, I think it has always been like this and does occur now. Some agencies do buy lots of good gear from Factions so that everyone in their agency can wear the best, and agencies that have Directors or anyone really, who does a lot of AVH can already dress their members up.

Also, no one has to play as a lone wolf or as a small agency and even if they want to, their are always players that will help them out if they want it or need it. For example, I've offered both LED and LRC to little agencies or lone wolf agencies to help them out with cases and do AIs for them to gain gear. Most don't want too because they're happy gaining the gear themselves.

While it is a valid point that some people may be upset or jealous, I really don't see how it is different to anything that is already or that already can happen today.

''There'll be some havoc on the scoreboards to be sure with fully kitted agency players flying along as opposed to the lone wolf newbie, or the relatively 'poor' new agency. It will kind of distort the tenous level playing field we still cling to. ''

Once again, I don't see how this will really change things. Old Agencies that have money/experienced players ect are usually going to do better than a lone wolf new agency. However, it doesn't take long for any agency to be number one if they're willing to put in the time and work.
Look at ERF or Hitchhikers or SMRT.

For one thing, I donät think there is level playing field, there never will be and quite frankly their shouldn't be. We all started in this game as Newbies and had to work our way up.

In fact, this way could actually help newbies, as I said, they could swap or sell their numerous amount of gold bangles for something useful.

Lady Emerald Devon
Lady Emerald Devon

Jul-9-2007 07:08

However, I don't have a problem at all with putting a 100 000 experience level (or whatever) on items, in fact I think this is a great idea.
If you have to be at 100 000 to hunt, then you should be at 100 000 to wear the gear.

And yeah, I really don't see people ever making $120 000 on AV gear as lots of people have dbl ups but there should be the chance to make more money on items by selling them to individuals than auto selling. :)

Safety Officer

Jul-9-2007 08:03

Yeah, you're right kiwi :) I know that people already do all of this, coz I have sold AV gear to lowbies, coz I figure why detective house it when someone else might actually 'want' it. But I also realised after I did this that maybe it wasn't the most kosher thing to do... which is why I think the XP limitation on certain items is a goer.

I think you're idea is great!

Lady Ruby Caplan
Lady Ruby Caplan

Jul-9-2007 08:36

Heh, I just logged back into to say,
'Well, I don't really know about all those Lone Wolves but maybe they should consider joining the rodent family 'cause we all know what Lone Squirrels are capable of!' :D

Lady Ruby Caplan
Lady Ruby Caplan

Jul-9-2007 08:39

Ohh, speaking of squirrels, I saw my first (and only) one the other day. It was so exciting, it was all frolicing (is that spelt right) on the ground, leaping around from rock to rock, being all cute and squirrel like. I think we watched it for about 5 or 10 minutes.

Man, squirrels are cool!

R Anstett
R Anstett

Jul-9-2007 09:02

I do like LRC's idea of a trade button in the new Mail system. That would work well, you pick one item on your person to trade to that other detective, they pick one and click trade.

That is the most simple and elegant way of solving it, rather than totally revamping the Detective Store.

I also like the idea of XP limits for gear. Similar to agency rankings to be able to use certain section of the locker.

The other ideas of the auction house and pool of good into the store are all nice but I do think that the FLOOD of items from detectives into the store would distort values and frustrate people.

Sorry to confuse the issue earlier with the mention of SLeuth II. We do know from Admin that this game Sleuth: Noir will continue, and the new one will run concurrently. I was only mentioning that as some of the concepts there are very different than what we have here.

Lady Emerald Devon
Lady Emerald Devon

Jul-9-2007 10:59

''I do think that the FLOOD of items from detectives into the store would distort values and frustrate people. ''

Yep, I do see your point there.

Here's how I see it working:

There's a glut of Gold Bangles (hey, might as well stick with these as an example) in the shop with prices ranging from $50 000 to $4 800.
Unfortuately no one wants to buy them, so the owner just autosells them instead.
I don't see you having to put something in the detective shop and it all be fixed.
I think you should be able to change the price if need be or even take the item back if need be.

Also, I think the market would self regulate itself. People aren't going to want to give away AVH gear for free and they're not going to sell clogs in the market either because they're so easy to get.

There could also be a search button, so you enter what you want to search for and all the items and all the prices come up.

I think this could definately work in conjunction with the trade option over PMs.

It do think it works well it a lot of other games like Roamie pointed out.

R Anstett
R Anstett

Jul-9-2007 11:31

Not disagreeing here, just thinking out loud to see if others follow my line of reasoning.

50 detectives on per hour, lets say that there are 10 favors being done at any one time. (3 cases then favor, so 25% of all cases played being favors, rounding down to 20% for ease of math)

Out of those 10 favors, we will go with a 90% completion rate.

So 9 new items to the 'store' each hour.

When I sell my new gear automatically I get 50% of the value and the item disapears from the game.

Instead I put in the 'pawn shop' section and mark it with a price of 75% of the value. Hope that someone buys it.

So far sounds like a decent system....

Potential problems:

Does the item in the pawn shop still count towards my total allowed items?
Can I retrive the item my self if it does not sell?
What if the selling detective becomes retired?
Is it all one large store? or seperate ones in each city?
Do you allow people to control who can buy an item?

I can see a lot of imbalances here, especially when taking treasure hunts and AV hunts into account. Simply trade or sell the smart gear I have in the agency and have the detective in the other city without locker access pick it up. (set the price for orbs at 1,000,000, transfer the funds over to that person, they buy them, transfer the cash back so I can buy it back when they put it in the shop after they are done)

I do think it is a fun idea and creates new wrinkles for the community. Just not sure how to make it game mechanic neutral so that can't be immediately used to create an even larger advantage for big agencies.

Nice problem to work on though, thanks for bringing it up.

Lucky Stiff

Jul-9-2007 11:41

This whole idea doesn't seem like it has to be oh so complicated as its being put out. If a detective becomes retired, the item comes off the market. Someone can try to sell something like harmony orbs for $1,000,000 but who in their right mind is going to buy them? As someone in here (I can't remember who now since there's been a lot of posts) said, the market will self-regulate itself after awhile. I like the idea of being able to do something new with my money. I think a lot of people lately are looking for something new to do, and this might generate some more interest.


Jul-9-2007 12:00

Maybe we can sell our unused skill points since it doesnt look like we will ever be able to use them.

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