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Sleuth Matchmaker!
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Old Shoe

Apr-8-2007 23:57

Ahh springtime...romance is in the air...

Oh wait, that's dander and pollen...

No I was right! It *IS* romance!

It has been quite astutely pointed out to me (by someone who wishes to remain anonymous because he does not want to appear to be "on the prowl for sleuth meat") that we lack a good "Sleuthy couples" game. Pretty simple stuff here...someone throws out a name, someone else suggests someone who would be a good match (and a reason, please... likes/dislikes; chance of successful breeding; known allergies; cankle fetishes, etc), then suggests another name.

Like this:

Adam Carter

Now, you're probably all just soooooo sure i'm gonna call Ms. Helen out here. And I could...they both understand a 'cornish pastie' to be something OTHER than what the Jolly Green Giant covers his nipples with when he's pole dancing...ho ho ho!

But their love, I gather, is purely Platonic (which to me means triggered by togas, which sadly are not yet an approved coat), so I'm going in another direction. Adam, for thee, I choose this person:

(reasons'll be clear in a sec...:) )

That was just for showsies, so Adam's still in play.

Get it? Good!

OH one more rule: NO REAL COUPLES!
OH OH! One more other rule: RL relationship status is irrelevant! Everyone's fair game when the lights are low :)

*spins the sleuth wheel of love*

ladies and gentlemen, your first bachelor or bachelorette is *squints*:


(take it away, Al-Qahirah! And take your time. We at SMRT don't mind a bit :P )

Get your vicarious freak on!


Y'all can call me Bucky
Y'all can call me Bucky

Apr-11-2007 23:37

I'm thinkin' danged if I haven't had my chance to put my best foot foward - the other being kinda gimpy y'know on account of that bear-trap accident - and I wanna be makin' my case for Miss Tinuviel's hand, or whatever part she is done willing to offer.

Now I aint got none of that pretty speechafyin that ol' Mr Fiddler's Green has got. Why that ol' boy's slipperier than two eels fightin' in a bucket of oil. But danged if I aint got some assets worth takin note of.

I have been champeen hog catcher at the County Fair three years a'runnin'. I done got me a right purdy singin' voice if yodellin's you're thang, and there's not a fella around these parts that can pick out a tune on the banjo like ol' Bucky here. I know I aint the purdiest face, and that I aint sharpest tool in the shed, but danged if you take up with me Miss Tinuviel you'll be happier than a tornado in a trailer park.

And I know y'all be saying what about my Missy Sue. Well I done showed her Miss Tinuviel's ava-tar and she thought that little girl was just as purdy as a speckled pup. An' when I went an' told her Miss Tinuviel had a thang for fellas with big ol' beards why my Missy she done stopped shaving straight away. And might I say her beard is comin on mighty fine... mighty fine indeedy.

So Miss Tinuviel, if ya'll wanna come barkin' round my back door, you just done give me the word.

Y'all can call me Bucky.

Old Shoe

Apr-12-2007 00:23

dude, y'all TOTALLY said 'back door'!

*Bevis-snicker goes into sugar-induced Cornholio mode*

Old Shoe

Apr-13-2007 01:51

*Ears perk up* We're getting to the good part.Shhh! Don't ruin it I want to see who I get.
( Mr. Foshow kindly asks that his mate be a woman. *glares at pretty much everyone* Thank you)

Battered Shoe

Apr-13-2007 07:54

Yoyo.... you've been sucked in. :)

I'm apalled that this plan is actually working. Outraged...

Everyone at al-Q... keep hunting!

**picks up the City News, runs into the corner and puts fist through the wall when she realizes HH just recovered the Silver Tiara of Rome**

Alright yoyo, we have a couple of hours off. You should get some action. But make it a quickie ;)

Lucky Stiff

Apr-13-2007 08:20

Oooh, a shame to hear that nicnic ;)

*Whispers to Crunch: our evil plan is TOTALLY working!*

Oh yeah, and a girl for yoyo (I think you're being too picky with the "has to be a girl" thing, but whatever)

Well, yoyo is a sweetheart, so who could be better for him than EVERYONE's sweetheart, Lady Jas! Completely obvious to me anyways :)

Ok hmmmm who's next.....

Ms Helen Corning, you're up my dear!

Ms Helen
Ms Helen
Con Artist

Apr-13-2007 08:40

Oh boy this will be interesting


Apr-13-2007 08:50

Still LMAO at Bucky. Ah, sorry I missed out on that. Real life n'stuff. So who's next?! :D A NON-al-Q member for a change :P


Apr-13-2007 12:25

Well, Ms Corning will need someone strong, sensitive, smart, funny, handsome, and well, yeah with a job.

I don't think any of those exist. So my vote for Helen's match goes to Serges!


Apr-13-2007 16:18

I think Serges will match perfectly with Biggie


Emma Barlowe
Emma Barlowe

Apr-13-2007 18:00

Woo hoo, Tin! We've finally thrown them off track!!

*does the running man...then the cabbage patch while chanting, "We did it - it's our birthday, we did it - it's our birthday!"*

(Okay...I know...that's so '80s...) :)

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